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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King Jr

Dawn approaches upon our door after the dark night comes to an end. My eyes catch the glimpse of hope every morning I appear before dawn. Victory be to dawn as we await her arrival after the long struggling nights. Dried up tears are the only proof of my struggles through the dark scary nights.

Tears have become the permanent hugging blanket for even more parents as this year marks the thirty-fifth school shooting since fall had bid her farewell.

What is going on?
What can we do?

Could we the humans prevent these shootings by blocking the perpetrators of hate crimes? What about school shootings, do they fall within hate crimes?

School shootings within my eyes are hate crimes, as how could one person hate so much, that he or she goes and opens fire upon young children? If this is not a nightmare, then I ask what is? Do you have to be a parent to awaken to this reality? Do your eyes not tear up and become foggy upon receiving these messages?

Within my eyes, any crime that teaches hate not love, is a hate crime. Teaching children to use a gun at a tender age is a hate crime against the shooter and the victims. Hate crime is a learned lesson not a human trait we are born with. A school is where a child grows up to be an individual with positivities aside from the daily curriculums.

These days, school children are victims and are being taught of violence through the eyes of the criminals. The questions for all adults and children are frightening as are the unknown answers. We could however try to resolve this crisis by uniting for love not hatred. Teach to light up the candles through love. Walk with me and let us be the “Candles Of Hope.”

“Be the individual who is but the candle of hope, not an individual who is brewing up a windstorm against the candle of hope”

-Ann Marie Ruby

My answer to all of the above is, if hatred is so big that she is brewing like a catastrophe, then we need to brew up a bigger storm opposing her.

I call this storm, love. Let us in union brew up a powerful storm called love. Unite for each other within love.

Hate crimes have increased by a catastrophic amount. Society is actively teaching hate crimes to the children and is creating monstrous storms that shall come and knock upon all of our doors, the doors of you the perpetrators and the victims.

Tonight you are sleeping in peace. Yet, your neighbor has tears as a blanket throughout his or her lonely nights. Tonight, a child has lost his or her life due to another child’s catastrophic hatred.

I ask you why have you become like this that your mighty gun is your great power to show the society you are the one we should fear. Your angry unjust voice has become historical. Why and where have you found this feeling of hate that breeds within you and today you have become the monster that children had feared to be under their beds?

Now children refuse to go to school because the invisible monster under their beds have become visible and walk within their schools, their neighborhoods, and their shopping malls.

Even on a vacation, these monsters are found.

How do parents calm their frightened children to not fear a visible monster during the daylight hours? Throughout time, we have heard invisible monsters are just that, invisible. They are gone as you open your eyes and take a look under your bed.

Today, we have to deal with these very visible perpetrators walking around with the mighty powerful attitude called hate. They are being brewed in society by us. Take responsibility and stop brewing hatred within your own household.

Stop teaching this trait as this trait will become your child’s identity as he or she will be known as the perpetrator of hate crimes. The knock shall come upon your door as you might be the parents of a perpetrator or a victim.

To hate is a learned trait that could be prevented through the sacred word we all search for throughout our life. The word that heals all pain, physical and emotional, is known to all humans. It is a simple word yet very powerful. Her name is “love.”

Let us throw away our hatred, anger, and all negativity as we accept love.

Let love be the very first teacher of a child’s life. The future shall be bright if you the parent reject all types of hate crimes and accept this new friend within your household.

Tonight, the parents who have lost their children shall go to bed with tears as their comforting friends. Yet tomorrow, the future shall celebrate a society free from all hate crimes based on social group, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and any prejudice.

Take the first step and be the teacher of peace and harmony. Be there for your neighbors, your friends, and even those of whom you do not like. Teachers are there for all within their classrooms. They do not teach to discriminate against each other.

Today, I have a simple message of love for all of the victims of hate crimes. Please know I love you all as my one family. May my unconditional love spread within the air and awaken all to peace, love, and harmony.

Even though I cannot change the past, may my pen and paper be the blessings for the future generations to be in peace. Let us unite and eradicate all hate crimes.

“Spread love and unite within love as we teach all to, love each other not hate”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today, let us build within our soul the biggest individual storms we can brew out of love. Let this love be our levy against hate crimes. May we the humans, awakened through humanity, be this world’s strongest flood walls against all brewing hate crimes. Today, may you be the first stone of the foundation for this flood wall we build against the brewing hate crimes. This wall shall be known as a wall of humanity.

Hold my hand through love and harmony as I had written my sacred book, only to raise awareness to this catastrophic situation we are all heading toward.

Meteorologists predict weather catastrophes as they approach. I am a dream psychic. I can only predict what my dreams have shown me. There is a catastrophic storm brewing out of hatred. We can in union eradicate this crisis.

I call this, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.” Get your copy by clicking on the image below.

The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic
Hold my hands and let us in union eradicate this world from all types of hate crimes.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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