Can the Dhyana Mudra help relieve your stress?

Pumpkin pies, fresh baked bread, hot coffee brewing is the morning call that awakens me this fall morning. Open the windows and inhale the positive energies of fresh baked breads. These positive friendship breads awaken all from the lazy summer nights. Yet the arrival of the cold winter nights ahead, with holiday blues, are also looming around the air.

What should we do during this time period? What do I do?

Meditation or Dhyana, is my found blessings from all cloudy weathers of life. Dhyana Mudra is Sanskrit. It is a technique for meditation gesture. This very simple technique to awaken spiritually has been used by yogis and has been taught to their students throughout time.

I walked outside and found my answers as I watched my Buddha statue sitting so peacefully, with his Dhyana Mudra hand gestures. Both his hands are laid upon his lap with the palm of the right hand on top of the left hand, facing upward, and thumbs lightly touching each other. This form is the famous triangle shape that also is linked to the three jewels of Buddhism. Some say the thumbs touching each other is symbolic of the union of the male and female. This is a simple technique that has helped so many throughout time.

My entire belief of spiritual awakening had found hope in this simple wisdom from the past yogis.

Even though meditation and yoga are linked to Buddha and Buddhism, meditation or Dhyana actually arises from Hinduism. Meditation has been within India as taught by the great yogis of the past to the modern day yogis.

These Mudras had been used within different Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism for thousands of years. There are a lot of Mudras including different body mudras; however, the hand Mudras are widely practiced by all whom meditate to energize or bring positivity within their inner soul. This simple Mudra combined with simple breathing techniques could be your first step to meditation.

Meditation is my personal journey to get over the stress and anxiety of this world.

I know this world brings upon all of us stress, which brings unwelcome illnesses within our homes. This fall, we all look forward to the holidays and visits from family and friends. I know this brings upon our doors financial burden and unwanted stress.

There are a lot of places you could go and take meditation sessions. These courses again place financial and physical burdens and bring unwanted stress. Unwanted stress looms around each corner of our life with all of these steps we try to take. To prevent stress, we again face financial stress.

How do we get rid of stress without falling through more financial stress?

Walk outside with me today and just enjoy the blue sky above your head and the green grass beneath your feet. Find the tree near you that has started to change her colors. Soon she shall be bare, but ready to bloom again for spring. Now sit down and place your hands on top of each other in a Dhyana Mudra position. Try to breathe, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Think only of love, joy, and peace. Let go of all negativity from your mind, body, and soul. Try this technique for a while.

Open your eyes and see the world around you in a different way. See the world with a smile and know you alone have the medicine to your inner peace and serenity. Think about the Buddha statue in your living room or at the last store you had visited. Ask yourself how do the yogis bring peace within their mind, body, and soul? Today, you too can bring the same peace through meditation. Try the simple technique known as Dhyana Mudra as you meditate. Always try to place your hands in this way and always include the breathing techniques. Let go of all negativity from your inner soul.

I always say, faith in your own self is believing in your own self.

This is the first step to awakening within positivity. Take the energies from Mother Nature and awaken to the vibrant and positive spiritual energies today. Let go of all the negative thoughts and know you alone can awaken yourself to this amazing journey.

Invite your family and friends this fall and plan for the blessed holidays with positivity as you be the teacher of this positive message. Meditation is not a course you have to take and become an expert in, but it is a way you awaken yourself. Do what helps you the most, a simple walk, a simple dip in the pool, or listen to music. For me, I sit with simple hand gestures, breathe in positivity, and exhale all the inner anxiety and problems away, as I bring only the positive energies to my home.

This fall, may my positive vibes be invited to your home as you too spread these vibes to another home, and in union, we shall awaken positivity all around this globe.

Be positive and invite positivity through meditation this fall.


Ann Marie Ruby





DISCLAIMER: This blog post in no way provides any medical advice. If you suffer from stress or any possible medical illness, seek proper medical attention.


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