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The world in 2019 has landed upon a time period where rather than volcanoes erupting we have protesters erupting all over the world.

Land after land, I search for peace and blessings. As I watch the blue oceans, I see people trying to find shore at any cost. They are called refugees. I watch them trying to find a shelter within this Earth the Creator had but created for all. Where do they take shelter?Where do they find safety when we the landowners are but afraid of them. We want to give them shelters yet our fears take over and we but say no, and close our doors.

I watch different houses of religions, fighting within each other proclaiming superiority. The children are growing up in fear as they fear their neighbors. Closed doors and windows are keeping children from having a normal life. They grow up with the television screen as their babysitters.

I watch world leaders fighting with each other. Contagious negativity is but spreading from their actions to all inhabitants of their perspective lands. Citizens are more divided than ever. Why are we going backwards, when we have but landed upon a blessed stage with the greatest scientific discoveries ever?

Science has taken us to a new stage where we the united could be victorious to save our one Earth and all of the inhabitants.

Yet, we the inhabitants have divided and become our own destruction. Forward we have moved on with science, yet we have walked backwards as humans have but divided.

Today, I wonder about the prophecies made by philosophers and scientists throughout time. They have prophesied the End Of Time. Nothing can stop own destruction as there are your own desires that but take over your thinking ability. Are we all asleep or are we too intoxicated to see the truth?

As a spiritual person, a believer in dreams, a person who believes in humanity over any religious or personal views, I call upon you the awakened human with humanity.

Stand up for the future generations. Stand up for what is humanly right.

For when you choose between books and religion, or color and race, it is then you are but dividing the humans from humanity. Don’t choose between books but chose your own book to show you too can unite even though your books are but different.

I had a dream where I had seen children walking with their different books within a school. Some were students of science and some of philosophy, yet they walked hand in hand. They were not judging each other but learned to be different yet within the same school.

Walk with your own books and take it with love and honor, don’t misuse it. Don’t use it to be right and prove the other is but wrong. Recite your own books to unite all. Love your neighbors, share the bread with different faiths, help during the birth and death of your very different neighbors. 

There is a very easy way to know where and when you are but wrong. Where you can’t agree to disagree, is when you are wrong. When you feel guilty and know you were wrong it is then you are wrong. When you have wronged and yet your loud voice but keeps all from saying anything to you, is when history shall come back and tell you, and your future generations, you were wrong.

Where even differences are but accepted as humanity and basic moral values are but accepted, is when you are but right.

Today, I call upon all the leaders of this world to stand up for unity, and one world, one race – the human race.

I ask all of the world leaders to place blindfolds upon your eyes and hear the voices of a child from a different race, color and faith, and spread tears for her and him. Also, I ask you the leaders of all nations, to stand up and unite your own land, and ask your fellow leaders to do just that, unite all citizens for just and right.

I want you to promise today that you but shall not see the differences between a nation, but see one land with one human family. Like the blind judge, you the leader of a nation, on this day too shall place upon your eyes blindfolds.

Climate control is a crisis the world leaders must control for the future inhabitants of this one world.

But I ask you the world leaders what about the “World Hate Crisis,” if we do not end this crisis then whom are we saving this world for?

Today as all of the world leaders walk in union for climate control, I send my blessings upon you, as I know in union you shall be victorious. One Earth, one home, shall be safe within the hands of all the blessed world leaders. 

I also send my personal blessings upon all of you, the blessed world leaders, may you awaken within spirituality and realize the humans but need a great leader who can walk for them as you unite humans with humanity and end the “World Hate Crisis.” 

Blessings from Seattle,

*The cover image is of William The Silent, and was taken during my trip in the Netherlands. 


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