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Hate crimes have spread throughout this globe like wildfires. Yet, why is it no one is pouring peace to stop this catastrophe? The teardrops of the victims are being caught within the hands of Mother Earth yet they are invisible to our eyes. Today, I see all the victims, shining upon the night skies waiting for peace to spread around the globe. Come join me and let us in union eradicate this crisis before it becomes a catastrophe.

What are hate crimes? What evidence is there that hate crimes have increased? Did we the humans just walk back in time?

Why have race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender issues divided us the humans from humanity? Are you a silent divider or an outspoken one?

Read my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic and join me in this fight.

Throughout my life, I have written prayers I but call songs within my books “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” and “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul,” to unite the human population globally. I have written inspirational quotations to spread the positive vibes within my book “Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations.” Also, I have written about my ability to see the future through dreams, within my book “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby,” as I compare the lighthouse to our guiding hope from the beyond.

Today, walk with me though this blessed book as I have taken this sacred path to walk upon the blessed path of the past, the present and the future to unite humans with humanity. Extinction is a journey the animals and all living life walk through as we learn from the past. The seers, religious scholars, and scientific scholars talk about this path. They speak about how the animals and the insects have come to this stage.

Yet, the seers talk about human extinction and how humans might arrive at that door.

One animal takes out another animal and has the capacity to extinct the complete population. The insects have also started to extinct as scientists can testify. The world is facing the climate change crisis and around the globe, scientists are asking all the people to do their shares.

What about the greatest creation on Earth, we the humans? What happens if we start to divide against each other and like another historical figure, want to wipe out all and have just one race, one color, and one group of humans left on this Earth? Human extinction begins. Let our hateful acts not spread throughout this Earth.

Let us end the hate that is wiping out the human population that had once been created with love.

A child is taught in school to accept the differences and hold on to the hands of all. Keep your virtues, yet let the others have their own virtues. In union, we grow as a society.

Yet, today we the adults are teaching that it is normal to hate the other person because he or she is different. We are all participants of the hate crimes for we are but the silent voice of acceptance of the wrong. From yesteryears, our forefathers have walked in union to get rid of the differences and unite for humanity. Yet, why are the statistics talking differently? Why does it feel something is not right?

Where we the humans could learn from each other and grow in union, we now are but closing the doors to all whom are but different to our eyes. Who is different then, you or your victim? By keeping silent, are you then not a perpetrator too? For then, are you not an accomplice to the crime?

Hate crimes have increased throughout this world.

These personal attributions of the perpetrators are but spreading like wildfires. They attack all on their way. They see nothing but themselves as the mighty strength of the wrong. This has been predicted and seen by the seers of yesteryears, yet we still pay no heed to them.

World War II was an example of one person’s hateful actions and personal feelings. The devastating actions of a person’s personal feelings could lead this world too. The world has become one home and grown closer through technology. Yet, we the citizens have divided even further because of personal differences.

Walk through my book and go through the hate crime statistics to realize for yourself. This world is but living on the brink of another catastrophic crisis.

I ask all the humans of this one world to awaken to your inner humanity. I ask all the world leaders to unite and awaken to your inner humanity. Stop this catastrophic crisis from brewing throughout our future generations. If you too, see there is something wrong and know we must do something, then pick up my sacred book and in union let us eradicate The World Hate Crisis.

If not for today, do worry about tomorrow when all the lands across this globe shall engage in a catastrophic war brewing out of the inner hatred of the perpetrators of the hate crimes.

Hate crimes have increased in an alarming way, where we the present generation must unite and eradicate this crisis before she drowns our lands and all in her sight.

Unite with me as we walk through this book and awaken to this realization. We must do something. I call upon you the sacred human, to call upon your inner humanity. I call upon the sacred world leaders to unite with me and call upon this crisis as I give you my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

Get your copy of “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic” right here!

Love and blessings,

*The cover image is of my book cover and me standing at Scheveningen beach in the Netherlands. 


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