My open letter to all women and children. 

Mother’s Day, a blessed day we the children celebrate, was first established in the USA by Anna Jarvis, when her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis had passed away.

Mother’s Day or recognizing a mother had prehistorically existed throughout this world within different religions.

Within Hinduism, the mother is placed on a very high standard. Indians call their land “Bharat Mata” which in English is also known as motherland. Mother Goddesses are highly worshiped. Some names include “Durga Mata,” “Lakshmi Mata,” and “Parvati Mata.” For this, within India, mothers were highly respected and were recognized before the Mother’s Day had become commercialized. Hindus have the statues of the Mother Goddess within their homes. They recite prayers and give the Mother Goddess a lot of respect.

Within Catholicism, Virgin Mary is also known as Mother Mary. Some Catholics also have statues of the Virgin Mary within their homes, as this is how they display their respect.

Even before this day was commercialized, a mother has always been loved and honored throughout time. Within Islam, a mother is given more respect than the father.

My question is, has this day really become commercialized, or do we do so much on this day because we forget the mothers throughout the year?

I really can’t answer each person’s personal perspective. However, I think if anyone deserves a day, then it is definitely the mothers. I wish though if we could also remember the orphans, who yearn to have a mother on this day. Also, I feel for the mothers who do not have a child or could never give birth to a child yet, for they too are a mother.

To all of the orphans, I ask you to never give up hope within this path. Remember as long as their is a woman and a child alive, there is a mother and a child left upon this Earth.

To all of you the women who cry to hold a child within your arms, remember there is no difference between you adopting a child or giving birth. You shall carry the child you bring home within your arms far longer than nine months. The child shall rest within your hands and you in your elderly years shall rest upon the child’s hands.

A child who sits waiting to be adopted, please know your mother today is searching for you too.

I pray may this search end as the blessed prayers are answered. May the tiny hands grab on to yours as you place your child within his or her bed for the first time.

I do hear your cries from far away as you ask, “But I am not a baby any more. I am old. Will I find a home for me too?”

If you had Goddess Durga in front of you, what would you say the answer from her would be?

If today in front of you stood the Virgin Mary, what do you think her answer would be?

Love is immortal and remember the love of a mother is the peace and harmony that keep this world going. This Earth is also known as Mother Earth who shelters all of her children within her chest.

Today, I would want all of you to find peace within your inner soul in the realization that hope is alive, searching for you. Do not go to bed with tears within your eyes. Go to sleep with sweet dreams of the future where you too shall be holding on to your mother’s hands.

The women who cry to be a mother but cannot physically, go to bed in peace as you too shall find your child waiting at an orphanage to be adopted by you.

As Mother’s Day leaves us this year, I would want all of you to remember the real meaning of this day, not the commercialism of this day. Anna Jarvis was a peace activist. She had taken care of wounded soldiers and created this day only to honor her mother.

The creator of Mother’s Day Anna Jarvis had later regretted that this day had become so commercialized.  Even though she had regretted the commercialism of this day, I am grateful we have this day.

I want all of you to awaken spiritually for this blessed day. Remember, there is a mother waiting to hold on to you as there is a child calling for you to be his or hers.

A mother and a child are connected throughout eternity through the blessed immortal love. May all the children of this Earth find the blessed hands of his or her mother upon their hands. May my prayers reach Heavens above and be answered, as the mother and child unite throughout eternity.

Do not ever give up on hope for she waits at your doors. My hope is one day I shall open an orphanage, a home, for all the children I could bring back home.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image is from my property in Greater Seattle, Washington. The image was taken whilst sitting on a tree in one of my ponds!


  1. This is a wonderful post! I enjoyed the history and varying cultural representations of honoring mothers. I also found it so powerful that you remember and connect everyone, regardless of circumstances, to motherhood. Great job!


    1. Thank you for your kind words! This Earth has different cultures spread throughout her, yet through the eyes of a mother or a father – one sees there is no difference within race, color, or religion for love is universal. I am truly blessed by your inspirational words. Sending blessings and hugs!

  2. Wow this post is so powerful and touching. As someone who loves her mother more than anything or anyone in the world, I can truly and honestly say this post touched my heart. I have been a silent reader thus far but today I knew I have to post a comment. You have such a powerful way of getting messages out. This post should truly be read by one and all. I just got off from a long day at work not too long ago. I was tired and hungry but decided to take a peak at your blog and I am so happy I did! It’s so peaceful and relaxing as if just by reading this post my mind and body just got a refresher.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am inspired by your inspiration. Always know, all of the positive vibes, are within oneself. As you become positive, you shall only spread positivity throughout this world. Sending love and blessings!

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