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Travelers of life we all are. Taking a journey through life in itself is a hard test we the humans walk upon. Some of us find the road was created for us before our birth. Yet some of us must walk and create the path we travel upon, falling and getting right back up at times. At other times when we fall, we just want to stay there and not get back up again. It is then you are looking for a helping hand, a shoulder who would be there when you fall.

Confusions, struggles, illnesses, and failures have intertwined at various junctions of our life. These junctions are where darkness evolves all around and at times it feels like an ocean where there is no shore.

How could you get out of this situation, and have the bright sunny days returned within your life? 

If this is a situation you have been dealing with for a prolonged period of time, then please go see your physicians. You must stand up and open the curtains to allow the sun to shine within your inner soul.

If this is a situation that has arrived from sadness, then you must call upon blessed time to heal you. As time bids her farewell, she places you upon the future path of joy and happiness.

Do not ever lose hope for always remember dawn arrives each morning even after a long dark night. Hope is a blessed word that glows within our soul as a cure to all our obstacles. Light the candles of hope tonight as you feel lonely, depressed, or just sad. Let this glowing hope spread from your mind, body, and soul to all souls whom seek her.

Do spiritual people feel depressed? Could a spiritually awakened person heal his or her own depression?

I believe spiritually awakened people feel depressed quickly as we pick up on your emotional feelings. We hold on to your pain and try to connect to The Creator through meditation to find peace within our mind, body, and soul. Then, we transfer these positive vibes to you. I read about a parent’s journey, how she learned to live without her child. This caused an enormous amount of emotional pain within my inner core. I realized this is normal as we the humans feel for each other and through this connection, we are directly connected to The Creator. For my inner soul, this was another spiritual awakening.

I realized how close we the humans are. Even though I don’t know you, I still feel for you. Why? It is called inner humanity, a bond far closer than any other bond on this Earth.

Does meditation help with depression?

Meditation for me is the best healer for depression or sadness that overtakes my mind, body, and soul. I find the inner peace that I seek within my Creator directly, as I connect to this force through my meditative mind, body, and soul. For me, it is like waking up from a deep relaxing night of sleep.

Meditation (Dhyana) originally came from Hinduism around 1500 BCE. The Vedas (Hindu transcripts) discuss meditation as Lord Shiva is known as the Yogi. Later, this also spread to Taoist China, and Buddhist India.

How about reiki healers? Do they feel your pain? Can they heal depression?

Reiki was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. This has now been accepted throughout this world as another source of healing. Its effect has not been scientifically proven though. It depends on person to person and the results also differ. Some feel the results as a warm sensation comes to your body as the Reiki healers place their palms upon your pain. Some healers claim they can send these healing vibes to even people far away from them.

Reiki is an energy healing where the healer heals through the positive energies found within this Earth. The Reiki masters can feel your physical and emotional pain as they try to heal you through the positive vibes. They do feel the pain as they try to heal you. 

Do I believe in Reiki?

I do as I had a friend who had healed me when I had been very sick from dengue fever on one of my travels. It was strange as she had placed her hands upon me, I felt her positive energy coming from her to me.

Blessed I am for I believe in positive energies and their effects through meditation, yoga, and reiki. I believe in prayers. For me personally, a prayer and complete faith within a prayer is my healing energy.

Within meditation, we call upon the positive energies. Within yoga, we call upon positive energies. Additionally, within reiki, we call upon positive energies. So, within the positive energies, is hidden the complete truth of all healing powers.

Today, call upon your positive energies to come and pay you a visit.

Entertain her with positivity as you become her best friend. Ask her to be by your side as you walk with her throughout all the obstacles life brings to us as a gift.

Life is a long journey where darkness evolves around every corner. Depression and loneliness are calls from our inner soul, where our bodies are a partner with or without their consent. If this is a temporary situation, remember to call upon your best friend, positive energies, to walk with you through this junction of your life.

If you suffer from this as a chronic illness, remember never to lose hope for dawn shall peek through for you too. You the sufferers of this illness are but the teachers and guides for all the lonely and depressed travelers who follow behind. Stand up and fight this illness with your positive energies, and with the helping hands of your doctors who are there for you to give them your hands back in return.

Medication, meditation, reiki, yoga, all are just friends in disguise waiting to give all a helping hand.

May we find these blessed hands and hold on to them as we make a human chain of recovery through love and hugs for one another. Love, hope, and joy, the blessed candles shall find their ways to you, the lonely traveler, who had found depression as a companion. Now, hold on to your newly found friends of hope and blessings from this soul and be the guide for all whom walk upon the same path you had traveled upon.

Humanity is my best friend as I have this love which gives me hope throughout all of my lonely and depressing nights.

Do I ever feel depressed and lonely?

Yes I do, but I love you more than I love myself. For this love, I have learned to take control of my inner feelings and love myself, you, and our one Creator who has created you and me.

Today, if you are a lonely, depressed soul seeking help to recover from this situation, first please seek the advice of your doctors. Then try meditation, yoga, reiki, and don’t forget prayers. Please know I love you and shall be there if you need me. I am one email away from you.

May this silent killer not take away any more souls. As I see each day on my social media, so many more lives are being affected by this silent killer. I wish I could build a human chain of hands to hold on to the victims of this journey. Raise your hands and be there for one another as you the patient only know how you feel and how you had recovered from this journey. I can’t feel what you feel or go through. I can only see and hear your pain, and be there for you.

Today, you the lonely, depressed travelers of life know in front of you and right behind you, there are other travelers who too suffer.

Even though I neglect to take care of myself, I try to take care of all of you first. I have found out through my journey of life, I must be there for myself first, then I can be there for you too. So, my journey through words of wisdom had begun.

May this journey today land upon your door. Open the doors and accept this soul’s prayers, love, and blessings as I send them to you. Through this love story of the humans, for humanity, we the human population shall be blessed with one another.

I ask the depressed and lonely traveler of life, today be my friend. Tomorrow through your learned journey of life, be a friend to the other person walking upon the same path you had once walked upon.

The best healing are the love and care you have for the strangers whom need your help. I was listening to a great song today that has been my favorite throughout the obstacles and blessings of my life. With his magical voice, he always has placed a smile within my soul


Bob Marley with his wonderful voice had sung,

“One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right.”
Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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