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“Individual pages bound within different books of different lives are created through the individual journeys of all humankind. This world therefore is the library of life which stores all the books within her chest.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

It is a bright sunny day here in Seattle, Washington.

The prediction for today’s weather, however, was mostly cloudy and chilly. Life is unpredictable just like the weather. We prepare ourselves as we predict the future by ourselves. The road we the human travelers walk upon is unknown and unseen. Yet, we try to ready ourselves for the unknown journey through life. Each new day is another page, another beginning, from the library of life.

Throughout this unknown journey, we the travelers have known and unknown companions. Some we fall in love with and try to hold their hands and walk in union. We also welcome newborn travelers who we try to guide to safety. Yet, the unknown is always unknown and therefore is only known as we cross the bridge.

Are you a lonely traveler? Do you have family and friends walking with you?

At the start of this journey and at the end of this journey, we are all the lonely travelers of life. I ask you the traveler to be there for the others you find upon your path. If you see a vehicle has stopped or is having trouble finding its way through the fogs of life, please lend your helping hands which carry the candles of hope.

Don’t fear each other but be there for one another. Do not let your ethnicity, race, color, or religion divide you. Life is a one-way highway where we are all the travelers. The entries and exits are guaranteed. Yet, the journey through life is your personal page from the books of life.

Personally, I believe each life is like a leaf of a tree.

When all the leaves are gathered, a book is born. Different pages appear from different trees and different parts of the world as we have a library.

I had a dream. I saw all different leaves were being gathered and had been converted to different books. Being placed in a library, were all these different books. I knew each leaf was an individual traveler’s journal of life. I was happy and overjoyed with peace and serenity that all the humans of this one world have unitedly made this library of life. My dream broke yet I felt the leftover tears dripping upon my pillows as I knew this world has drifted even more apart than ever before.

Today, I want all of you to remember we the individuals are only a leaf or a single page within the books of life.

We need to accept all the different books from all around the globe. We need to keep the vast knowledge of the united minds alive throughout time.

Throughout time, the single page flies away as the storms of life become too hard for her to handle on her own. I have been there and felt like my way of life is not what others have chosen and I completely understood. I chose a path where celibacy is more important to me than falling off on the wrong path or being with the wrong person.

Also, I have found differences in religion, ethnicity, color, and gender had no place within my path.

I have accepted all of my Creator’s creation as my one family. Lonely I found myself yet I found Angels in disguise upon this path who have given me a helping hand. These hands held on to my hands and I found courage with my newfound path of life.

I spread peace, love and blessings all around the globe through my paper and pen. Blessed I am, to have found angels all around the world. You – the strangers, are angels and my family. As you have accepted my books, you know there is no division amongst us but the one bridge of union through love and blessings.

Come join me and let us in union create the bridge of mercy amongst all humans across the globe as we put an end to the division and say no to racial, religious, and ethnical differences. Let us not accept “no” for an answer when and where a human is in need of our help. Let not hate crimes rob another life.

My part in this journey again is within words as I have written my book, ”The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

The World Hate Crisis / My Movement To End Hate Crimes

Through my own perspective, I have written my book. We the humans must unite for one another and end the World Hate Crisis.

For all of you who are worried about the religious differences and about the unanswered questions of life, I have written my opinions with scientific evidence within my spiritual book, ”Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Summer Reading / Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light

Within this book, I walk through birth, death, twin flames, reincarnation, dreams, and much more.

Today, you the reader can do your share as you awaken to the beautiful truth of life, that there is one life and one path we all share through the journey of life. Let us walk in peace and be there for one another.

At the end, we all share the same library as our individual stories are placed in the same library.

The same book has similar stories yet different books united create a library. Remember our journeys are individual stories that create this library of life.

Today, end all differences as you the individual page are also found within the same book as all the different pages are bound and placed with all different books around the globe. This library is my one world, my dream that shall be a reality. For I believe, “Dreams are just that, dreams, until we convert them into reality.”

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





*The cover picture is of me at my property in Greater Seattle, Washington. You can see the guest appearance of my puppy playing in the background!


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