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Do compliment. Do not criticize.

Admiration I have for different people throughout this world. Today, however, I walk back in time and try to decode how admiration and dedication have created humanity through words of wisdom.

The world leaders walk upon a world stage where they have admired people from the past. Today, they are the admired through the journey of their life and our life.

Mahatma Gandhi is a person I admire. I must say his life journey to this day is an inspiration I still look upon. This world today needs his inspiration and his words of wisdom to help the current generation walk forward.

Today, I have seen the human population have become self-centered and are always criticizing the world leaders, and anyone who is trying to do something for us. Rather than trying to solve the problem, the critics of today have become a force of destruction. Today, we walk upon a path where all are the critics and walking only to criticize.

Appreciation is missing from our vocabulary and all the paths that come within our sight.

As an author, and a positive leader, I walk upon the path for all of you. I try to feature and place spotlights upon you and your journey. Positivities and positive vibes are all within the inner soul of a human within humanity. I walk and try to place you within the path of positivity. I showcase the world leaders and the positive influencers to show my appreciation.

From India, through the Netherlands, through the USA, and all around the globe, I showcase all world leaders and positive influencers. I have been questioned why do I showcase these people? My answer is simple. I will place upon my pages through my pen, all whom I feel are positive influencers.

Be the positive vibe for your society.

Do not do unto others what you would not want anyone to do unto you. Social media is a positive influencer’s stage where in union we can uplift a person and his or her journey through this life.

 “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

I admire his words and let his words be my inspiration even though I have not met him, as time was an obstacle. Yet today through his sacred words, I find so much peace and harmony as if he is still amongst us.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Throughout my journey as an author and a positive leader, I had these great words to keep me company. For this reason, I believe positive words of wisdom are immortal throughout time. These words are there to guide me today, and you the future tomorrow, as they had guided our past generations too.

Do not look at what our world leaders are doing wrong but at what they are doing right.

Let us give them a helping hand through words of wisdom. Let us not put them down through the words of criticism.

Criticize them when you are the wise and have an answer to the problems as a solution. Hold their hands and be the critic and a friend through love and harmony. Words of love spread through the air as blessings and appreciation. These blessings are found within the voices of the present and of the future as they recite these words.

A leader or positive influencer should always be followed with open eyes. Remember like sacred leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, this world had also given us Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a leader who only divided amongst all. He was responsible for the catastrophic hate crimes of World War II.

Today, I ask all to be the voice of appreciation. Let us in union compliment each other. I know for my sacred soul, compliments keep my pen busy upon the paper for the future generations. Yet, a critic’s criticism freezes my hands and my pen for a while. I am the blessed as I take your criticism and blessings as my strength and I keep moving forward.

Blessed be the praise and blessed be the positive vibes as they are my blessings throughout the journey of my life.

I find all of your prayers and positive comments as my strength and words of wisdom. I ask all of you to be a sacred traveler through words. Be the wise and be the complimenter, not the critic.

This life is a journey through time, and upon this path we have the blessed words of the past as our blessings. Let us give our blessings through sacred words of wisdom to our future generations for their guidance. May all humans of the past, the present, and the future unite within one path through words of wisdom.

Let all humans taking a journey through life know we the humans are always protecting one and all, through our words of wisdom.

May you a world leader or a human on a journey through humanity, be there for the present today and the future tomorrow through your sacred words of wisdom.

Awaken like Mahatma Gandhi with love and blessings for one and all. Believe in this Earth and all of nature around you to be here throughout time. For all that changes are we the humans, yet this Earth and all of nature await tomorrow for the future generations with the messages left from the past.

Be the messenger of peace and blessings.

Be kind with your words of criticism. Your words of criticism might prevent a human from giving this world a blessed gift, he or she would have given if only he or she was complimented to move forward rather than walk backward to satisfy your angered words.

Humans by nature, love to be loved and appreciated. Be kind. Spread love and wisdom within this Earth. Love and acceptance will only create a sacred society.

Say something kind to the one you are upset with. Let this day be blessed with love, joy, and harmony. Remember love blesses all as she becomes immortal throughout time.

I have written a prayer book for all race, color, and religion, to unite all into one house of humanity. Get your copy of Spiritual Songs II by clicking the image below:

Spiritual Songs II

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image is of me, at my property in Greater Seattle, Washington on my historical buggy!


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