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Life’s unknown storms bring on unknown changes.

-Ann Marie Ruby

How do we adjust to these obstacles of life? Do we change ourselves, change the situation, or begin the journey again with newly found wisdom? Weather changes and leaves behind lessons of life for all of us. Fall is approaching us as she is knocking upon our doors.

These changes in nature teach all the humans to accept the changes. Life knocks upon our doors with obstacles and blessings, yet the changes life takes us through are hard and at times not what we look forward to.

I have endured obstacles like all of you as they came upon my doors.

Sometimes, they only brought tears as my best friend knocking upon my eyes to just let her flow. The nights seemed darker than ever and the days felt even darker. The sparkling rays of the glittering sun did not catch my attention. I know she felt left out as normally I would have loved to play with the glittering rays of the sun.

At my times of grief, the pouring rain and thunderstorms felt better. I knew Mother Nature had joined in my sorrow and held on to me like a blanket. She reminded me I was not alone. She reminded me to wake up and let things be. I usually walk to a window and watch nature in full glory. I love the thunder, the lightning, and the pouring rain as my companions. It felt like Mother Nature on top of being there had also put on a concert for only me to watch. She reminded me at times all we need to do is let it be. Wait for it to end as the rain shall end.

This is life we all walk through and the changes we enter seem like the biggest obstacles at the moment, yet they become the biggest blessings as we walk around the corner.

Summer ends and fall comes with beautiful fall colors all around us.

Pictures of fall colors take their place within my memory lanes. Yet I know winter is just around the corner. Fall is a transition period into the cold winter days. All of the leaves will soon fall off, leaving the trees bare. Yet I know then spring is only a few months away. What do we do at that time? We wait it out.

The changes in life also are hard. We need to adjust our own situation as life places unknown calls upon our doors. What should we do at those times when things seem like they will never end? I hold on to the doors of hope.

In a dream, I had seen I was swimming in a sea. I knew the sea was considered to be one of the most purest waters and it had healing powers too. As I knew this was the only way I would find my twin flame, I had jumped into this water. I knew his life was at risk, but how do I help a person I don’t even know of, or know where he lives?

Archangel Michael was my guide.

As he kept his torch lighted up for me, he told me to follow him and never fear the unknown or the changes of life. He told me this sea has the healing powers and said never shall The Lord leave me alone and stranded. He gave me his hands as he held on to me and told me, the journey I had taken to be pure for my love will be blessed. I had this dream a few times as I saw my twin flame sleeping upon a boat. I had jumped on top of his boat as I thought he was in danger. Yet he was safe and just sleeping. He woke up and asked me, “How did you find me?”

I watched The Holy Archangels watching over us and knew the answer was with complete faith. The Holy Archangels also told me his name as it was written on a wall in another dream. I have written about that particular dream in my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

I knew I will find him when it is time. Also, I must let the law of positivity guide me, which in my case is my faith. I know I might have to swim across the ocean, maybe to another country or wherever life takes me.

Swimming Biblically or within all other religions symbolizes purity, rejuvenation, and spirituality. Swimming in a dream also signifies spiritual awakening. The dream had much more details I shall not share so the meaning can’t be explained. Yet in a dream one must look into all the details to understand the complete meaning.

Life gives upon us obstacles and it is then we think but why my Lord is this upon us?

Think about when you or a child has had a stomach bug, it is then you must place the person on the “BRAT” diet. After being on the diet and with proper medication, the healing period begins. Yet if the stomach bug had not been or felt, then the cure too would not have taken place.

In life, we are always facing changes like the weather and must learn to adjust at times. The only hope, we should always keep alive is these changes will bring a new beginning to our life. The changing period is the hardest as this is a journey for us to either accept or decline the situation we end up within. Changes are hard but at the end, the result always will take us to a new beginning.

The human mind, body, and soul are within the control of your positive vibes. Let the situation of your life be within your positive vibes. If you cannot control it and have been placed upon the stage, then make the winter pass and spring shall appear with new beginnings. At other times, we realize our newly found stage is far better than the stages we had left behind.

Always wherever in life you end up, whether in a four-way road, within an ocean, or within your dream home, drive safely. Listen to the music of life and enjoy the blessed tunes of your life’s journey left behind or ahead of you. Always at the end, this is your life. Make it your dream come true.

Changes are always hard.

The period of change is a time of adjustment we the humans are given as a gift. Make this time work for you by bringing positive vibes to your inner soul. The law of attraction is a way you can awaken. Through meditation and devotion, your mind, body, and soul shall find the newly profound gift of wisdom within yourself. You will be in a situation you will see and feel the difference, as you awaken to positivity and attract it within your life.

For myself, I have found myself in situations where I had to take a break and find my inner self. I had to ask myself which path do I take. It is then always my dreams had guided me. At times, my dreams made no sense, yet years after, I had found myself living in my dream. I knew what I had to do and what to avoid as I was guided before the events had taken place.

How you ask?

Positivity, faith, and complete miracles from the beyond called my Lord, my Creator who blesses all those whom knock, seek, and ask. I have placed all my faith and belief within my Lord. For this reason, I know my Lord too guides me when and where I am lost.

Like all humans, I the human too suffer and feel the pain this life bestows upon me. At times, I feel The Lord places more obstacles upon my path as He knows I shall always be there for my Lord as I know my Lord is always there. I know all humans feel they have more obstacles placed upon their path. The other side is always greener. The difference is I never lose faith and even with eyes filled with painful tears, I still call You my Lord. I call You during the sun filled blessed days and during the dark nights when thunders are roaring outside. Never am I alone for My Lord is there.

My calls and prayers which I have named Songs, I sing for my Lord all through the days and throughout the nights.

You too could find my prayer books I call Songs from Amazon.

A reviewer had written about this book saying she could sing and dance with these prayers, as she does her chores around the house.

Meditate, pray, and always keep hope alive. Never give up on hope for she never gave up on us.

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Spiritual Songs II

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



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