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A humanitarian traveler I had become through the obstacles of life. As I traveled down this path, I had encountered spirituality. I knew I must light up the candles of hope for myself and all others who need my helping hands. This journey had also brought within my path, a visit from a stranger known as wisdom, who but has left the basic moral values within my path which I must live with to complete my journey through life. The core of these values is but called humanity.

We the humans live with this value and as we travel through life, we awaken ourselves and try to awaken all around us.

Humanity and the human race have but awakened my mind, body, and soul as I awakened spiritually. As I walk with a candle within my hands, I strive to make sure no one is but left behind in the dark.

I had a knock upon my door as I had received messages from a company trying to awaken humans to humanity as they try to eradicate the social stigma directly affecting a huge population of our society. This group of humans has been fighting this stigma from the past through the present. Maybe through our efforts, this stigma will be eradicated within the future.

This population that has been fighting this stigma had but taught you to take your first steps. They had given you your first drink. They had sat by you to make sure a mosquito did not bite you as they stayed awake all night to keep you safe. Within this group of people, walks your own mother. The mother who had been a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and waited to be in the future, your mother.

I had received a call from a company to talk on behalf of this group of people, to help them fight the social stigma all women but live with. A group of people have come together as they create a product to help and guide women to awaken from this social and religious stigma.

Throughout time, a woman had a week or so when she had to hide herself from all humans around her.

From mythologies to the Abrahamic religions, through modern days, menstruation is tabooed as unclean. Women are at these times linked to the unclean members of society. The strangest part is, it is for this reason you the humans but have your future generations. The most sacred part of humanity is but the birth of a child which is celebrated throughout all religions and countries crossing all borders. I ask you then, why are the women who but bring the future generations within your society, the unclean?

Today, I have found within my hands a product which I believe would help solve some of these taboos. If we the women stand up, defend ourselves, and respect ourselves, then the others too would respect us. Let us not spread blame games around to the other sex. Let us in union eradicate this catastrophe as we save the honor of this sacred group of people we all call our mothers.

Social stigma, cleanliness, and environmental issues linked to the disposal of sanitary napkins have women hiding themselves and trying to avoid human contact throughout this one week.

In India, there was an amazing movie released named, “PadMan.” This movie was based upon the true story of one man who had fought to awaken women and men and end this social stigma. To this day, they deliver free pads to women across the country.

Yet, women are at risk as they live away from the family. Women risk their lives as they hide themselves out of shame. We have heard various news agencies bring us the sad stories of death related to these actions due to social and religious stigmas. When the news but reaches our door, it is then too late for the sad stories spread faster like wildfires rather than the good stories of life.

I hold within my hands a product I believe would save lives worldwide aside from the practical side of the product.

Today, a company called WUKA has come up with an undergarment which looks and feels like a normal undergarment, yet brings back honor, dignity, self-respect, and courage within the mind, body, and soul of all the women. This product is an undergarment that brings dignity back to the women population where monthly menstruation is targeted as a stigma.

The company has come up with their own research and says, “Wear it up to 8 hours on light days, 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. Holds at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks – around 4 tampons worth. Our customers have run marathons in a heatwave, gone to school, slept soundly and much more in a pair of WUKA.”

WUKA offers free delivery to the UK and the EU countries. You can view the prices on their website. Each pair tends to range around £24.99. They have a variety of prices and selections to choose from. I personally believe this is a long term investment. You end up saving money in the long run.


This is a product which you could wear and not worry about dumping the pads.

You don’t need to worry about pollution, or the monthly expenses you would cause to your families. For within all countries, the rich or the poor families, women live with guilt where each month we bring in another expense. This guilty feeling prevents women from taking precautions or asking for proper hygiene, and again life is at risk. Even teenagers within the western societies skip school during their periods. It is hard to deal with the pain and top it up with the embarrassment one feels trying to dump the pads. I know a lot of us do not use tampons.

I had the advantage to have traveled from Australia, through the Indian subcontinent, through Europe, throughout the US, and all over this globe. In some places, I have seen we have pollution as a catastrophe which we are all trying to cope with. Here again, we the women live with a guilt conscience thinking what we could do to stop polluting this one world. I recycle and do my share; however, again every month, I am responsible as I too pollute by using pads for one whole week.ENDING THE STIGMA AROUND MENSTRUATION

Aside from the social and religious taboos, the economical issues, and the environmental issues, a huge burden has been placed within the inner souls of this group of women. These women are but your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters.

I have seen tampons are not used by a huge population for different health related issues. These woman do not have access to healthcare as the western society does. I for my own reasons, avoid tampons too.

Today, a variety of groups have started to distribute pads for free to the poorest parts of the world.

The problem again that comes to my mind is environmental issues. Usually these places do not have proper waste areas. Therefore, we have pollution within our hands. Remember, women who do not share their menstrual information in fear of being socially tabooed would not be able to dump their sanitary napkins properly, also in fear.

Here I am blessed to say, I absolutely loved the WUKA pants. This is a blessed gift I could give to all the women around the globe by talking about this product. The UK based company had taken extra care and made sure the products had reached Seattle, Washington, USA.

I know a lot of companies have come up with these kinds of products.

I have used a few, and all of them are good, yet I actually loved this product. They have improved with different concerns we the women had. Even today, they are asking all of us to let them know how they could improve themselves and where.

As I was approached by this company to write about their product, I felt honored as a woman. This was not something within my spiritual journey. Yet, it became a passion as I researched about the social taboo we the women live with each and every month.

This became my passion as I am a woman who also gets a visit from this blessed bleeding once a month.

This is not a taboo but a pride for us, the female population. Through this humbling journey, we are blessed with the future generation.

Today as I hold on to these pants within my hands, I must say this is really a complete miracle. The company has come up with different sizes for all of our different body figures. I had received a small size. It felt like normal pants that one could wear without being targeted by anyone. The company has all the instructions and a guiding booklet they provide with the pants.


I had tried out the product myself and they actually work great. Do keep at least a few as they need to be washed and air dried. I live in Seattle, so rain is my blessed company throughout the year. Each night, you do not have to worry about accidental leakages. Do change them as you would change your pad. Even after washing, they actually keep their shape and still do the job. These products can be machine washed but need to be air dried.

The best part is, I have decided to give them as gifts to my friends as we all travel a lot.

I always worry what if I get my monthly visit on the plane. I preplan my travels around my monthly periods. Yet, last time on my journey to the Netherlands I had actually menstruated before the actual time of departure. The plane ride back home terrified me as I avoid changing pads in public bathrooms. I know this is an excellent product. With this product, I could wash and air dry within the hotels without worrying about carrying a bag filled with pads. I usually do not wear tampons as I do not like it, unless I go swimming or I have to.


For the women I had seen across India, I wish I could deliver these pants to them. I know these would be accepted with honor and dignity. The mother trying to raise her children, who but wipes your tears as she stays awake all night taking care of you, and then tries to hide her bleeding from her family and still remain with dignity and honor is what brought tears within my inner core. These products need to be delivered to these places with love and honor. They would bring back dignity within the inner souls of a mother or a future mother to be.

Today, you the citizen, awaken from within. To all the future mothers of this world, buy a few of these pants. Distribute them around this world as a good deed.

I ask all the international organizations throughout this world, please pick up some of these pants and distribute them throughout this world.

International organizations distribute other safety products for health issues around this globe. I had seen the United Nations and others had within their local offices, products for distribution. Please take this upon your hands. Bring back honor and dignity to all the mothers, sisters, and daughters of this one world.

For WUKA, I must say this is a blessed journey you are but walking upon. This is but a humanitarian effort you have landed upon. I am blessed you have chosen my pen and paper to write something for your company. Also, I would not just write anything for any company that I do not believe in. As always, I only accept what I believe is a humanitarian cause for we the humans. I believe in this product. I have tried it out myself and will gift it to my friends throughout this globe.

All of you whom but follow me and have bought my books, know that my journey through life is to only awaken all humans to their own humanity.

I had taken pen to paper as I wrote my sacred book to eradicate the world hate crimes, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.” Please do not be a part of any hate crime as we the women try to fight our war to end the social taboos held against us throughout time. Pick up this product for yourself today. See for yourself how this is but the start of a blessed journey to end this social taboo.

I ask you, if you try one, then gift another to the poorest places around this globe. We in union shall bring back humanity within all humans as we give the women, dignity, honor and courage. Let us in union end all social and religious taboos against all the women who but travel to gift this society with our future generations.


Ann Marie Ruby

DISCLAIMER: I was kindly gifted the WUKA period pants by the company. As always, however, any view mentioned is honest and 100% mine. For more information on the company, and if you have any questions please visit their website. This blog post indicates no endorsement.

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