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It is early Saturday morning, and it’s not raining under the foothills of Mount Rainier, Washington. Yet, it’s cloudy and chilly. I love early mornings as dawn breaks open through the night’s skies. The difference between dark and light is only seen twice, at dawn and at dusk. 

Life in itself is a miracle where we get these sacred gifts from beyond.

I asked myself, do we the humans take time to enjoy these sacred gifts? I have two beautiful natural ponds, where the huge pine trees dance within the breeze. There are no gifts hidden under a tree as only pine cones decorate her. A huge willow tree sits next to her. My meditative mind knows this willow tree is but in meditation, as she peacefully keeps a diary of all things happening around her. Today, there were ducks swimming in the pond and a blue heron was watching out for catfish. I wondered, this is my Christmas gift.

Left all around nature, I enjoyed this more than any material gifts.

My log house sitting within this amazing God gifted picture scenery, is my Christmas gift. I will have small earthly gifts under my Christmas tree as I can afford. Never will I go beyond myself as I only believe in peace and joy. Also, I had been in the shoes of a person I had not liked within the mirrors of my past. Emotionally, I had spread tears as I had not received gifts nor had even been remembered by others. I had spent money without a thought as I had tried to always please the others first.
Today, I don’t wake up with tears upon my pillows as I only awaken to dawn.

I greet her with open arms as I know this is yet a new day.

I awaken to the gift of a new beginning. The one I can greet with blessings and hugs, to myself, and all others whom but need this one hug. No money is spent or no huge bill is waited for, neither is being disappointed at not receiving or not being able to give. Today, I give with abundance, blessings. My blessings are there for all. I accept without even thinking, as I only accept blessings.

With a shawl wrapped around myself, I had a very nice morning cup of coffee as this morning walk was my meditation for meditative mind, body, and soul. Today, this spiritual being only had one thought within her mind, peace and blessings.

I know today there are so many people all around this globe trying to find last minute gifts for their families, friends, colleagues, and others. Some are trying to take a loan to pay for last minute shopping, as that’s the only way they can afford to pay for them. Some have so much money that they have others pick gifts for them and have them sent out.

There are also others who do not celebrate Christmas and don’t share these feelings.

But I know each individual celebrates something, be it from a religious belief or an individual belief, or even birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. May we the individuals be respective and respectful to the other soul.

May we the human be kind to the other’s perspective of life. Different we may be, traveling on different routes, we all are but the humans with humanity. Above all other thoughts or beliefs, may humanity always be victorious. 

May our path be different, may our languages be different, or our culture and lands be different. Yet, we the humans have one path, one way, one thought, that but unites all race, color, and religion, known to us as humanity. Be there today for your neighbors whom but celebrate Hanukkah, be there for your neighbors whom but celebrate Eid, be there for your neighbors whom but celebrate Diwali, be there for your neighbors whom but celebrate Christmas. Be there for this soul, who but also celebrates Christmas.

For the love of all humans, I walk into all different houses and I believe in you, the human.

I believe in you, the beholder of the mind, body, and soul, to be completely united within humanity. 

I had once been the ignorant selfish person who only saw my way, my words, and my thoughts. It was as if I only knew about my body. Then, I had awakened to my spiritual soul and repented, redeemed, and I realized I must call upon my spiritual soul to unite within my mind, and body.

I must believe in myself, then all others too and I must complete my embodied self spiritual journey first.

I had started the journey to find peace within this Earth. Maybe within the mountains, or the ocean, or even the jungles. Yet, after a long journey through my own self, I had found my spiritual self hidden deep within my own self. Knocking within a window, buried within my own self, was my mind, body, and soul. Awakened to this call of spirituality, I found myself completely. As I had awakened first from this deep sleep, I knew it is now, I could love all completely without any boundaries. I know, this feeling can come to you too, as you take a journey through your inner self. 

Call your spiritual self to enter your inner mind, body, and soul.

Look into the mirror of life and ask yourself, “Do you love this newly found spiritual being?” Would you stand in front of your self and be proud of your past, present, and future self?

Repentance and redemption awaken the mind, body, and soul. Forgiveness gives you the complete freedom to awaken from within. Forgive yourself as you repent for yourself and awaken within love and peace.

Be there for yourself and all of the human race. Do not let hate, anger, or resentful words of others transform you into one of them. Today, stand up and let words of kindness from within your soul spread throughout the world. Let us the awakened not worry about the ones that are but asleep. Remember you should not awaken the sleep walkers for they but don’t know what they are saying or doing. 

I ask all of you the awakened to give a loving hand to all others across this globe.

For then, this world will be filled with love, joy, and peace. May dawn break through with peace and joy within your mind, body, and soul. May the day break to nightfall as you fall asleep with only peace, joy, and harmony. For again you shall awaken to yet a bright new day where you shall be the first bird flying around this world to spread peace, joy, and harmony.

My prayer for this world as we celebrate a very Merry Christmas:

May love, joy, and peace be filled within this globe. May dawn break through within all the houses of this globe as all the humans awaken within humanity. Oh the humans of this one world, please know we the humans may be different in color, race, or religion, yet, we all feel the same. We are all but the creation of the one Creator. Like the birds flying in the skies, we too are different, yet, so beautiful and peaceful are all in union. I hope as this dawn breaks open within your life, you too call upon your inner spirit to awaken you to your mind, body, and soul. Ask, seek, and knock upon yourself to awaken yourself first.

May dawn break open and gift you the blessings of an awakened soul. Today as you stand, awaken to this newly found self, see the beloved world for the first time with the eyes of the beloved beholder. One world, where there is no division created by you, the human. For you are the unifier who but sees all as the blessed humans with humanity.

Spread your messages, accept whatever negativities that may come upon your door with an open mind.

Know these knocks from the negativities, are but all asleep. They are but sleepwalking. You the awakened, spread your spiritual messages of love, joy and peace. As all but awaken to dawn, they will find the messages left behind by the spiritual souls through humanity, throughout eternity.

The path is there and we the travelers are but just time travelers. Therefore, our journey through time is recorded as other travelers find our messages left behind throughout time. Even if not today, someone will find it tomorrow and then another time traveler shall travel with the same message to spread peace, joy, and harmony.

As you today try to fill your Christmas trees with gifts and look for your own gift, please do not forget the biggest gift of all times, humanity.

Enjoy the holidays as you spread love, joy and harmony as your gifts and accept love, joy, and harmony too. Leave under your trees, within your home, or around the neighborhood, love, joy, and peace. The only gift you could give this one world, is yourself. Love yourself and love all around you.

There is not one soul on this world who cannot afford the only gift I have for you or the gift I shall but accept from you. Your complete honest, love, joy, and blessings.

My love and blessings of peace be with you today, tomorrow, and throughout eternity.




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