Dawn through dusk we are blessed with the miracles of nature such as the sound of pouring rain upon the fallen leaves. The splashing sound, the rain, and wind created within my ponds, are all a consort for my inner soul.

Today, however the sun is up within Seattle as I know rain is only hiding behind the clouds. The red and green flowering trees are dancing to announce their arrival as spring arrives with a knock upon our doors.

Beautiful and serene this world is, when and where you have peace. When you are drenched within the storms of life, you fail to see the beauty of the rainbow. When you are burning within anger, you don’t enjoy the warmth the sun brings upon your soul.

The storms of nature are beautiful to watch and record as an amazing adventure the storm chasers would enjoy doing.

Yet, if your life is drenched within obstacles of a dark storm, you don’t want to see this ever again. The fear of driving within these nasty storms but cripples the mind, body, and soul.

Life is filled with all types of obstacles. Be it physical or emotional, be it your own created or an obstacle forced upon you by others intimidating their unjust upon you. These are what we the humans walk with on a daily basis.

Today, you might be walking upon a beach creating beautiful memories. Yet, there is a person crying upon the same beach trying to erase some memories. Today, upon your hands, you might have wealth, health, and wisdom. Yet, upon the hands of another there is none of the above.

Again, this is life where we the travelers must walk through.

We the brave, the frightened, the sick, and the healthy, all must walk upon this same path. Let us not ignore one another at their time of need. Let us not pretend to not see the tears or pain of the others.

What are we to do in these situations? How could we the victims and the witnesses help one another?

This is where I remember my psychology teacher in collage. She was going through personal problems, yet she said she would pretend to be happy. She said it’s all in her control. If worrying could change her situation, then she would worry sick until her problem was solved.

I had agreed with her, yet at times my mind, body, and soul disagree with her as they start to worry and this creates an atmosphere where the stress hormone takes its own course.

What do I do at these stages?

I pray and I meditate. Also, I try to think of nature. I believe all the answers are hidden within nature. The sun disappears as the clouds appear and brings spring showers. I cannot control the rain, yet I could take advantage of this situation and not worry about watering my plants for today.

This is meditation, this is yoga, this is rejuvenation of the inner mine. Wherever you have landed upon, you take the situation and convert it to something of a learning lesson. A lesson learnt for tomorrow, when again you end upon this same path.

“Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

It is now, you are the yogi guiding others to avoid the same path you were on yesterday. Your acquired lessons of life will teach others to be better swimmers and they shall cross the obstacles of life with grace, honor, and dignity.

What about your pain and suffering?

Like the storms of life, your pain and suffering shall end as the sun appears upon the skies again. I know sometimes it feels like it’s the end of everything and the feet do not move forward. Yet, we must keep on moving. For with or without us, life moves on.

Don’t be scared of what is ahead, for time only moves forward not backwards.

You will be there soon and be there with a smile. Allow the brewing anger to resolve and believe in yourself for then you shall be stress free. Resentment is a learning experience we all must experience with or without our will.

Remember this society only intimidates us when we allow them to do this. Let us not be intimidated by the wrong but let our inner souls be awakened to our own inner knowledge. Let wisdom be our guide. Tomorrow as you the traveler guide all through your acquired wisdom, do remember it was only yesterday you had stress, fear, anger, and intimidation as your teachers of life.

I write this post as a traveler of life and only want to encourage you the traveler to never give up on yourself. Whatever life brings upon us, there is someone out there going through the same situation you are walking upon. Turn the television on and just watch the news for a while. You will see what obstacles all the politicians are going through. Learn from them, they are there to teach us. How are they handling all of these personal obstacles? They did not give up on their personal lives or their political careers because of their personal problems.

They teach us as they travel through their lives and give us a glimmer of hope not to give up even when all seem dark and dingy. The sun will appear tomorrow.

We the travelers must somehow keep on going until the sun appears.

Through prayers, through meditation, through yoga, through personal inner faith, we the travelers will survive. I survived through the obstacles and am still walking through all that life but brings upon my door. I trust people too quickly and have seen people take advantage of me.

Yet, I keep my faith upon people for I believe the humanity within all humans shall awaken and let them do right by all. Have faith within yourself and know there is absolutely nothing that is more important than you and your blessed life. Be there for the future generations through your experiences in life.

These personal experiences are your inner meditation you awaken through and let your experiences guide all future generations. Meditation is for the mind, body, and soul to awaken from within. Call upon this inner strength and wisdom that are hidden within your soul.

Love yourself and all others.

Believe in the humans even if they do not believe in you. Be careful of the humans and the foxes within the humans. Remember with honor, dignity, and courage we can walk away from all of these humans or obstacles that are but here to take advantages of life and not give life a chance.

In a dream, I was walking with the Holy Spirit as I cried and told my Lord about all of my obstacles and how I should deal with them. The Lord held on to my hand and said come. As we walked by a river, there was a bonfire and The Lord had placed all the obstacles within the fire and told me, “Cremated are all the obstacles. As the pure soul but calls upon The Lord, The Lord but shall provide.”

I woke up and knew this was a blessed message for all humans. Have faith and call upon your Lord, The Creator. Blessed prayers from a blessed soul never go in vain.

Never stress, fear, get angry, or be intimidated by the wrong, for there is always The Lord, The Creator watching over us.

Have faith and believe in the miracles of life.

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Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image is from my property in Greater Seattle, Washington!


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