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Travel through this sacred land as I describe her within my seventh book, as my “Final Chapter.” I have written this dedication chapter, walking through my sacred dreams, yet I let this country guide me through my dreams. Within my sacred dreams, some of these iconic places had come to life while yet completely unknown to this physical body.

I had walked through this land and revisited my dreams through the present times. Strange it felt, as everything had stood just like my dreams have shown me, yet the tunnels of times have changed and the faces have changed. For me personally, this is a sacred country.

For all of you looking for a dreamland, do visit her and be amazed how a small unknown country has so much history, love, and kindness, which she keeps gently within her soul. Walk through this land and feel the sacred spiritual blessings I have felt within my soul.

Read through my sacred Dream Diaries and know miracles are but the eternal truth of life, and dreams are but the bridge of union between the known and unknown.

Many of these sacred sites are but mentioned within my seventh book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby dedicated to this sacred country.

Blessings from Seattle,

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