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An interview with Samanah Duran, a feature of BEYOUROWN, and speaking about empowering other entrepreneurs. 

The travelers we all are, trying to find the elixir of life. For me personally, elixir is but inspiring all humans in waking up to humanity. Elixir is all humans walking for each other, guiding one another within the obstacles and blessings of life. This is the elixir of life.

Today, I was approached by another woman who has begun a personal journey to empower all humans with their own inner talents.

Samanah Duran is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur inspiring others. She has been recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 Retail and E-commerce sector list. As a successful entrepreneur herself, she loves meeting other entrepreneurs who are doing what they enjoy.

Samanah Duran

The biggest thorns within empowering oneself are the harsh lips of criticism one but faces upon their traveled path. Remember these thorns as you succeed. Guide all to watch out for the thorns. This is why we the teachers of life are there to guide all through their lessons of life.

Like I had said, “Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.”

BEYOUROWN was created by Samanah Duran in 2016. This company is on a mission trying to empower women within their own endeavors and unite this globe through individual strengths.

I believe the women displayed within BEYOUROWN are but examples of these learned lessons of life. They are the teachers who wait to guide you through your journey of life. Therefore, I had agreed to do this blog post.

I believe Samanah Duran has taken this amazing step not to put herself in the limelight but help you within your endeavors of life.

As I was contacted by Samanah Duran’s group, I was astonished to find another soul trying to empower others. As a yogini, my soul seeks for all the humans with humanity. I travel around this globe seeking, knocking, and asking on different doors to guide or get guidance from. Here, I found another soul knocking, seeking, and asking to see if there are any more women whom but need a helping hand.

My blessed journey begun as again I took my pen to paper yet this time for another human who has within her soul, humanity. This is a project which has given a platform to women and has promoted each woman for her own achievements.

With BEYOUROWN, women who have achieved something on their own are displayed. By giving them a platform, each woman has a chance to grow on her own, yet with the help of each other. As I had written in my book, “Work for each other, not against.”

I found my inspiration to write about this company as I found my own words being displayed in action here.

Another sacred soul, Professor Muhammad Yunus, from a faraway country, had criticism and praises upon his plate as he had believed and established The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. His beliefs were in microfinance, empowering women and those struck by poverty. The bank aided in giving power back to the women and the mothers to take control of their families in a country where women were not considered the bread earners. Professor Yunus has won the Nobel Peace Prize in addition to numerous other awards for his work in economic development. I have admired him and his work, as I also strive to help all humans, and in my case, I go and knock, seek, and ask upon their doors.

Samanah Duran is a soul trying to empower women within a world where women have always fought to prove themselves.

Through the journey of life, we the women have always fallen backward. I have personally suffered upon this journey too. Yet, I found myself a helping hand within the hands of our co-travelers, our brothers, our sons, and our friends who have given a helping hand. It is because of them that we the mothers and sisters can go outside and work as the fathers and brothers are staying home. Because of our friends and the humanity that has awakened all to their inner souls, we have people like Professor Yunus take birth and give us a helping hand.

Today, BEYOUROWN has grouped up all women with their own strengths to empower one another. This platform gives women a chance to showcase themselves. We the women of this society could proudly say we are included within this society and not excluded. We the women, must stand up for ourselves first, then all shall see us standing up, not sitting down and hiding anymore.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

-Maya Angelou

How could I not agree? I know I had to stand up for myself through my pen and paper to be here where I am. I believe so did Samanah Duran. She also includes all the other women and has given all others a platform to stand up for themselves.

Today, I would want all of you to go visit her project.

Grow with her. Maybe she would inspire you to be an inspiration, as Samanah and I would say in the future, “Hey, there she is, inspiring others.” I want to awaken your inner self wisdom. I want you to find yourself first, then help find all the others. You too can join in this journey through empowering humans through humanity first.

Samanah Duran also has BEYOUROWN MAN for all the men who want to walk upon this path and help grow themselves. I believe, she did not want any human with humanity to be left behind. At BEYOUROWN MAN, all the men trying to awaken themselves and each other, are also given a platform to do so. All the men who have embraced their empowerment and growth have a platform there.

I absolutely love the way she has tried to include the humans of this society, yet has given them separate platforms to individually grow.

Therefore, they can empower themselves first, then empower each other and grow as a society. A spiritually awakened soul would not travel alone. Through my own journey, I know I would hold on to the hands of all humans alike.

Within a society, we must awaken ourselves and then help awaken each other and grow our one society. I have written my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic” to eradicate the world from all hate crimes. My belief is that with equal growth opportunities, we could help each other and grow a peaceful society for the future generations. I always believe, “for each other” not “against each other.”

Throughout time, as we have more humans awakening with humanity, this one world will have within her soul, all her citizens living in harmony. I believe this Earth is but our Mother Earth and we are all her children. Let us bless each other as we guide and help each other to grow in union.

All of you can visit Samanah Duran’s clothing lines, as she has also created, Critics Clothing.

I had the opportunity to interview Samanah Duran from my personal perspective.

Samanah, it is a pleasure to learn more about you! In your own words, who are you? Why have you started this journey into entrepreneurship?

Thank you and thank you for having me interview with you Ann Marie. Much like most entrepreneurs, I cannot take direction from somebody else, I also like my own freedom to make my own choices.

As a brief background introduction, at 20 I was interested in pursuing a career working as a TV presenter, so that is why I originally moved to London, it wasn’t to work in fashion at all. However, I always had this strong desire to pursue my own business ventures and create something that I could be proud of, that had my own stamp on, something with real sustainability that a brand could be built around. So, after coming back from a presenting gig across the US West Coast back in 2012, I launched Critics Clothing, a retail company.

Although I launched Critics Clothing in late 2012, it wasn’t really until 2014 that it became popularized. From that, I built BEYOUROWN in 2016, which is a digital media and content company that aims to help other entrepreneurs navigate their way through their business journey. Now I am just continuing to build on what I already have.

Has there been any moment in your life, when you just knew what you wanted to do?

Not really. TV work was something I was really passionate about when I was in my late teens and early 20’s. I have always had this entrepreneurial streak that was encouraged by my dad and grandparents, which is why I was always so enthusiastic about wanting to create my own ventures and business.

As a humanitarian, I have to ask you about women struggling to have equal access to entrepreneurship. Of course, there is the gender wage gap, however, in many countries women also have less access to education and fewer opportunities in the workforce. As a successful female entrepreneur, yourself, what is your message to people restricting women from thriving?

That is a great question! By restricting women from thriving in such an open space, is only really pushing us women to continue to knock down those doors whilst striving for bigger and better. We will write our own history and re-define what success for ourselves, and it’s only a matter of time.

As women we have more access to opportunities than we ever did before so we shouldn’t put any limitations on ourselves. We need to understand our strengths and weaknesses but still apply ourselves well to every opportunity regardless of any restrictions that are overshadowing.

Let’s talk more about BEYOUROWN. How and why are you empowering women through BEYOUROWN and men through BEYOUROWN MAN?

The platform is here to encourage and inspire you all to continue down the path of uniqueness, embrace your own identity and stay true to who you really are whilst doing what you really love. I like to believe that we hold our own power within ourselves, but hopefully I am contributing to helping both men and women out there reach beyond the stars by encouraging them, championing them and delivering work of substance that will add high value to what they are doing. Whether it be through written content, filmed pieces or the collaborative/sponsored ventures we do, our platform is aimed at supporting all go-getters working within a wide variety of industry fields.

What has inspired you during this journey with BEYOUROWN, BEYOUROWNMAN, and your clothing line Critic’s Clothing?

The incredible people that I get to work with on a day to day basis are one of the main sources of inspiration for what I do.

I personally don’t believe in goals but in achievements. Everything accomplished is an achievement. What are your thoughts on this?

Couldn’t agree more! Putting in work, effort and time into anything is an achievement in itself.

Has there been any incident in your life that has given you the strength to move on from the obstacles of life?

Not so much a particular incident per say, though I have tried several things, that didn’t work out ultimately as well as I’d have hoped for. However, that’s all part of the learning curve of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. With that in mind, now when it comes to putting together new concepts and ideas, I will take what I have learnt from the previous experiences and apply another method to improve the outcome.

Do you have advice for others who want to begin a project on their own? As a successful entrepreneur, what are your tips to achieve success in business?

I believe that having self-awareness as an entrepreneur plays a pivotal role in the success you want to achieve. I tend to spend time observing and reflecting and in order to improve my self-development.

Additionally, I have learnt to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and now use them to set an example for my team. I always advise anyone who is on that entrepreneurial journey to constantly read new books, attend new conferences and spend time around other leaders in which you can learn and grow from.

Do you believe in miracles?

I believe in extraordinary events taking place outside of the usual constraints of the law of nature but not from a religious standpoint.

Why do you believe we were introduced to each other, at this time?

I think that timing is everything. Often, we believe that we should be somewhere at a certain time in our life in which we are not, when in reality the universe puts us exactly where we need to be. This was by chance, not miracle, purely because the universe brought us together at the right time.

What is the main message you would like to share with my audience?

Be authentic to yourself – you owe it to yourself to be unapologetically you.

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This blog post was in collaboration with BEYOUROWN and indicates no endorsement of personal views.

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