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Cold winter night and burning logs in my fireplace. My first thought tonight was I could have waffles, fruit, and yogurt for dinner. Breakfast for dinner and my special spicy tea, as I love coffee for breakfast. A knock on my door, as tonight I fight a cold. My thoughts drifted off to the pressure of stress.

Life is a knock away from all different doors.

I remember living in Downtown Seattle, where there were so many apartments on my floor. Also, I always had delivery services ending up at my door, yet they were not mine. I had to guide the delivery person to the right door.

Today, I thought what about all the obstacles that but knock upon our doors. Some we may have called upon and some we did not expect or some just come uninvited. All of the hurdles however leave behind a huge impact upon our life. Physical and emotional impacts create the stress of life. I can’t find one person on this Earth who does not feel the pressure of stress.

Stress comes through different doors of our life: work, home, family, social, financial, or health problems. I know at times our problems seem like the final act of life as we cannot go on another step. Yet, you and I, the travelers, but take a journey through that lane of obstacles every single day of our lives. Nothing in front of you can make this stress go away as it’s all we the travelers but see when we are but faced with each individual situation. For even though similar may be our hurdles, it may seem very different as each individual is but so different.

I feel like at these stages of life we should look for detours.

If this stress is from work, then look into changing your work or the environment within your work. If it is at home, then take a break and know tomorrow is a new day. For all of you going through financial difficulties, know where there is a problem there will be a solution. For all of you going through health problems, know for you, dawn is but peeking through the dark nights.

Walking through these dark roads, lonely and lost I had felt. It is a hard journey and very lonely as I had no companions walking with me, or holding onto me. I had no place to fall back on to. I had no one to guide me or show me which path I should take.

Two years ago, I had been in the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me as I lost weight unusually.

I am a small petite woman and was so confused as I had cried not because I found out I had diabetes because of genetics, but because I felt lonely. I pretended to be brave and somehow I controlled my A1C with meditation.

As I started my business, people had taken advantage and even told me it is not good to be so open and honest as people will take advantage. When I fight to figure out what should I do to be financially safe and protected, I again face the same obstacles.

I know you too are going through these lonely roads and have no one to guide you. Tonight, I give you my life story to only guide you, to be there for you, to hold on to your hands.

I am the traveler taking a journey through this life and at every corner, I know there will be obstacles. Through these obstacles, we the travelers must keep on going. The only way out, is to continue this journey with a prayer in our hands.

I am the victorious as I keep on walking and at all crossroads I shall keep on going.

At certain stages, we must take a U-turn or just stop and wait for the storms to be over. From heavy rainfall or snowfall, visibility becomes zero. It is then we must wait over the storm.

The sun peaks through the obstacles and it is those travelers whom have made it through waiting out or those whom kept on walking throughout the storms, whom are but all out of the tunnels of obstacles. If you are a traveler and see any other traveler who is but lost just like you are, do give your helping hands. May we the humans always be the candles guiding one another through the obstacles of life. Save the drowning swimmer, as she but needs you and your helping hands. Give comfort to the sick and helpless as they only need to know you are there for them. Please keep the candles burning for them.

For the lonely hearts, I share my secret, give your mind, body, and soul to your Creator, for I have. This is an amazing feeling, as you feel the spiritual awakening within your mind body, and soul. Within this awakening, you the human are born within humanity. There is no religion, race, or country that but prevents you from entering this house. This is the house within your own soul. Where there is no negativity but only positive vibes. Where there is no loneliness because you have humanity as your companion.

I have found my true inner self through this awakening and today I stand upon this Earth knowing forever, I but shall have my love for all of the human race to hold on to. Here I do not need any love in return, as I have enough to give all. 

May my love be there for you tonight, as you awaken from you inner-self and find this amazing partner of life, known as humanity.

Through this journey, I have complete faith I will find another human with this same humanity, waiting for me within this world.

Until then, I will spread only love and humanity throughout this world one person at a time. I know that starts with awakening myself first. When I do find him we will share and spread this value as I know there are humans all around this globe with humanity.

Never give up on hope for hope never gives up on you. Hold on to this blessed energy and feel hope glow all around you and from you throughout this universe.

May hope be the first blessings of dawn and dusk, as you be the hope for all. Walk with me, as we in union walk for all to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Love you all.

Blessings from Seattle, 





*This picture was taken during my trip in the Netherlands. Read more about this in my travel blog series, A Traveler’s Journal.

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