I personally journey through this life on a daily basis. Each dawn for me is a new beginning. Dusk marks the night before a new dawn. A yogini awakened through the inspirations found throughout Mother Earth.

Hidden within Mother Nature, I find a daily dose of inspiration. My inspiration and thoughts had taken birth as words. These words took life within my books as prayers which I call Spiritual Songs. Words take birth from within our inner soul which we place within paper through the powerful pen.

Journey with me as we find out how you can awaken from within, through words of wisdom. How can you keep track of your thoughts on a daily basis? Words become lost within the thoughts of our inner mind. We later find ourselves wishing we had kept a note of our inner thoughts.

I have been there where through meditation, I had awakened with new thoughts and new prayers. Therefore, I kept a journal of my inner thoughts.

What does the word journal mean to you? Where did this word come from?  This sacred word had come from the old French word, “jour” (day) which is a root word for “journalier” (daily). Originally, the word journal referred to a book with prayer times. This is especially meaningful to me, being the author of two prayer books consisting of over 200 prayers. I guess journals were also a daily inspirational journey to keep our memories alive throughout time, a journey down your own memory lane.

The words of your past decorate this path. Like the shining stars, you can walk down the memories of the past, which we the travelers could not without these words. The journal of life is within the words of an individual traveler’s journey through his or her life.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today, I will introduce you the sacred travelers to a very sacred journal which had come across my journey through life.

Tremundo journals are very special journals which I want all of you to touch and feel, as you sit outside in meditation. Remember Mother Earth as nature has inspired this journal.

True North Travel Journal

Open the journal. Within your hands, you have a handcrafted product with vintage designs. For you the traveler, for you the yogi, for you the human, this journal has been individually made.

These journals touched my inner soul for I love nature all around me as does the inventor of these journals. My mind, body, and soul awaken to the nature all around me. The nature around us inspired these journals.

The cork journals are made from environmentally friendly sustainable cork fabric. Similarly, the nature journals are original and handmade. The travel journals are made exceptionally for all the travelers. The vintage inspired journals find inspiration through vintage designs. Tremundo also has refillable journals and notebook inserts for those of you seeking. They have more selections as they have made this an inspirational journey for the inspired seeking a journal to journey through.

True North Travel Journal
Tremundo gifted me these amazing journals to review.

As I had opened and touched the journals, I felt a positive vibe touch my hands. The journals were like a gift from the past. Memories will find their place on paper through the ink and quill. These memories will be passed on to the next generations to treasure throughout time.

My tenth book has an image of an old journal, a quill pen, and ink displayed on it. I had wished I had this journal before as I would have used this journal. For my sacred soul, this is an amazing journey. I felt blessed to have within my hands a product that inspires my inner soul.

A journal inspired through nature is but a blessing the inventor has created for all sacred travelers. Travel with me. Let this journal inspire you today and your future generation tomorrow as they share your written notes with their future generations. Who said we cannot travel time? We can travel through the pages of these journals.

True North Travel Journal

Go visit their website and let the journey begin as you travel through these pages through your words of wisdom. With the quill and ink, treasure your memories within these pages. This is a journal I shall keep and treasure for all of you to see as you come and visit me through my words of inspiration.

I shall place an inspirational journey through words of wisdom within this journal.

This journal shall inspire you. Place your words through your pen within this journal. I had begun my journey through the pen and paper as I became an author. Like the French word “journalier” (daily), you too can write down your daily inspirational thoughts for your future generations to read throughout time.

Tremundo is a journal for all sacred travelers to journey through their daily inspirations of the personal minds.

Traci Nelson, the woman behind Tremundo, lives in Philadelphia. She loves painting, sewing, binding, and quilting among other things as she is always getting her inspiration from nature. She loves creating these journals as she combines her love of art and nature within her journals. Traci has worked with various organizations and school projects. She loves working with her hands as she loves to touch and feel her products.

I found she herself is an inspiration for me, as I had done my research on her. Her love for nature and the outcome within her products are exceptionally sacred. I must say as a spiritually awakened vegetarian myself, I look out for products I can touch and feel nature within.

Tremundo has a variety of selections to choose from such as handmade journals and mixed media art, among many other things. The company gifted me a True North Travel Journal in tan faux leather, a World Traveler Refillable Traveler’s Notebook, and a sampling of notebook inserts. The refillable notebook is reusable with notebook inserts.

Use them as a keepsake and treasure them as you write your treasured words within them.

Feel them for yourself and know these journals have reminded me of nature and her true gifts. This is the perfect gift for all sacred souls seeking to rejuvenate through words of wisdom. Place your own words upon the journal daily and let the future generations touch it as you gift it to them throughout time.

Here is my interview with the woman behind Tremundo:

Why did you begin this journey?

The journey of journals – a part of my passion goes into creating each journal and to know someone else then adds a part of their life into the same journal is the journey of journals.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve led a creative life. I enjoy using the various mediums and the handwork of journal making.  Journals start with an idea, unfold into design, use various materials, hand bind and create a journal then waiting to be filled with creative expression.

Journals have also been a vital tool in my personal journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly have been expressed and serve as a reference point when working through different parts of life. A journal can be a personal extension of self that offers a freedom of expression.

Were there any spiritual inspirations behind creating your journals?

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and the world around me. I tend to see a tree or sky or surrounding as representing something deeper, symbolic of the thoughts and stage of life, I like to called it nature’s guidance system. If you’re still enough, the guidance is easier to receive and this is where journaling is a vital tool for keeping record and expression of self.

Why do you offer vegan leather?

Keeping supplies, packaging and products as environmentally friendly and sustainable as much as possible is one of the goals of Tremundo. When expanding a product line outside of canvas covers, supplies made of recycled materials is taken into consideration. The faux leather used in Tremundo journals does contain some recycled leather, at times debated as to the faux leather being vegan. The faux leather chosen is used because it is less toxic than most faux leather that typically contains PVC which is highly toxic. To stay true to environmentally friendly with less toxicity is why the faux leather is used for travel journals.

True North Travel Journal
What different products do you offer?

Tremundo is the collective world of the creative mind. Product variations change as new ideas come to life. As a creative that enjoys working in various mediums, I often find myself with new ideas often inspired by nature. Mixed media wall hangings are favorite pieces since I’m able to incorporate painting, hand sewing, nature, and repurposed goods into a new piece of work.  I enjoy adding parts of nature or found objects that reflect the mood of the painting. Repurposing is also used in creating necklaces, handbags, mixed media pieces, and quilts created from upcycled materials. Tremundo also offers “goods” that are outsourced and feature either original art or collaged pieces.

Why is this journal different in your words?

Tremundo journals are different since they are handmade, from start to finish.  From idea conception to the completed journal, a hands-on creative process. The True North design came from a personal journey and the love of maps.

I believe in life there is a sense of belonging, where to live, where does one unfurl and part of this perspective of where is an individual’s true north. Often times, we are led to believe where we spent our childhood is where to make our roots. Instead I had learned there is a sense of belonging inside of us that might exist elsewhere.

Originally from the north and having lived in several different states on the East Coast, I found my true north to actually be in the south. It’s where I feel I can unfurl, be free in who I am and explore the beautiful, natural coastline. With the True North Journal, I hope to inspire others to look outside their comfort zone and find what resonates more with who they are and live life on their own terms.

For my readers, Traci provided me with a special discount code. You can use this to get 20% off of your entire order. Coupon Code: AMR2019

You can also find Tremundo at:



Tremundo on Etsy

If you have any questions, you can contact Tremundo via the contact form on their website.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned were gifted to me by Tremundo. As always, views remain my own. I indicate no endorsement of any personal view.


    1. Thank you! You can use my special code to get 20% off your order.

      Ann Marie Ruby

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