Saturday night, blessings pour over as I move into a hotel for my home has just been sold. My life continues as I search for my new grotto. In the lobby, the coffee corner, and the breakfast buffet, I have come across so many different people from different walks of life. All of whom, are within their own world trying to finish their days and return home. I realized this world has within her chest – children from all different corners. All of whom, have completely different lives and only know about their own troubles of life.

I watched only for a short period of time as I too, like them got busy with my own life.

Also, I watched a mother worried about her daughter, and a daughter trying to take care of her elderly mother. Also, I watched a two year old child. I knew one day she would be a beautiful young woman worried about her elderly mother. On this day, she was upset at her mother as her mother was trying to feed her. We spoke briefly as we parted our ways. I knew life is a circle, Yet, I don’t believe life completes the circle as I believe each one of us have a choice. We complete the circle as we live our life and make up our own stories of life.

I have one request for all of you reading this blog, please take some time out of your day and smile or talk or just say “hello” to the person standing next to you. Life is a blessing and find the blessing within yourself as you become the blessing for yet another stranger within the unknown crowd. Be the angels in disguise, it only takes a smile.

Blessings from Seattle,

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