World Hate Crisis



Today as I work on my tenth book, I walk back to why I had written my ninth book. Dreams, reincarnation, and spirituality, are my sacred passion, my motivation to awaken my inner soul. For me personally, the inner spiritual awakening and the peaceful journey through my inner devotion for humanity are but my awakening call.

Each dawn, I awaken with hope.

Maybe this day would be better than yesterday. For whom I ask? For what? I ask and knock upon my inner wisdom as I see the unanswered questions of all but go unnoticed like the candles that were never lighted. When my problems are solved, another person’s doors are opened to the same obstacles I had but faced. When my teardrops finally dry up and I am able to stand up, another soul but sheds her tears as she stays awake all night.

So, how do I find peace and harmony for all of the creation of this one Creator? For when I shall achieve this goal, it is then this Mother Earth shall have all of her children wrapped up within her chest in peace and harmony. My journey had started as I had awakened myself first.

I had a dream where I was walking and I knew I must light up all the candles on my way. Frightened and scared, I watched the humans falling off of the cliffs and the dark and dingy roads as they walked blindly. I had seen there was a candle in my hand. It looked like a lantern where I was able to use my lantern to lighten up all upon my way. Yet, I knew no one knew or cared. They just thought about their own journey. I had seen the candles were bright and shining as now all the travelers behind me were not lost or stranded. I was so happy as I knew this was my journey through life.

As, I had awakened I knew I must do my share to be the candles of hope for the lost and stranded.

I knew my dreams always had a message. I had seen over and over again, “The World Hate Crisis.” After research I realized, I must do my share. The hate crime data is available as crimes are being reported and recorded. Yet, the unreported crimes are also being seen and heard throughout the lands. Therefore, what are we the citizens doing? 

Do we not feel the pain and tears of injustice? Why are you the citizen but allowing a person or a group to be attacked through violence and words of hate? The hate crime data is not very promising and if not taken heed to, we shall have a catastrophe within our hands.

As a dream psychic I must do my share. I ask you the citizen to awaken from within and hold on to my hands as we try to resolve this problem before it becomes a catastrophe. Please do remember all wars begin with personal hate. How can you the world citizen but forget what and where we were placed within history of the past, through the personal hatred of one such soul, also known as “Hitler.”

Division amongst race, color, religion, sexual orientation, and gender have but divided the human population.

I love the differences in our society. Also, I enjoy Christmas, Diwali, Eid, and Hanukkah with my friends. I know there is something special happening within all the houses of my neighbors. It is truly a blessed feeling. Yet, today I worry, are we all pretending to be nice to each other or what is happening? For the first time in years, I had the creepy feeling thinking skin color, the religious differences, and all other beliefs are but a nightmare for the mothers of the victims of hate crimes.

Why are innocent victims being attacked because they are different than you? Who is different, is it the victims or you the perpetrator?

For this sacred belief, I have again taken paper to pen. My personnel journey to eradicate hate crimes before this one becomes the Third World War. Come join me within this sacred cause as you pick up my sacred book.

Say in union, let us the world citizens unitedly eradicate this world of hate crimes.

Say in union, this will be my journey too, as I peacefully through the words of wisdom remove hatred from my inner soul. We must learn to walk first to teach others to walk. Do your share. See your neighbors as your own family members. They too are but the children of this Mother Earth.

I call upon the world leaders, the scholars, the peace lovers, and all of humanity to awaken to my call. Start this blessed day with me as you too, join in union, and say we are but the one creation of the one Creator. We shall eradicate this catastrophe as we agree the world is but facing a crisis. I call this crisis, “The World Hate Crisis.”

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The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic



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