Sunrise peaks through as dawn announces her arrival. I woke up early today as sleep refused to come. I had stayed awake and finished some more renovation projects within my barn. As I turned in, my hands and back hurt a lot so I turned and turned until I just gave up.

The smell of fresh coffee and toast had my attention, as I found out my friends had prepared breakfast for me.

I turned on the TV and the political leaders of this world were facing harsh criticism. All around the globe, we have political figures whom take the responsibilities of their perspective nations. It is always a promise made that gets them on the stage but a promise kept is what keeps them on the stage. However, at times promises made and kept are also personal perspectives of the personal minds. This is where we the public differ from the leaders of all nations.

The perspective of the personal mind, is what unites and divides a nation.

Today, I watch as within the USA, division has been created. United we stand is but a message lost within the minds of so many. All the respective news channels have also joined in, as all feel left out what to show and what not to show. I watch all the dirty laundry of the political figures being brought out into the public eyes. The news networks have been reporting and asking children not to be present for a lot of the shown topics. I guess they do not like reporting, yet, it is their job. 

I remembered a trip I had taken years ago to the Caribbean.

We had a group in which children were also present. As we had checked in to the hotel we had previously reserved, they had advised they would not allow our group to stay as this was an all adult hotel. No one in our group did research on the hotel, so we did not know it was adult only. Forget the kids, I closed my eyes and left! Very late in the night, in a new country, we searched for a hotel and found an all inclusive hotel. I have since returned to that particular hotel quiet a few times remembering it was a safe zone for all aged groups. Yet, I find myself channel surfing to find a news network safe for all ages.

I switched from US news channels to Euronews, and again the same news.

In the UK, they too have this Brexit dividing the nation, some like it and others oppose it. Brexit has also divided European nations as instead of deciding what is good for the whole of Europe, again personal perspectives and personal interests are gaining more attention. Each individual nation has their own right to choose for themselves. I guess the problem again arises from the division of the minds. Is this the right choice or not? What happens when a personal thought or belief, gets contaminated through other beliefs and other minds? It is then one but loses their original thought.

Today, within this world, we the people are but losing our own thoughts and minds.

Today, we are being contaminated through the thinking process of the others. A child learns to talk and eat like her parents. The child grows up into an adult, then walks and talks like her idol. I believe this learning process continues throughout eternity.

Division created on this day throughout the world has but been created as we the blindfolded believers walk blindfolded. I believe we don’t see our own created division or how divided we have become. When the believers are but told their belief is but not the correct path, it is then we divide ourselves, rightfully or be it wrongfully.

You only see yourself through the mirror of your life.

As without the mirror, you too are blind. Too see yourself within this mirror, you must complete your journey through life. For when the historians retell your deeds, it is then you are but living within the past. Forever your good or bad deeds, are but leading people astray, or guiding them upon their ways.

What do we do at a time when all nations across this globe are but dividing within their own belief? How do we know who is right or who is but wrong?

William the Silent and King Philip II of Spain had divided for their own beliefs.

Both are heroes within their own nations, yet, within the other nation are seen differently. I had walked through the historical pages of these two leaders. I know they leave behind lessons for all to be guided by. History is there to teach us throughout eternity through the lives lived.

For the wellbeing of all humans, we have our own thinking ability called the personal mind, body, and soul.

Learn from the past, walk with the present, and be there for the future. Open your mind, body, and soul to your own thinking ability. If you are lost and stranded, know you only need to find yourself first. Then open your own eyes and ears to your own self. Let your inner spirit guide you. Allow your own heart to guide you. For your own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of all future generations, be yourself. Let there be no other voices telling you of the direction, as you alone have the address.

My address is always the wellbeing of all humans with humanity. Different we may be as I agree to disagree with humans. Life is a blessing as we hold the hands of all humans with humanity. 

If you don’t like the music, all you have to do is turn it off.

For do remember, if heard too many times, you too shall utter the music without even knowing it. If your words become hurtful to even one soul, then your words are but wrong for that soul. I personally believe if we can’t say anything good, let’s not say anything.

Today, as the leaders of this world try to keep their promises, we the nation must be patient. It is true they chose to be on stage and so they must take the applauds and the criticism that but arrive. The leaders are always being judged by the historians and all whom create history. It is a very sacred time through history that we live on this day. The world has become divided by we the judged and we the judge.

Let us be the one world filled with humans with humanity. Teach all around you to be loving as you become loving. Show all how to give as you start giving. Spread kindness all around the world as you learn to be kind, loving, and giving.

Day break comes beneath the foothills of Mount Rainier, as the sun blesses all with a great big hug.

My blessings be with all on this day with a great big hug,

I had written a prayer called, “Let Us The Judged Not Be The Judge.”



  1. Absolutely beautiful. It is very important to keep your peace so that you can spread that love throughout the world. It is so easy to hate and now it seems like it’s almost encouraged. We don’t give each other paintence and kindness, we are so quick to judge and forget and love behind. I love your post and we really do need to keep up the compassion. ❤️

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