Sacred world leaders, as you today walk in union at the World Economic Forum in Davos, please know there are some of us who watch out for your footsteps left behind upon the sand. Before the water washes them away, may your inner souls awaken to humanity as you be the human with humanity.

The first sight of dawn awakens the inner soul of all whom but catch a glimpse of this sacred vision. Dusk again gives us another chance to catch another sacred sight and awaken the inner soul.

Life too gives us quite a few chances to awaken our inner soul. Meditation is one way we can learn to rejuvenate ourselves. Some of us can awaken through dreams and the spiritual journey through life. Yet, most of the human population only search for this miraculous cure and are disappointed with the results.

I ask you, what are you searching for?

When I had told a person to take a few minutes each day, just think, and try to meditate, the person answered yes, I know but I really cannot spend a few minutes each day.

When I had told another person to let go of all worldly thoughts and rejuvenate from within like a fresh bath in the wilderness, there was the same answer. Oh I take a quick shower. I don’t have time.

When I had told another person, look at yourself in the mirror and find out why you keep on dreaming about taking a wrong turn, again the answer was that as to the best of the person’s knowledge, the individual has never wronged anyone even in life.

My answer to you is then why do you ask, seek and knock for the answers?

If all but is known to you, and all but is within your hands, then you have acquired nirvana.

I, the human, but ask, seek, and knock upon all doors to find the answers to my quest for I know life is a journey where we learn till the end of our life.

If life is but a day, then from dawn through dusk, we the travelers but learn. From sunrise till sunset, we but seek and only rest at sunset as it is then our day is but over.

Today, I will share the biggest secret of meditation, yoga, and spiritual awakening.

The secrets of the unknown land of miracles are but hidden deep within each individual soul.

The Creator created all creation as we all have awakened to take a journey through this life. We must find the only thing life but can achieve without even stepping outside of your door. The secret is within all human souls.

A mother who would never give up her sleep to enjoy even the first sight of dawn, but stays awake all night for her newborn child. Why?

A father who had never gone fishing, now enjoys a dip in the cold lake within the wilderness to keep an eye on his son. Why?

Parents of a teenager went to therapy to understand their young teenager and found out even parents could be wrong. These parents refused to admit they were ever wrong, but today for their child they are only happy to admit yes they too were wrong.

Love is the only answer I could come up with.

The secret miracle hidden deep within one’s soul is but love. For the love of The Creator, saints go into deep meditation. To become a yogi and unite the mind, body, and soul, one but completes this journey. To find the answers to the unknown, we look into dreams.

Today, you the human too can achieve all of these miracles by awakening yourself first. Love yourself first. See yourself first, the good and the bad. Your inner self wisdom is there to guide you. All you must do is ask, seek, and knock upon yourself.

There are no miracles hidden within this spiritual journey through life but that life in itself is but the teacher. The reflection of your traveled life is the mirror you must look into. Complete honesty to oneself is but the pure bath you must take to awaken your inner self.

I know people think of traveling to a cottage up on the mountains to gain this knowledge. Some even go to an inn within an ocean and hide from the world to gain this knowledge. If it works, then it is a blessing. But, I don’t believe the saints or yogis from time’s past had traveled to gain their knowledge.

I have found out my knowledge is but found deep within my inner soul. There is no need to go anywhere as the knowledge but comes to you, for how would you find her if you don’t know where she but is?

Stand up and find yourself first.

Then, it is your knowledge that you seek within your soul. Open your eyes and for the first time look at your inner self. Place all the negativity out in the air and accept only positivity. Accept love and give up hatred.

This dawn, as you awaken from within your inner soul, learn to love yourself and all around you. Differences are but a nice colorful bridge created through the carpets of flowers. This world is beautiful as we the different but unite for love.

Create a beautiful bridge through love and watch the sacred bridge grow as you hold on to the hands of all fellow humans. You through humanity just have completed your inner course of meditation, yoga, and spiritual awakening.

Humanity is the answer to all of your questions. As you find your inner humanity, the world becomes one. You become the mother, the father, the child of all whom but seek love. Your inner love but unites all the divided, one step at a time.

The world is now evolving with the “World Hate Crisis” and all around I see hatred for one another is but growing like the weeds within a beautiful sacred garden.

The garden of flowers all around this world but has weeds outgrowing them without any control.

Take control of your own garden and pick out the weeds that but grew out of control if not kept under control. You alone can take care of your inner garden. Bloom from dawn through dusk like the beautiful morning glory. Let your glory light up all the houses like a candle as dusk but converts to nightfall. May then you like a glowing star guide all throughout eternity, one flower, one candle, at a time. Eventually we shall have carpets of flowers displaying hope within the daylight hours, and glowing stars upon the night’s skies as all humans but unite for humanity.

Today, as all the world leaders unite to fight one catastrophe, the world climate change crisis, I pray we the humans do not begin to create another crisis through hate. We must awaken ourselves first and try to fight the “World Hate Crisis.” I ask the world leaders to awaken within spirituality today and spread hope within yourself and within your country and all whom but follow you. In union, you can awaken this world to a better and safer place for all humans with humanity. I ask all of the leaders to walk with a candle in your hands to show this union.

The world leaders please, walk with a candle within in your hands throughout the dark nights to bring hope and blessings upon all the homes throughout this world,

My blessing be with you through a prayer I had written.


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Blessings from Seattle, 





*The cover image is from Schevinegen Beach, taken during my trip in the Netherlands. 


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