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Dawn had awakened all to a new day, with hope and blessings. Today, I had awakened to pain and hurt as I could not prevent myself from watching the news. Sri Lanka is a country I have never been to. Yet, my tears would let you think I have a deep connection with this nation. This deep connection is called human nature. It is called a human with humanity.

A place of worship is where you the sacred soul enter to rejuvenate yourself. A hotel is where the travelers of life’s journey rest for the night. For this night, we call this place, a hotel, our home.

I want this world to unite and protect each other from all the unjust obstacles.

Let us be the bodyguards of one another, so not another mother or father will stay awake all night forgetting about dawn or dusk. Within their lives, nightfall has approached and even a candle won’t bring back the glow of hope.

I ask all humans today to feel each other’s pain. Let us be there for each other. Stop these catastrophic crimes from happening as we could prevent them from happening if we all watch out and be there for one another. I shall not live my life in fear or have these hurdles divide my inner feelings toward any one group. I know you the criminal have devoured your own moral values and you have let down your family and society. Today, you are the criminal and all of the society – even your own family and friends, are the victims.

I have dedicated my blessed pen to awaken the human population within one home. When we let our race, color, and religion not be the divider but let our humanity be the unifier, it is then we the humans but shall have a blessed future.

Awaken your spiritual wisdom to humanity.

Remember if you call yourself the spiritually awakened, then you only have one religion – the human religion. There is no race, color, or ethnicity dividing you, but your inner soul calls for all humans alike as one family. You are loved as you spread only love.

Stop hate crimes today as you wake up and be the one person awakened to take this journey with me. Walk with me and let us in union eradicate this catastrophe from ever being a reality.

Religion, ethnicity, and gender equality have divided our society. This catastrophic storm brews within the inner souls of an individual person who but drowns all souls who can’t think for themselves. I ask you, why don’t you decide for yourself? Why are you allowing another person’s sins to take you down with him or her? This person you follow has lost his or her own moral values. I ask you, did you too lose your moral values?

Where have we the humans gone wrong? Why are we not trying to prevent these storms from brewing?

Today, awaken as a leader not a follower. An individual leader who has no followers walking for justice is better than a follower of a demon who has lost his or her moral values. Where and when we the humans need a helping hand to hold all humans steady, is where I call all the sacred leaders of all nations to be our support. You the leader were chosen to lead your individual country. Be the wall behind our back, be the foundation where we could stand upon without the fear of a catastrophic storm coming to us. Be the person we the citizens have placed our faith upon.

I have tried to do my share as I have written my book, “The World Hate Crisis.” Please read this book and at least be aware of the crisis we the humans face within our present times and why the future looks so bleak.

Call upon your world leader to make this into a movement as we call this movement, “The World Hate Crisis.”

Let us in union eradicate this crisis. I believe where and what, you and I could not achieve alone, we shall be victorious unitedly.

Today, I wish we could have frozen time and brought back a humanitarian like Mahatma Gandhi. We need a human who could think beyond him or herself and unite all humans for humanity. I know the past educators of life have left their footprints behind to guide us, through the difficulties of our times.

Let us with guidance from the past heroes and the villains, know how to walk forward and where we are to be careful. May peace spread throughout this Earth. In union, we the humans will be able to complete this journey. I know all of us shall say in union, let us eradicate the world of all hate crimes.

Today, stand with me as you pick up my book and unite for this sacred call. Let us begin a movement and in union call this, “The World Hate Crisis.”

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The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic


Ann Marie Ruby

*The image is from my property in Greater Seattle, Washington!

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