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Today, I see around the globe an unrest has appeared from inner fear of the unknown.

The human minds can take the unknown drive ahead of them as long as they are told about the duration and where this driving will take them. Humans can’t stay within the walls of a home. Even though all around they have the green grass, the blue skies, and the ever changing Mother Nature nurturing them. Humans need the friendly hands of other humans to survive. Yet today I, a human, ask you to not touch the helping hands of the other humans. Not for your own survival but to keep them alive. This message is hard as it is a selfless message given to all of us by stern yet fair leaders, scientists, and the future generations who too want a chance to be here on Earth through their past generation. Today, you the present are risking the future generations through your behavioral rights.

You can drink moderately but why would you risk another person’s life for one minute’s pleasure?

Don’t drink and drive, a simple message. Yet even after all the researchers proving the message, we still have drunk drivers on the road. Too confident about their privileges and their human rights, they don’t even blink to think, what if your action has a reaction? I ask all of you about the slogan “don’t drink and drive,” can you testify there has not been even one death related to this slogan?

If your answer is no, then why are you the voice of the wrong and yet so loud?

I have personally witnessed how a drunk driver had ruined the life of a young friend. She had to become the father and mother for her children as their father was taken away from them because of one person’s ignorance. Here I ask all of you, how could you be so positive your drinking habits won’t have any adverse effects to another life?

Why do you smoke in public knowing you might be risking another person’s life, aside from your own? Smoking is injurious to the health, the scientific scholars are teaching. The teachers are spreading this news. They have proven this theory through the lives lost and affected by direct and indirect smoking. Yet we still have smokers injuring oneself and others without even thinking twice.

I had personally asked people so many times to stop smoking in front of me or in a restaurant or within an apartment. I know each time I was told to move away if it bothers me. With no help from anyone, I had done just that. I walked away without getting into any arguments. Yet I asked myself how could a person knowingly risk another person through his or her chosen actions which cannot be reversed?

Would you have unprotected sex knowing you might have a deadly disease?

Unprotected sex can be dangerous, as it not only causes unwanted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, but it can also cause death. Then I ask you, why would you take this action which also goes against all religious and scientific advisers?

If you chose to go on this path, why would you go and risk the lives of another person, who you can’t protect against your known illness yet unknown to the other person? Why spread the disease and not prevent the spread? Yes, I have chosen to be celibate until marriage as it is easy for me. I don’t find it hard but very rewarding.

Masks are to protect oneself and others.

The catastrophic pandemic of 2020 known as COVID-19 has no color or smell. It can’t be seen or touched. Yet it spreads through the air without ever thinking who is on her way. The only protections against this catastrophic storm known to the scientific scholars at this moment are wearing a mask, keeping a distance, and good hygiene. Like a catastrophic cyclone, this unwanted storm is brewing in front of our eyes. We can’t go and hide in any shelters or ask a weather forecaster about this storm’s timeframe. We only know you can protect yourselves in your own cave as you please. If you happen to jog outside or must travel for work, take the protection known to all along with you, called a mask.

COVID-19 is not a hoax.

Just see the rising death toll of this catastrophic storm. This storm has already taken so many victims along her path. The number of victims and their names might be known to you or unknown. Yet the fact is there in front of you.

Here I still see the loud voices of the wrong scream and shout they will not abide by the rules given by the land. Here they use their teachings as they don’t believe, they are fit, or they are bored. Yet do you ever think about the lives lost? Their family members won’t even have a chance to argue with their lost family members, why they went to work, or to save another life who did not wear a mask. They won’t ask a father, a mother, a sister, or a brother why they had been infected by a person who refused to wear a mask.

Personally, I feel like if you are not keeping the distance or refusing to wear a mask, then how are you better than a crazy person with a loaded gun? The loaded gun you can see but the loaded virus you have within you, no one can see, feel, or hear. Yet you are the predator as your arrogance is the bullet, and your virus is the weapon.

Why are you spreading the virus and not letting your inner eyes see the victims and their loss? Why is proving your arrogant point more important than even one life you could save?

Today, I have witnessed the world is trying to fight another pandemic which is on the rise because of behavioral traits.

I have also watched humanity is being questioned as human leaders across the world are asking all citizens to act like a human. Do not risk your fellow humans they are trying to say. Yet you are causing this virus to spread without trying to prevent this.

When the numbers rise, you who are the cause for the rise come out quickly and blame the world leaders for not doing enough. How is it you the citizen are not doing enough? Why don’t you stop going to a bar when you are sick? Why are you not trying to even wear a mask? Also, why are you not keeping a distance from your fellow humans for their own safety?

Be the voice of reason, not the voice of unreason.

Be the prevention, not the spread. Don’t wait to be told what you should do when nothing is known to the leaders or the scientific scholars. They the humans too are learning about the cause and prevention of this unknown enemy with us. They are trying to learn and teach us at the same time. Give them a break and you the citizen do your share.

Awaken yourself from this deep sleep when you are floating on little knowledge upon the poisonous rivers of life. Take the help of your acquired knowledge through this journey and build for yourself a raft. Protect yourself and all others by trying to sail smoothly until we all reach shore.

Be the voice of reason and not the voice of a critic. If there is clear proof of an action that causes harm to another person’s well-being, then don’t be the cause but try to be the prevention.

Let us not criticize all the world leaders for their efforts trying to prevent this catastrophic storm. They too are trying to learn through this storm and teach you at the same time. Be there for them through prevention not the cause. Be there for the scientific scholars through this storm. They too are trying to learn and teach without ever even being a student first.

Constructive criticism is healthy but at times when we need encouragement to go on forward, it is this criticism that takes us backward.

Let us be there for one another and let us get out of this storm.

May all the world leaders advise all humans across this world to wear a mask to protect themselves and others, aside from keeping a distance. I had warned in 2017 about a virus that will come within our one Earth that will be similar to Dengue, Zika and worse than flu. In the same book, I had warned this was going to be spread from a fish market. I knew a scientific experiment had gone wrong or was intentionally spread. I also said this might spread through animals and air. Also I have told you there within our Earth, from Mother Earth, would come a healing vaccine. I knew the vaccine would be administered in one, two, or three doses.

Today, I want all of you to know I am not a visionary who sees the future but a dream psychic who sees within her dreams what only the Lord wills.

I ask all of you to have faith in yourself and do what is right, not wrong. Do be the prevention group during this pandemic not the predator’s group. Yes, I believe it is wrong to be nice and please the others when you are knowingly doing wrong. I would rather be in the group where I would not be everyone’s favorite person. But, I would try to do the right thing by them and for them. I would rather be stern yet fair.


Ann Marie Ruby

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