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“Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.”

Life is a long journey filled with so many detours and at times we all get lost. Within the journey of my life, I have been pushed off of the road by so many vehicles who never feared to do wrong.

Words of wisdom or words of harsh criticism? Words of kindness or words of anger? Which path do we travel upon?

I know at times, it is hard to know where you have landed upon. Do you give up to the harsh critics or stand up and fight?

I had hidden myself within the comforts of my cave. I tried not to deal with the harsh critics or the huge vehicles that come on to my lane from the wrong side.

Also, I had thought, just let darkness evaporate and wait for dawn to appear. All shall be better at dawn. Life is a teacher. She taught me, at times you have to take the exam you fear and deal with it. How does a person do this? Where does one find the courage to deal with these obstacles of life?

My answer came from the voices of the strangers who held on to me and said “Oh but you shall prevail.” From the unexpected doors of the past, Mahatma Gandhi had said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

I guess through a heat wave or the cold freeze, nature teaches us how we all miss spring. Yet, I know spring too has her obstacles like allergies and hay fever, which she must deal with.

I know being kind and softhearted, I feel lost within this Earth at times.

The harsh unjust windstorms blow at me from all directions. At times, I feel like I will fall apart. It is then I find my faith, my hope knocking upon my doors to open to her.

Positive vibes take over the cold freeze and the heat waves as they come upon my mind, body, and soul like a blessed hug from the beyond. These vibes come through my door of miracles. These vibes are called the unknown strangers from the unknown. Additionally, these vibes are my Lord’s blessings upon my inner soul.

Hard it may be and lonely the journey feels at times. Yet, with truth and justice, we the frail and weak shall become victorious. Never change yourself to fit the cruel society of the unjust loud voices, for they are loud and empty.

Today, if you stand alone feeling lonely, remember you are there for yourself.

Be your own friend and have a cup of tea with your positive vibes. Today, if you are battling financially or physically, remember you must keep on going for the road does end, and there you shall find your sought out solution. Do not give up for then you have lost to yourself.

Today, if you are crying yourself to bed I tell you, it is okay – for the sun shall shine at dawn after this dark night. Tears are actually my best friends as they know so much about me and all my pain and sufferings. They help my inner soul calm down, so I find peace within myself.

The burst of sunshine shall come through the windows as I am sure tears will get bored of talking with me or you forever. So, when sunshine finally finds her way into all of our lives, we must remember to rejuvenate and take in all the blessings.

Save some sunshine in a bottle for the lonely nights as your friend through the memory lanes. Hold on to this. Know the path ends as you find your destination.

Today, I ask you the lonely traveler who has awakened from inside and found your destination – to volunteer to be a guide for the future lonely travelers.

The road always ends for the travelers, yet we must leave behind messages from the past as our guidance for the future travelers of life. Life is a path where we cross through the learned lessons. Here, never fear your obstacles but remember as these obstacles teach you a lesson, it is then you become the teacher for the future travelers of life.

If it is night time where you are, remember dawn is on her way to you. If it is dawn, please keep the learned lessons of the past travelers within your travel journals, for they shall be your guidance through the obstacles of life. Maybe this is why The Lord has divided our time zones and we witness dawn and dusk at different times.

Through love and blessings, we find prayers to give and share with one another throughout time. I have found from this love for you, the courage to write my prayer book I call “Spiritual Songs II” for all to share throughout time. For the present, the future, and after us the past, shall all have these blessed prayers I call songs as my blessings for you and for all.

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My inner soul has found her peace within these songs as have so many others.

Some have said these songs have come to them when they needed them the most. That knowledge was my blessings from all of you. Please open the door to hope and know all obstacles shall be removed with prayers from the beyond.


Ann Marie Ruby


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