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The sun is setting within the foothills of Mount Rainier as I walk into my log cabin. I have within my hands more things than I can humanly handle. My business, my upcoming book releases, and my blog. Therefore, decided to take a break from everything and renovate my kitchen.

I have a serene log cabin with a floor to ceiling fireplace wrapping around the family room and kitchen. While I knew what I wanted would take time, I love working with my own hands.

This is where my life had begun, seven years ago after my father had passed away.

Lost, stranded, and alone I had felt as I knew life had given me so much, yet I must awaken and give life something back. Self pity, criticism, or even appreciation was not what I wanted. Yet, I wanted to hold on to something or have someone to hold on to.

That was a cold December night, eight years ago. I had wanted to give up something to gain something within my inner soul. Therefore, I became a vegetarian and thought I would have so much to give up. I wondered how long would I be able to last and what about the sacrifice. I had written my prayer, “The Travelers.” One of the lines is, “Sacrifice I commit is but all my love for my Lord. No sacrifice is but a sacrifice.”

Truth be told, today I knew that day was a blessing in disguise for me.

The traveler, I had become for myself. To awaken myself first, then awaken all humans for the sake of humanity. I knew I could love around me as there were no negative vibes left within my soul. From then on forward, I had walked for myself. Throughout my journey, I taught and shared my life stories with all the travelers within the same path, taking the same journey through life.

I realized life is not about one’s own self, but awakening our own self first, then helping all whom but need a helping hand. I learned to stand up on my own feet and now my journey through this sacred life is but a Traveler’s Journal, I but carry for all of humanity.

The words of an air hostess within a plane, “Put on your own life jacket first,” had been my favorite words of wisdom.

Learn to live, then show others how life is a blessing even within all of the obstacles. Also, learn to laugh and then smile with all whom need just a smile from a stranger. Learn to love yourself first, then see how everything around you becomes filled with love and joy.

The cold freezing weather does not bother me as I wear a heavy jacket to stay warm these days. The pouring rain from above the skies did not prevent me from enjoying my vacation, as I carried an umbrella to take shelter and cover from the rain. Even if you do not like me or my ways of life, it does not bother me for I love you and will always support you on your path and your ways of life. If I feel you are but in danger, I will be there for you.

Forever with this mentality, eight years ago I started living my life.

Today I am blessed as on top of my blog and all of your support, I have seven published and three more books on the way to be published.

A friend of mine had today complained about her job and how work takes away so much of her time and energy. I had reminded her, she was one of the lucky ones to have job security and financial security for her family. On this very cold day, she has a warm house and warm food upon her plates. She has health and wisdom to differentiate between wrong and right. I reminded her, she was blessed.

Yes, we get tired from the events of our daily life and at times we complain and want something different. It is good to find out what we want and if the path ahead of us chosen by ourselves is but what we really want or not.

Sometimes life gifts us different routes we do not choose and even then we must all take a break and stand up for ourselves. We must know wrong from right.

Learn to walk through life within the reality of the human mind, body, and soul. All the answers of your own life are but within your soul. Learn to live for yourself first, then, all around you shall become your life’s reason to live for. Obstacles become teachers of life, and gifts are blessings from the unknown.

First thing in the morning, awaken yourself with the smell of eternal blessings of the human mind, body, and soul. The first morning coffee is but your awakening from the side path and getting into your earthly vehicle.

Slow down and take the journey through life for yourself and all others whom need your wisdom. It is then you shall find humanity within all humans. For when you see yourself within the mirror of life, you find what you but see.

A human with humanity is standing in front of you, as you see your own reflection. All around you today, there are but humans walking with humanity as the support of their lives.

Life is a blessing as you are the first blessing that but arrived upon this Earth within the journey of your life. Be the blessing for all of humanity as you today walk for all as you learn to walk first.

Sunset has turned into the dark night as I watch through the windows of my log cabin. Always the dark night’s skies are but the hardest periods of an individual’s life. I realize this truth as I wait for the sunrise to appear through the first sight of dawn; however, throughout the dark lonely nights, I carry my candles of hope with me for myself and all whom need to light their candles too.

Forever, I have learned this journey we the humans but have upon us is a traveler’s journal which we the individuals complete. Each one is different and individually written. Yet, we can be there for one another by sharing our traveler’s journal with one another. We can’t write one another’s journal but in union this journey would be a complete journey through life.

Today, you the traveler awaken and meditate through the journal of your life, as you hold upon your hands the lighted candles of life.

There would be no soul but lost or stranded as we would be there for one another. How do we start this journey and become a traveler you ask?

All you have to do is be there for yourself and all others whom are but waiting for your candles of hope. Hope is there within your soul. Awaken this candle and spread this throughout the globe. For where there is hope, there is always a way out, for you and me.

Never let the dark nights be an obstacle but learn from this and become the teachers of life. Spread hope and you shall see on a cold winter night when you are hopeless, hope shall but knock upon your door too. She will smile and say she was born from you and today she has completed the circle and knocks upon your door too.

My business, my books, or my blog, but shall wait and be there as I take a break and work on my kitchen for my personal rejuvenation.

I know life is complicated and very hard at times.

Yet, if we the humans awaken from within, there is nothing we cannot achieve. In union, we shall all be victorious. But my message to you, is be victorious first, then help all others into victory, through the learned lessons of life.

Do light a candle for yourself, and all whom but need a glitter of hope on this night. May my words, be it from my books or my blog posts, may they be your candles of hope. Forever I shall be there for you, and may you too be there for the others, and in union we shall have humans with humanity.

Our only goal is the wellbeing of all humans.


*The cover image is of me taking a picture of the New Church in Delft, the Netherlands!


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