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“A disability is a challenge only the brave are given to teach all through the examples of life.”

How are you the disabled, when you have blessed us to learn from your journey through life? I must say you are my teacher as I am your student.

Children are the blessed gifts of the beyond, not disabled as some are called because of their abilities or disabilities. How do we predict the unknown future if it is called unknown? I believe we all have our own advantages and disadvantages of life.

If a spiritually gifted child means a person who unites all humans to humanity, then I ask all humans to awaken themselves within this blessed gift from the beyond.

Spiritually gifted are those who walk for others, not for themselves. Spiritually gifted are those who keep the human society bonded within one house of basic moral values. They do not fear obstacles but they learn from obstacles as they become the teachers through their lives lived. Within spirituality, there is a divine connection to The Creator directly. Here the only gift is to give back to all whom need help.

An individual gift or talent is when a individual accomplishes more than all around them. Yet, we judge on the accomplishments after the individual has journeyed through his or her life. If you judge today, you might be making a mistake. The individual you judge might surprise you tomorrow.

How do the parents of a disabled child feel? Where do they go for hope?

I have wondered upon this question as I had a recent dream.

My dream:

I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel where a lot of spiritual gurus were attending a conference. I watched a few mothers had brought in their special needs children to the conference in hope of having a natural healer heal them.

Yet, I was tearing up for the mothers who were trying to find a solution for their special needs children. I asked the mothers why they were giving up on hope when the children themselves are hopeful. I watched the babies laughing and playing like the best gift on this Earth.

Additionally, I listened to the mothers and their personal journeys through all the known and unknown lanes of this Earth to find a cure or hope for their children.

Then, I asked the mothers if they had believed in the obstacles more than a prayer.

Did they have faith in the negativities more than The Lord? I reminded them even when and where there is no hope, hope appears like dawn. Just take the first step in faith.

I played with the children as I told all the mothers I knew their fear was what would happen to the child when they were no more.

I reminded them to have faith in The Lord and not upon yourself. The path is there and at times the journey is hard but we the humans in union can help each other through the blessed prayer of humanity. In union, we can find a path for all the children of this world. Even when one mother is no more, there are other mothers who awaken within love for all the children of this world each and every day.

Within my dream, I watched Oprah Winfrey on the television, walking by herself as she was trying to do something. I told the mothers of the disabled children, a lot of woman like Oprah Winfrey will wake up to help one and all the children of this world. In my dream, one child we were talking about in particular, I knew would grow up to be a famous pianist .

I had recited prayers from my prayer books with the mothers as my dream had broken.

Today you the parents, remember within your child maybe is a famous pianist, maybe an artist, a singer, or anything your child wants to be. Have faith and work to accomplish his or her goals. Do not become a hurdle by losing hope for hope knocks upon our doors even when we are not watching.

Hope and blessings come to us within the famous names who were disabled yet never let a disability be a burden. They blessed us as they taught us. Some to this day teach us that you can overcome everything with hope.

Some quick names found through a search on Google are:

Frida Kahlo, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking, FDR, Ralph Braun, Stevie Wonder, John Hockenberry, John Nash and so many others.

Be inspired by these people who are the inspiration for our one world, where there is no disability but a gift which you need to seek for yourself.

I believe each individual has a sacred gift to give this world. Look for it, believe in it, and have faith within yourself, your child, and all the children of this world.

The spiritually gifted human can see beyond what the human eyes but see and can overcome all the obstacles of life. Within the spiritually awakened soul, there is no division amongst the humans. Additionally, within the eyes of a spiritual soul, there is always a direct connection between the individual and his or her Creator. Within the eyes of the spiritually awakened, the love for all humans is equal within the weighing scales of humanity.

Today, I ask all humans to awaken to your inner spirit and accept all differences as a blessing and a colorful rainbow glowing within our mind, body, and soul.

My message to the parents of all children is never lose hope. As long as there is one human standing upon this Earth with love, honor, and justice, we all have a blessed future.

Hold my hands and let us in union pray a line from my prayer “The Merciful” from my book Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

“Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

Spiritual Songs II

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


  1. I wrote this.long comment and I don’t think it went through. Again – did you read my blog post from this past week? For a few minutes I forgot about my faith and got caught up in the human aspect of life, but got so many reminders from people to trust in God and what his plan is and my prayers were answered. Thank you for be8ng another messenger! I would never pray for my son to be “cured” from his disabilities bc he is perfect the way he is. He is my greatest gift from God and his gift to me and my family is to make us better humans and show us unconditional love. He has taught me so much and changed my life. ❤️❤️🙏🏼

    1. I will definitely read your blog post! Thank you for the kind words. I believe this Earth has hidden blessings for all of us throughout her. Every day we walk through hurdles, I pray for all us to be brave and courageous as we take the journey through the obstacles. My belief is humanity bonds all of us within one family. We shall be there for each other throughout all obstacles and blessings of life. Love your son and he is mine as he is yours through this love! Love you Sandy. ❤️🙏🤗

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