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February came upon my door with snowfall and cold freezing temperatures. It was amazing to see my cottage all covered in snow. The ponds were amazing. Even the birds were playing on the snow. My puppy was having a ball as he jumped up and down in joy.

As February has bid her farewell, we the creation look forward to spring. I look forward to my personal life in hope of new beginnings. Hope and blessings, I keep within my inner soul as I move forward.

February taught me hope and blessings. As I am drowning within the obstacles of life, I hold onto these miracle of life. I light my candles of hope. Even when all seem dark and no hope is within the air, I keep hope alive within my soul. This world is filled with humans whom block hope or try to take away all the blessings, yet they see not what they have done. I walk amongst these humans and always my sacred soul tries to find the pure and good soul within all. February had given me two gifts, I give you all to keep throughout time.

Even when all is lost and nothing is but found, I give all humans my words of wisdom within a prayer to hold upon the dark lost night.

Like a shawl, she shall warm you and like the spring air she shall give you hope and blessings. I call this book, Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.” 123 prayers I but call songs, are there for you to find hope. Like a candle, they shall light within the houses of the humans whom but accept them. For even when all is lost, may hope find her way back to you as you open these blessed pages.

I have also published my sacred book for all humans with humanity I call, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

I had walked upon the path you the victim had walked upon. However, I was not scratched or touched, yet your screams and fears left behind the night before, had scratched and touched me for I walk with humanity. Only through the looking glass of a psychic, I see, hear, and feel the victims and their inner anguish. I see the teardrops of the parents and the children asking for peace and justice. I know the blinking stars above the skies above seek peace and harmony for the future generation.

Hatred brewing within the inner souls of a human is far worse than any crimes committed. For it brews an invisible storm where race, religion, and sexual orientation are seen as negative traits of a human born. Why is this happening? Why the division? What could we do? For this reason, I have again laid paper to pen. Walk with me through this sacred book and let us in union eradicate hate crimes.

I warn you, these crimes are on the way to become catastrophic if not paid heed to by all. Walk with me and join me in this journey to eradicate all hate crimes. As I call upon this as a seer, I name her, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.”

February has also blessed me with a sacred knock from the beyond.

A guru named Paramhansa Yogananda and his blessed student called Swami Kriyananda had knocked upon my door through the blessed PR group of a sacred movie, “The Answer.” Seeking for peace and harmony you are, but do you come back home tired and frail not knowing the answers to your call?

I call myself a yogini who had received the calls from beyond to help them guide you the humans as you awaken from within yourself. Watch this movie and learn how a yogi had become a student. Through the lessons learned through life, he had found the answers. In no way, are we the humans perfect as we all live with all the obstacles of life. Yet, we learn from the past, the present, for the future. Walk in harmony, throughout this life lived on Earth. Go watch the movie and find peace within yourself.

I only guide through peace and harmony. Like my books, this movie I also talk about as I believe in the messages found within the movie. No religion or religious views are presented here, but only messages of peace and harmony.

Be blessed and as you awaken within blessings, please bless all the humans that come upon your path. Only then, this Mother Earth shall have her blessed children.

Find the spiritual blessings within your inner soul. As you learn to awaken to this sacred path, you shall love all and be loved by all.

My puppy playing in the snow

Images from my 20 acre mountain property in Greater Seattle, Washington.

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Blessings from Seattle,


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