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Be positive and spread positivity. Travelers of life we are all, yet the journey is pleasurable only when you allow it to be. In college, my psychology teacher had told all of us she chooses to be happy. She ignores all the misery life had to bring her. She was also a close family friend. I had asked her, but how?

Her answer was just like that. I remind myself I am happy and complete. Life has so much to give, so why fall over what we did not get?

It was so strange as the wagon of life would have it, I needed those words today.

Life really is a wagon full of obstacles and pleasures. It is up to us, the individual, to choose our own path. I too choose to pick up the bucket of positivity, love, kindness, forgiveness, and mercy. All the things I seek from you, I have picked up to gift all of you.

Remember whatever you choose to give is also on its way back to you as I believe in karma and the boomerang effects of it. Today, this Earth and her children need to find the door of positivity. It’s hard but actually it is very easy. All you have to do is be positive and spread this positivity around. All the darkness will evaporate as dawn shall break through.

Try to meditate, and release all of your anxiety out.

Practice your breathing techniques. Calm down and don’t let any negativity get near you. If you hear negativity knock on your door, don’t open it. Wait for positivity to come and knock on your door.

I know the waiting period is the hardest time to cross. Remember time passes by. All the darkness will evaporate as dawn peeks through the window.

Yet the period in between, is what gets all humans weak. It is the time we the humans feel vulnerable. It is, however, also the time we the humans become stronger. We learn to survive even through the storms of life. Remember the lighthouse keeper guides all of the ships in the dark stormy night, to a way out of this storm.

Do you ever think about the lighthouse keeper?

What if he too was scared, weak, and frightened to be all by himself? Yet, he found the strength only for the unknown strangers who need his help to be guided. For them, he got up on his feet and found the strength. They were his help during his darkest times. You, the parent, find your strength through these dark days for your children. You, the teacher find the strength for your students.

Also, you, the individual find the strength for yourself. For you, the individual too are needed by the stranger you don’t know of today or maybe tomorrow. However, as dawn breaks open you will see why you were needed.

I live for all of you, so may my words of positivity be your guide.

I live for my fans. As I became a bestselling author, I knew my words are needed for the ears they reach. I know I am needed for my soulmate, for when we do meet I shall know and so shall he. Believe in yourself and watch how the curtains of life change as all shall believe in you too.

Never stop believing. Never stop hoping, for hope and belief will take you to the door of your destiny, that you shall open with your hands. You don’t need to go anywhere to spread positivity, not on top of a mountain or by the seashore.

You can spread your message from where you are like the sun sends the glorious sunshine all over the world, without coming down to us. We the humans find the glorious heat and seek it.

Think positive, believe in positivity, and positively breathe in all good vibes.

Breathe out all negativity. When you are positive, it is then you too like the glorious sun can send your good vibes to all who need them.

I am sending my positive vibe to where it is needed. Accept and spread this vibe all around this one world.

Be positive and spread positivity.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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