Candles Of Hope



“Why did I write all the spiritually lifting books?” I am asked over and over again. My answer is simple. They are my candles of hope. So now I want my books to be your candles of hope, throughout the dark nights.

It is a bright sunny day here in the greater Seattle area. My apple trees are giving me hope and joy. The bare branches started with new buds as some have leaves and others are flowering. After a long hard winter, they are blooming with hope. Let us the humans awaken within hope as Mother Earth guides and teaches us. Never give up on hope as she never gives up on us.

Fear, depression, and loss, grip this world as we all try to get out of our caves.

All humans across the globe are in the same boat. Your pain and suffering are felt all over the globe. The pain of loss gripping our human families are shared and felt throughout this world.

This catastrophic pandemic is higher than the highest magnitude earthquake recorded at 9.5, as it can be felt all around the globe. Yet, there are no tsunami or earthquake warnings. The houses, however, across the globe are feeling the same Earth shattering pain.

What could you do to keep your hope glowing? Is there no hope in sight?

Hold on to the first star of the night. As your eyes guide you to her, she will guide you out of this dark night. Yes, hope glows from far away like the shining stars in the night sky. I had my white curtains open last night as I watched the dark sky from my bedroom window. There in the sky from far away, my first hope found herself smiling back at me as the first star of the night. We shall all get out of this storm slowly and gradually.

All the lives lost within this pandemic storm will glow and guide us from the faraway night ocean, I call the skies. Like a lighthouse, they will guide all, as we shall never forget their names. I believe no one is ever lost as they only separate from us and take a journey through the beyond. Until we all meet, we must continue our journey through life.

I have written in detail about birth, death, reincarnation, dreams, twin flames, miracles, and end of time within my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.

Find peace in knowing even death is not as scary as we think. We are separated from our beloved family members, yet we are all still very connected. Find peace as you read about some of the unanswered questions of life.

Today, please join me and send your prayers to the frontline essential employees, who have kept this world going on through a pandemic. I would like to give my blessings to the bank employees, grocery store employees, the police force, first responders, medical staff, and the news networks. They kept going on even when all others had taken shelter within the safety of their own caves. These employees braved out the storm for all of us. I know they felt the fear, pain, and anguish of being the carrier of this catastrophic virus. I have spoken to some who have said they feared for their beloved family members who have underlying conditions. Awake I stayed, praying for all of them. I asked my Creator how could I alone do anything?

As a person who has friends amongst these essential staff members, I know their pain is like living inside of a horror movie.

The story never ends and the fear never leaves you. Cold, chilling, and freezing feet still need to keep going until the nightmare gets over.

If you are staying home and are bored, as you want to go to the beach or the park, please try to see the other side. These essential staff members want to return home to their families safely. It is you who could save them by not risking their lives by not being selfish. If you are not feeling well, stay home. At least you know you are not risking the lives of your beloved family members. I have seen the tears of some of these essential staff members as they don’t want to be the reason for anyone to be sick, or be at risk because of the selfish act of an individual.

Life is a journey where at times we all need to become the other person’s walking cane.

Hold on to one another and for the love of humanity, stay six feet apart from one another until we can finally give a group hug. I am a big hugger. I love being hugged and love giving hugs. Yet, I will never risk another soul. All my love and blessings I will give you from six feet apart.

Today, I want all of you to believe in hope and hold on to her. I find her through the first blossoms of my apple trees. The bare tree has come back to life with her fresh leaves and flowers. Soon, she shall have fresh apples for all who visit. Today, when you take a bite into your fresh apple, know of the day she brought hope back to at least one human soul.

I had prophesied this catastrophic pandemic, the coronavirus, in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

I know this will be over, but we must be ready for the other pandemics yet to come. Awaken with hope and be the hope for all others as we fight all of the pandemics in union. This is our home, our world, for we are the humans with humanity.

Do not fear the unknown but be the guiding lighthouse. Guide yourself and all others as you journey through life.

All my books are guidance for all whom accept them.

My books include songs I call prayers, prophesies, or my guiding dreams, the message from the beyond with the unanswered questions of life, my messages to eradicate hate crimes, and for all the world travelers, I have my dreamland destination now in the pages of a book. These are my personal blessings to you all. I call all of my books my candles of hope. I shall keep my glowing candles lighted up for all of you, to guide yourself too. Through the pages of my books which I call our candles of hope, I send you my blessings.

You can find all of my books here:

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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