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“Naturally awaken your mind, body, and soul through meditation, exercise, and a balanced diet, as you journey through life.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Through the law of attraction or by believing in positive or negative energies, you can actually influence your own life. Do I believe in this? Yes, I do. As a spiritual person, I believe we must walk and finish the journey ourselves. Travelers of life we all are and at a certain point, we become the weak and frail travelers who need a helping hand.

As a spiritual person, I knock, seek, and ask upon different doors for all the sacred advice I can get to find out if there is another way out from the situation I myself have landed upon. Be it physical, emotional, financial, or any other obstacles of life, seek for the answers near or far, and try to find your door of answers.

I received a knock from a sacred couple from a faraway land.
Pilates Live
Vicky Adie

I know and believe we are all travelers of life and placed upon each other’s doors when and if we are meant to be there. They sought for me all the way from the United Kingdom with an amazing story I thought should be shared within the houses throughout this globe. At a stage when I too needed their words of advice and guidance, they appeared like a blessed star guiding me from afar.

As a spiritually awakened person, I believe in meditation and yoga, but I never knew there was another form of exercise that works and promotes your complete body. This couple opened my eyes to this sacred door. Come walk with me as in union we see why so many people around this globe call this their form of exercise. I have seen through this sacred path, so many have found their ultimate journey through physical harmony.

As we the humans become involved within the hurdles of life, we forget to take care of our physical bodies.

I had been there where I meditated and sought for all sacred knowledge from the beyond yet forgot my physical body. Time goes by and we suffer from different physical difficulties. We are all restricted to what our individual bodies are able to take. I personally could not do a lot of different exercises as I knew my limitations.

For myself, I found out light yoga, meditation, and daily regular ten thousand steps have helped me personally. I am also on a low carb diet as a diabetic and this balances my daily lifestyle.

This couple introduced me to Pilates.

Pilates was created by its founder Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany in 1883. He eventually had traveled from the United Kingdom to the United States. Joseph Pilates was born with health problems such as rickets, asthma, and rheumatic fever. Therefore, he had researched the Western and Eastern societies to seek for himself, a new form of exercise. The six principles he had created this exercise upon were:

  1. Centering
  2. Concentration
  3. Control
  4. Precision
  5. Breath
  6. Flow

He had included Western body building techniques with Eastern yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Zen meditation, following which he came up with his form of exercise we today have as Pilates. Through this form of exercise, he became fit as well as a professional boxer.

The creator of Pilates created this to be good for rehab as it basically works with your complete body.

“As Joseph Pilates had traveled from Germany through the United Kingdom to the United States, today his students have traveled with his given messages from the United Kingdom to the United States as they have knocked upon my door with this sacred message.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

This exercise improves flexibility, strength, and balance. Eventually, it helps reduce risks of injury to the body as we get stronger by continuous exercise through time. It also helps the muscle ligaments and joint tendons.

Pilates is known as a healthy form of exercise to tone the body and keep weight under control. It however does not help reduce as much weight as aerobic exercise would. This is a form of good exercise to balance the mind, body, and soul. This is a balance between aerobic exercise and yoga. As a yogini, I absolutely was astonished to see a form of exercise that was created through different race and religion. The creator of this exercise had included both the Western and the Eastern paths into one form. My life journey is to include all race, color, and religion into one house of humanity.

After researching, I found out within Pilates we must practice breathing.

Therefore, a spiritual person could still be blessed within the inner core of meditation within this exercise and keep the mind, body, and soul connected through breathing. For my spiritual awakening, I needed a form of exercise where through the breathing technique, I could still awaken my inner soul which Pilates also teaches. Pilates also promotes a good night sleep for the meditative mind, body, and soul.

I had to think how blessed the creator of Pilates must have felt to have finally come up with a spiritual form of exercise influenced by the Western and Eastern societies. Today, we have his inspiration to guide us to a better and healthier lifestyle. Remember, the creator of Pilates had overcome his physical obstacles through his need to find a solution for himself and all throughout time.

I want all of you to take time and research upon this sacred path where so many have found peace and serenity.

A physical exercise to help with the mind, body, and soul was knocking upon my door, so I had to accept this blessed collaboration for myself and all of you. Please seek the advice of your medical providers before you engage in any form of physical activities. I personally have to be careful as I too suffer from back pain.

In the words of a sacred couple, I want you to see why they have opened this blessed door for us. Like the creator of Pilates who had invented this for his own need, this couple too traveled upon the same path. As new parents, they could not travel to a gym and exercise. So, they brought the exercise to themselves and now to all of us whom but seek the same path at affordable prices.

Pilates Live
Vicky Adie

Here is my interview with Vicky Adie, the Pilates Live instructor:

A basic description of their services:

Pilates Live offers online Pilates classes, run by experienced Physiotherapist and APPI qualified Pilates Instructor, Vicky Adie.

Classes are designed to be progressive. They follow a series aimed at improving strength and flexibility month after month. It is not access to an archive of classes, but ongoing lessons – in the same way you would experience progression in a physical class.

New classes are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Share the backstory of starting this business

I have been a Pilates Instructor for a number of years, and I also attended a number of classes every week (as well as enjoying other exercise). When we had our baby a few years ago, the freedom to go to classes was no longer there. I was able to go to a few, but my husband and I had to share our time a lot more, which meant not going to as many. I also found I could never guarantee I’d be able to make a class even after I had booked and paid for it – if (baby) Jack was upset, not sleeping, etc., I wouldn’t want to leave him. Similarly, if we’d had a bad night, I wouldn’t have the energy.

Pilates Live
Vicky Adie

The circumstances preventing me from attending or instructing classes came at the same time as when Pilates could be of real benefit to me – strengthening my core after child birth. This made me realise it must be the same for most new mums. Therefore, I had the idea for the website – it brings real, progressive classes straight to people’s homes, so they don’t have to worry about childcare, etc. The classes stick around, so if you miss it when it goes live, you can catch up. And finally, it is really cheap – one month (12 classes) are less than the cost of one single class at most places in the UK, so you don’t need to feel guilty about missing a few.

What could you give back to the society?

The service offers users the chance to continue or take up Pilates without having to leave their home. It is especially useful for those with commitments such as childcare, especially new mothers who could benefit greatly from Pilates. I am also soon releasing a free, 6 part series designed especially for postnatal mothers to help rebuild core strength.

It is also far cheaper than going to classes, so it is far more flexible from a cost perspective.

What are your main goals with this business?

The idea came about after having (baby) Jack. I really hope it can help new mothers find comfort, both physically and with feeling body confident. That makes me really happy.

Since launching the business however, we have spoken to many people, old and young, female and male, who like the accessibility of the classes. It gives many people the opportunity to explore or continue Pilates around other commitments. It has been a real pleasure to be able to offer the classes to such a wide audience. So, it is not just for mothers.

Pilates Live
Vicky Adie
Aside from the physical and health benefits Pilates offers, how does your training such as breathing exercises help cope with stress?

I am quite a spiritual person. I find that Pilates enables me to ‘switch off’ from the daily stresses of life as I focus solely on the exercises and stretches I am doing at the time. Additionally, I gain an immense sense of well-being knowing that I have done a class. It really helps me put things into perspective and prioritise what is important in life.

As a spiritual guru, I would like to know how this exercise could help within a person’s spiritual journey.

At the heart of Pilates, at least for me, is time for yourself and time for your body. It is too easy as a working mum to put yourself second. Having a regular class helps reset the balance between me and my responsibilities.

A lot of people cannot exercise because of back pain or other physical disabilities. Would these groups of people be able to follow your videos and how would they benefit from them?

Many reports agree that Pilates offers a whole range of health benefits, including pain relief from some back problems. As a physiotherapist who provides patients with a variety of exercises to medicinal reasons, I see a lot of crossover. Having some form of disability is certainly no barrier to enjoying – and benefiting from Pilates. However, you should always seek medical advice if you are unsure as to whether this form of exercise may exacerbate a pre-existing condition.

How would one compare Pilates with meditation and yoga?

Pilates aims to build strength and body awareness. It is considered a resistance exercise and is relatively recent – only being developed in the 1920s. Probably the biggest difference between Pilates and yoga is the ultimate goal. Yoga provides a meditative environment to improve overall quality of life. Pilates works from the centre outward. Increasing body awareness works the core, resulting in a stronger body.

Why should someone purchase a subscription from your business?

The main benefits are accessibility and cost. The service gives you the opportunity to access classes whenever suits you, in your own home. At very little cost.

Vicky Adie
Vicky Adie
You can purchase your subscription to their Pilates class at their website: pilateslive.co.uk.

As of now, they have three new classes every week for €6.99 per month. Each class, therefore, ends up being less than €1. You can find free samples of their videos right here. If you have any questions, you can contact them via the contact form on their website.

You can also find Pilates Live at:





Ann Marie Ruby

This is a sponsored post. As always, views remain my own. Readers are always advised to follow the advice of their medical providers and I indicate no endorsement of personal views.

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