bringing joy one by one


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Life seems like a bowl of joy when you have everything. Again to the other, it seems empty and lost as she has nothing.

I see two sets of human prints on two sides of me. Looking at both, I say yes I have been there. I have gone past the joy and sorrows of life even though each moment seems like eternity.

Sorrows of life are like bad weather when all around us is heavy pouring, rains, and rivers all over flooding. All around us we see destruction and nothing seems right. So do joys of life which drown us with so much energy that we forget everything and want to live in that time and day and hour forever.

The truth is around us always. There is someone in those shoes, alone walking around the corners of the sorrow lane or walking and skipping around the joyful victory lane. It matters not where you are in your life. It’s what we do with it and how we carry ourselves throughout our journey.

Waves of sorrow and waves of joy can both come at the same time to different people all around us.

Let’s be positive and be there for each and all of the creation with a boat.

Let’s be one world with one boat where we can pick up all of whom who need help and those of whom who don’t know yet, but also need a boost.

Let the crossroads be filled with Angels of Mercy who walk this Earth as humans, who put effort, energy, and time to go out and look out for all of us. We may know them as our neighbors or strangers who we don’t know of or about.

Let’s not judge anyone for we too shall be the judged. May we not be the person who we love to hate but let’s be the one we all respect, honor, and love. Let us be the positive change of the future generation. Spread love, joy, respect, honor, and just. Be the positive change like history gives us a few names who we all respect and remember throughout time. What we don’t have in the pages of history are the people who walk around each corner and have been changing the lives of so many throughout time. They do it for the joy and peace it gives a soul not for anything else even though the pages of history may not have their names. We must remember them even if we don’t agree with them for they are all trying to do something. Change comes when we all unite and start somewhere with positivity.

Listening to the voices all around the nation and putting them together so the change shall be is an act of kindness from the heart.

From one heart to the other, let’s bring joy. Let’s erase the sorrow from this world, one at a time.

Blessings from Seattle,

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