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Admiration is the inner perception of the admirer. My admiration grows from peace, harmony, and blessings toward humanity. Here we the humans might differ as we are bred and brought up differently, yet we all love and feel for one another. I believe we all come from and live in the one Earth as one race, one color, and one religion, for we are humans with humanity.

My journey through life has brought all of you the world citizens into my home, united through my love for you and your love for me. May this bond grow as I convert words into pages and bind them into my books for you.

Throughout this globe, we the humans unite through love.

The heart touching sweet songs unite twin flames into one. The romantic poet calls upon his beloved because it was for her he had become a poet. The pages of a romantic book give hope to all the romance seekers of life.

My faith lights a lantern as it brings back hope for my human families across this globe. I have complete faith if a person can love without any boundaries, then we the humans can love all humans across the globe without any boundaries. An amazing rainbow of hope appears upon my skies as I know dawn shall break open for you and for me.

Do not cave into fear watching the racial, religious, or ethnic differences.

Do not lose hope in humanity for when and where there is love, happiness will continue to grow. The morning star, the sun, only appears after we wish upon the night stars.

Our small wish is answered with the biggest star converting the dark night into a glorious morning. This journey we the travelers take through life is hard and at times never-ending. Yet, do know life and her journey do end. Which path we take and how we spend our time during this trip is our personal diary of life.

I would want all of you to come to the four-way corner in your life, and get to know all the other travelers of life.

They might be different from you. Some are walking, some are biking, and some are getting a free ride within their vehicles. Yet all are the travelers we the humans cross each and every day. Today though, do stop over and try to help all you can along the way. Help one another and remember to be the guiding light for all whom need your lanterns of hope. Today, the world and all her children need helping hands who can help themselves and others out of this traffic jam we the humans have landed upon.

Humans today face the world hate crisis as this is a catastrophic pandemic growing out of control. The world populations have divided amongst themselves and instead of moving forward, are going backward.

“I had asked myself why Lady Justice has a blindfold on. How could she judge and be impartial? Don’t you need to see the proof to be fair? Yet today when I see the catastrophic discrimination only happening with open eyes, I found my answers. So I asked myself, does the society need to be blindfolded to be impartial?”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Life has landed all of us on a one-way highway, yet we are all going backward.

This is a grave catastrophic storm where all are waiting to bump into one another and the biggest human distraction will come like a cyclone. This cyclone is brewing from human hate crimes set upon the stage of life by differences created and taught by our biggest enemy known as Hate.

“Music, poetry, tears, and love unite all, yet the musical cries, the hurtful poetic words, the tears of the victims, and the love they seek amongst all go unheard and unseen to the hearts of the humans across the globe. Why?”

-Ann Marie Ruby

All of this hate could be eradicated through the magical word of love. From the magical books of life, we could sing the sweet songs of life for one another. From the pages of a great poetry book, we could recite poems in union for all the citizens of this world. For one another, we could awaken through love.

Today, I ask all of you, a teacher, a musician, a poet, a historian, a scientist, a policeman, a fire fighter, a doctor, a grocery store clerk, a banker, a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son to unite into one house of humanity.

I have my candles burning throughout this dark night.

I shall keep these candles going until dawn breaks open for all of us as we unitedly welcome humanity for all humans throughout this world.

This world is divided but it shall be united as we the citizens unite for one another. It is indeed true a lot of us the citizens have only small voices, not loud enough to reach the ears of all divided. We need a voice who could call upon all of you to unite. A voice who has the volume of his earthly vehicle on high. I have sought, knocked, and asked upon all the big vehicles to answer my calls. I hope and pray I will receive an answer from someone who shall give me the helping hands I seek. A person who could also hold on to the candles of hope and help grow my candles of hope from one house to all the houses across the globe.

As I walk upon this lonely road with my candles of hope glowing, I know I shall find you the hope who will join me on this path. We shall in union eradicate all hate crimes.

I am the poet who writes her poems of songs as prayers. I am the spiritual lighthouse that shall keep helping all of the lost and stranded through my pen.

You the world citizen can join me by picking up my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, and begin your journey.

This book had warned all of the coming pandemic, known to you and all as hate crimes. I had called this The World Hate Crisis.

Awaken yourself first and do see yourself in the mirror of life. It reflects a person either you are proud of or a person who has ignited hate crimes through your learned lessons of hate. Do not wait for your door to open to any more bad news or another who is a victim of hate crimes.

Let us in union say no to all hate crimes for there is only one race, the human race. Nothing before or nothing after. Life begins with the first breath of a human and ends at the last breath of a human. The journey we the humans make through life, is our destiny that I believe is not destined but created through our steps of life.

Destined to destination I believe is through the journey we take with our own footsteps. I had taken so many wrong turns in life, but only realized after the journey. I had regretted my steps. At times I was proud of myself for being able to admit I had taken the wrong steps. The hardest part of life is admitting the truth to myself. It is like my repentance and redemption prayers as I had written them for my Lord. At all times, I try to live by the commandments of my Lord but life at times takes us on the wrong path.

Without realizing, hurtful words come out of our mouth and it is then we can never take them back.

But we can apologize and move on.

“The uncontrolled wildfire burns down all on her way as does the uncontrolled flood water as she drowns all on her way. Then, why do we the humans not keep a control over our uncontrolled wild angers and prevent the uncontrolled tearful floods?”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today, let us pray and repent for our known and unknown wrong turns of life and restart a new journey. Rejuvenate from within like the first morning mist, and let the pure rays of the sun bathe you into a human with humanity.

Do awaken from within and join my hands and recognize this world has a catastrophic storm upon her. Be there for yourself and awaken yourself first. Then, awaken all and anyone you pass by during your journey through life. You the present can gift the future a gift, through your learned lessons of life. Do not erase history but learn from the past and gift it as a present for the future.

My journey will continue through my words of wisdom.

Through this journey, I hope my candles can guide you the lost, give hope to the ones that feel hopeless, and be the glowing messages of love throughout time.

Love for me is humanity, love for me is united world citizens. Love for me is when and where there is hope. My love for you is my hope and for my hope, I always have you the humans with humanity.

A few days ago as dawn greeted me through a very cloudy morning, I had opened my email to find a blessed note in my inbox. I was informed my book The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, became a #1 bestseller again. From her birth, she had always been on the top lists. I knew then this land I call my dreamland, far away from my homeland had accepted my words as her friends. In addition to becoming an overnight bestseller, this book has remained on multiple international bestselling lists. Recently, this book topped charts again as she became a #1 bestseller in the Netherlands. This book made multiple bestselling lists, and became one of the top selling books on Amazon NL.

I know all of you have accepted my books as your own. I saw even in a faraway land, I have a family of fans who have given me their hands of love.

My books are all different from one another. They are like the humans across this globe, different yet they all are united through my pen as they all take birth through the pages of my books. A critic who had reviewed some of my books had said my books are so different but they all remind her how much I love all of you. My love for each book is seen through the pages of my books just like my love for all humans across this globe is there and it shall only grow for you.

May my words be like candles of hope for all of you today, tomorrow, and throughout eternity.

I have faith in you. Please know my faith is my love and hope for this one race called the human race, across this one Earth. One earth, one race, one color, one religion.


Ann Marie Ruby

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