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Miracles are but the sacred blessings of eternity. She knocks upon all doors and only appears to those whom but welcome her with open arms.

I have had miracles awaken my sacred spiritual soul.

This journey was hard traveled and at times I felt completely lost and alone. Stranded upon the lost highways of life, I had to open my eyes and have faith upon myself as I always had and have faith within my Creator, my Lord. Yet, I just lost faith within myself. I had to knock, seek, and ask upon complete strangers for a prayer, or which path should I take or in which direction I should travel upon. I was standing on a highway looking at the oncoming traffic thinking, “What now? Who do I call? Where do I go?”

Yet, I knew all the answers were within my soul as the only door that was always open to me was my own faith.

My own will, I must stand up and find the answers to my own quest.

I came back home to my own door as I opened the doors to my soul, within my own home, within my inner soul, there shining within the dark was my, “Candles Of Hope.” A prayer, I had written to awaken my inner soul.

I knew I must have faith, I must have hope, I must find myself first as then all shall fall in place.

However, I know it’s easier said than done. Yet, believe in my words it was a hard journey to travel through, but I am here sharing the stories of my life. I had to believe in myself first, for who else knows of my sorrows, my joys, and who else knows of my life, better then myself?

Hold onto your complete self and awaken yourself first.

Have faith and know from the unknown you shall guide yourself back on to track. It’s you who is but lost, even though you appeared here somehow. Now follow yourself back onto the right track, through faith. Have faith within yourself and hold yourself back up and know, at all times it is your inner soul who guides you back. This mind and body is what gets lost, stranded, and becomes a sinner, yet the soul is as always pure and clean.

Ask, seek, and knock upon your inner soul and awaken to the complete knowledge of the eternal truth. How can anyone find you if you are at your own will, lost within yourself? I found myself through my sacred spiritual books. May my prayers be with all lost and stranded souls, find yourself through your spiritual blessed inner soul.

Find yourself first, then all you seek for, shall be found. Miracles are eternally hidden with yourself.

Release all the miracles hidden within yourself. Let this miracle spread throughout this one world and let us help one another.

Spread the blessed words of self-respect, self-acceptance self-awakening first. Let us help one another through self-awakening first. For then, you can awaken the mind, body, and spirit of another lost and stranded soul.

For do know, somewhere out there is yet another lost and stranded soul waiting to be picked up by the sacred positive miracles of life.

Blessings from Seattle,

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