“Temporary situation?”

The term has been within my mind as I had moved to a temporary extended stay hotel in between moving.

What is a temporary situation when life I believe is but a day? I have compared the entire lifespan of all humans to a day within a very special prayer I had written within my prayer book. Within my eyes, no life is short or long lived but perfect as it was meant to be. With each dawn, we but see new life awaken, and as nightfall but approaches, all life but fall asleep. The amazing sunrise and sunset are forever and always watching over us. Miracles of life remain the journey of each individual soul.

Today dawn peaked through to awaken me with a morning kiss as the sun reached through my windows upon my cheeks. I knew I have yet a long day ahead of me to accomplish all that I must do. I sat down as I realized today is but Sunday. Or, the day of reflection and relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. Meditation within my mind is letting go of all that is but not within our control and taking in all that life gifts us as a gift.

When? Where? Why? These questions I left behind and on this day I kept within my mind, body, and soul, the word temporary. What is temporary? Why do we want a permanent situation within our life?

I watched the birds flying upon the Seattle skies and realized as the sun sets, they too want to return home to their nests.

I watched unknown humans carrying their shopping bags and luggage from the hotel as they all had a huge smile within their faces as some whispered returning home after a long vacation. Also, I visited a park and saw elk and deer running back to their hidings within the forest as they only wanted to hide from us the humans. I watched an elderly woman sitting in her wheelchair, just wondering in the nothingness. I asked her if she needed anything. She smiled and said yes some company, someone to talk to. I watched a single dad walking with his two young children. He held his daughter within his chest and his young son’s hand within his hand as he whispered to himself, “Until next weekend.”

I came back to my hotel room with tears within my eyes for all the strangers. I don’t even know them but my tears seem to be entwined with them for eternity.

Therefore, I sat, had my morning coffee, meditated within my deep inner soul, and knew my mind, body, and soul are entwined within all the sorrows of this universe and my mind, body, and soul are in love within all the good of this universe. My mind, body, and soul are but complete within the complete truth of this temporary world, for I know, “Life On This Earth Is But A Day” (Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. Pg 17).

Blessings from Seattle,


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