Spring arrives tomorrow. As we welcome her back, winter bids her farewell until next year. Hope arrives within the air as we the spiritually awakened look out for her.

Obstacles roam around us even when we knock her down and close the doors to her. At times, it seems spring has arrived upon Earth. Yet, upon the lives of so many, darkness looms around.

I ask all of you to hold on to the bells of hope as she will knock upon your door.

Do not close the door to her as she will arrive at your door. The only path hope travels upon is your chosen will of life. Forget all that is known and all that is unknown. Hold on to the call of positive vibes from within your inner soul. Focus on Mother Earth, and the skies above. Beyond human knowledge, there is a door called the door of miracle.

This door opens as you call upon her. Forget all the negativities that you harbor within yourself and you spread all around. Call upon the positivities from within your soul. Ask, knock, and seek all around you to find that one door where you find the positive vibes.

Learn to believe in the sacred positive vibes.

Within this sacred path had traveled the great mystics and saints throughout time. They had awakened themselves first and left behind their learned lessons to guide us.

Today, we visit the psychics, the fortune tellers for guidance through our lives. Yet, within your inner soul, you too have the positive vibes to guide you through life. If the future is unknown, then it is meant to be unknown. We walk with positive vibes and with good intention for oneself and all others. For remember, the blessings of our action is given to us through karma.

Love yourself and love all others. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. This world is blessed with karma. What is left around is found within our mind, body, and soul.

Personally, I had found injustice left at my door by so many I had trusted.

When my life was planned for, I had found because of other people’s negative actions and their personal injustice I had suffered. I had then brought up my conclusion that they did not mean to, or maybe they had seen the path differently than I had.

What happens when you are suffering because of someone else’s unjust actions? It is a hard traveled road, for it is then we must call upon our inner soul. Call upon our will power and patience to guide us through this hard traveled path of life.

The unjust actions of the humans shall come to an end as karma takes birth. I am a strong believer in karma as I bless my friends and my enemies. I ask all to see themselves within the mirrors of life. Yet, I know wrong is not seen by the wrongdoers. However, time sees all actions committed.

I have traveled upon these unjust roads left behind by the wrongdoers, and still I hold on to my inner positive vibes. I believe in positive actions and positive thoughts to be more powerful than all negative actions combined.

Today, I ask you the lonely traveler walking through painful nights alone.

Do not give up on the positive vibes of life. If you are suffering from physical, financial, job issues, or personal issues, know there is hope. Bleak and remote maybe, yet hope shall knock upon your door as you open the doors to hope.

I believe in hope and even when I am lost I know there is a way out. We entered through a door and we shall find a door out of this situation. Life has blessed me with dreams where I am able to see the warnings and the blessings as a guidance.

Yet, I still end up in the corner where I feel lost and stranded. I knew the cars would come and bump into me or the road would end and I must take a U-turn. It is then it hurts a lot as I knew. However, I still let my judgment cloud my actions. What do I do at these stages of life? I hold on to my dreams and move on.

Dreams had guided me onto these paths.

I knew I would end up here and it is then I recollect my dreams and find another route and detour. Hard and at times I feel lost, but at all times I have my positive vibes with me. Positive vibes and I have become best of friends.

Today, I ask you the lonely traveler to hold on to the positive vibes of your inner soul. If you can’t find any doors or windows to this vibe, then ask Mother Earth for help. She has within her chest all the healing powers hidden.

Like a miracle after a long, hard winter, spring arrives at our doors. The fallen leaves are replaced with new green buds. From the Earth, flowers appear at the arrival of spring. Life also shall follow nature as she too will find her spring.

Believe in yourself as I believe in myself. For all of you, I have now my two books of Spiritual Songs out to hold on to when and where you find yourself lost. These books have found blessings within all hands they have landed upon.

For with positive vibes awakened within yourself, you can sing these sweet songs of prayers to rejuvenate your inner self.

I know these prayer songs have helped my rejuvenation from within.

Within a dream, I had been standing upon Mother Earth. I was reciting these sweet songs of prayers. The Heavenly waters had come down like waterfalls and washed me as I kept on reciting. I knew I must send these prayers to all whom are in need of them. I believe we the humans need all the blessings we can, to awaken from within.

Spiritual awakening, a rejuvenation, is within the knowledge that there is nothing holding you back from your inner connection to your Creator. Positive vibes and the blessed faith within positivity are all you need to feel this way. Let your inner spirit awaken you to the love and blessings of our One Creator.

Like the sun glowing to warm you and the gentle breeze to cool you off, the miracles are but within your personal beliefs.

Believe in yourself, your Creator, and your journey through life.

May you awaken with positivity this spring. Let the miracles walk back within your life as you welcome positivity within your life. May my books of prayers be there as friends to awaken you to your inner self.

Remember life is a journey through hardships and blessings. If you are at the junction of hardship, or at the junction of blessings, let inner wisdom be your guide. Like the mystics or the saints or the yogis, you too can awaken spiritually if only you believe.

My blessings be with you. Believe in yourself as you believe in the path of positive vibes.

*The image used is from my backyard

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