The World Hate Crisis / My Movement To End Hate Crimes


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My movement to end hate crimes

Violence roaming around in the dark corners of a nation is crippling humanity. Hate brewing within houses, smells stronger than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Within these homes, instead of fresh baked breads being baked in the oven, are being baked hate crimes.

Dawn sparkles glitters of hope as my morning blessings. Yet this morning, I see my own country dealing with tears of sadness. Trying to cope with hate crimes, we the citizens are frozen in time.

Are we traveling backward to a time and period where the mighty wrong and powerful had taken over?

I had wondered how the victims were chosen by the perpetrators. Like all of you, I have become frozen within emotion.

Tears froze in the middle of falling and I feel like I have lost my voice too. What do we say? Do we ask the perpetrators to stop or show them the right path? Or, do we shout at them or try to make them understand? Do we go door to door and ask all the citizens to dump their hate and come and help bury the innocent lives lost? Or, do we ask the family members of the perpetrators to come and wipe off the tears of the victims? I will ask you, why have you taken away something you the perpetrators can never bring back?

Why does it not bother you when your neighbor is suffering?

Why can you not walk within the pain and fears of the other?

Where do we start from? Religion, race, or color?

We the humans have landed upon a catastrophe where we cannot see or hear the invisible warnings, yet they are brewing fast. If we do not awaken in union and try to stop this storm, then this storm shall stop humanity on its track.

When humans spread love, it blooms all throughout the land as flowers and rainbows appear within the sky.

As the humans are spreading hate, however, the world citizens are divided within dark individually created storms. These storms are brewing faster than time and tide for they are within the dark souls of humans gone astray.

Wildfires we can try to stop as we unitedly fight them. Yet, these hate fires are invisible, so how do we stop them? Do not wait for your house to be burned down within these inner hateful acts. Do not wait for the doorbell to ring and bring another dreadful news that your loved ones were either the victims or the perpetrators.

Let us walk in union, this time to stop these hate crimes from brewing up stronger against the human race and humanity. Do not let your inner soul be invaded by hatred, but spread love.

Hate is a taught act that brews within one’s environment in which he or she is brought up. This day as you take your newborn child home, do teach love so your child will bring home your grandchildren in the future. For guidance, keep within your memories, the pictures of these parents who are getting ready to bury their children and family members because of one person’s inner hatred for differences.

Teach a child no one is different but your inner thoughts, for we all feel the same pain and we all dream about a similar future to enjoy our lives with our families.

Today, I ask the parents to take control of your own society and do not accept hate but teach love.

For all of you, I had written my personal book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

In my book, I have warned this world to be aware of this storm we the humans are brewing ourselves. Before it is too late, please hold my hands and try to do your share to stop this crisis.

I know there is hope around the corner as I had opened my social media and saw comments on my newly released book, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.” A faraway land brought back hope within my inner soul.

I watched how over this weekend, my homeland had fought with hate crimes. Within my dreamland, they had parades saying, united for love.

Please remember, you could be of a different faith and belief or color, yet we are all the same, humans with humanity.

Two countries in this globe, Venezuela and Uruguay, have issued travel warnings for their citizens visiting the United States. Not because of a health issue, or a storm warning. The catastrophic storm these countries are warning their citizens to be aware about is called, “Hate Crimes.” I had warned all about this through my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

Awaken for yourself and your future generations who will ask how could you not do anything to stop this violence. Within the future, these hate crimes if not prevented now will become, the biggest crisis within humanity. I call this,

“The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic”

The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic


Ann Marie Ruby


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