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Life is a battle between right and wrong even though we all know right is but right and wrong is but wrong.

Why do we then side with wrong or do wrong onto others and walk away with no guilt?

Life is a miracle and at times even your loved ones do wrong onto you, even without knowing you hurt. I remember at a very young age a doctor had told me as he was stitching up a small cut, “It won’t hurt a bit.” I remember as a young teenager, I was again told by a doctor, “Oh it does not even hurt.” I then asked him, “How do you know? I am the one who is in pain.” I realize this statement is true within all walks of life.

Words are said without thoughts being given to them. Actions are taken only to benefit one or the other.

Social benefits are given to some or other groups of people.

Someone somewhere is always left out, always hurt as our actions and our words come flying towards them without the caution sign.

How do we prevent this pain we do not intent to give? Let us go back in time through history, through the admired and the hatred figures of time. Let us walk in union within the other’s shoes. Also, let us not judge pain and suffering within our own standards but through the tears of the unknown. Come let us open our eyes to the others around us. Let us walk within the strangers of life. Let us join others within the restaurants we would not enter or sit with the neighbors we live amongst. For the first time let us live within the feelings of a stranger, let us feel and see through their eyes only. Let us not judge but be there as an observer. Let us not be the voice but let us listen to all the whispering voices of pain.

It is then our own soul shall awaken as you shall see an unknown friend spill out of your eyes known as tears.

You shall feel the knocking of an unknown chill from your inner stomach. You shall see your powerful hand that ignored all around you, will hold the unknown hands of a stranger. Your ears shall store the whimpering cries of a child within your soul somewhere, and forever this memory shall come back to convert you into the human who is filled within humanity.

Join me and awaken all humans with this blessed miracle of humanity. Love all and do not judge one another but be the voice, eyes, and ears of the kindhearted souls known as “humans.”

I call all humans to awaken and bring back upon this one world, one race, one culture, “The human race, the human culture.”

Blessings from Seattle,

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