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This Valentine’s Day, read all about twin flames.

January comes upon our door as we welcome the new year after the miracle month of December. Personally, I hope for peace as my Christmas gift for this shall take me upon the new year with love, joy, and blessings. January is always hard as we get over the holiday blues. Meditation, yoga, and harmony take me into the month of February, the blessed month of love. Valentine’s Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day, or the feast of Saint Valentine. This day is celebrated throughout the Earth religiously, culturally, and also commercially.

How Valentine’s Day came to be is still debated as there are various stories related to the sacred Saint Valentine.

One story tells, Saint Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to execution on February 14th 269 AD, for performing wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. However, Saint Valentine had cured Julia, the blind daughter of his jailor, Judge Asterius. He also left Julia with a letter before his death signed, “Your Valentine.” To this day, this story lives on as we sign Valentine’s Day cards.

I believe any miracle is possible as our Lord is the Omnipotent, the Omnipresence. Miracles are being performed through saints, normal people, and for me personally – through dreams.

Let us once again walk through twin flames on the celebration of this blessed day. What are twin flames?

I have written about this topic detailed within my book “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.” I believe twin flames are two parts of one complete soul, comprised of the female and male. They separate and become individuals and can survive individually, yet are complete in union.

I also believe we all feel this lonesome feeling individually and wait for our other half. Life is a journey where we must travel through this path of life to see what lays ahead. This is a one-way highway where we must travel with hope and faith. I do believe in twin flames for they are two halves of one complete soul.

Do I believe Mother Earth guides twin flames to one another?

We the humans are lonely travelers taking a journey through life. Within life, our physical vehicles need food, shelter, and sustenance to complete this journey. Our emotional journey however begins as we need a partner to hold on to, where we feel we too belong. The path is long. The days and nights are longer. Here we need someone to hold on to. That someone for me is my twin flame.

I don’t want to get on the wrong bus and be lost on the journey where life seems bitter and miserable. I know Mother Earth guides us through this journey. When and where we get lost, we find our Creator sends upon our door the blessed door of dreams. Through dreams, I have been guided and It is through this door I found my faith, and have found my complete peace of mind. Yes, I believe twin flames are guided to one another through the blessed doors opened from heavens above.

Do twin flames separate? Do I believe they do?

Yes, I believe twin flames separate to become an individual. I had seen in a dream I was with my twin flame. We were both on a Ferris wheel. We had tied a scarf joining our hands so we would not separate from one another as we landed upon Earth. I saw we had separated, but I had all of my memories and knew he had forgotten his. I cried and called upon him to only see he did not recognize me.

As I awakened, I had done a lot of research. This is a way the Lord is letting me know of the truth. I believe in my dreams and know just like how I found out about him, he will find out about me in his own time. I love my Lord, my Creator more than my life. So, I will let my Lord be my guide. I believe all of you too should believe in your Creator and know where and when there is hope, there is always a way.

My answer is simple:

Separation is only of the physical vehicles and until they are united, do believe they are always in union spiritually.

-Ann Marie Ruby

I asked myself will I meet my twin flame? Will he know about me when we meet?

Divine intervention, dreams, and faith in twin flames will unite the two into one. I had another dream in which I had walked into a very familiar house. There were white curtains on the French doors and I felt amazingly peaceful to be in this house. I had seen on the wall, it had said, “House Of The Archangels.” I watched Archangel Michael as he guided me to a room where it had on the wall, my name and another name. I knew it was the name of my twin flame. This was a complete miracle as my friends had seen the identical dream.

So my answer is, I know his name, and I don’t know if he knows about me. It matters not as I know and when the Lord awakens him through his blessed dreams, he too will know. When we meet, I believe heavens above will guide with truth, justice, and honor. I live, guided by the blessed commandments of my Lord. So, I shall keep hope alive. In the meantime, I have my Lord’s love for me and my love for my Lord as my complete faith and guidance.

Again my answer is, I had awakened for him so he shall awaken for me through divine intervention.

Life is a journey. We the travelers must keep on going until our journey ends for it is only then we have all the answers.

Love one another and remember love is found around all the corners of this Earth. Valentine’s Day is a good time to rejuvenate from within. Love is divine and as you accept the pure essence of love, you shall find this life as a blessed journey. Do not waste another day trying to find the answers and get lost within the questions. Remember when it is time, the answers shall find you.

If you are lonely on this Valentine’s Day, know your valentine is somewhere upon Earth waiting for you.

When it is time, you two shall find one another. Until then, let us the humans be there for one another and love all equally. This Earth is beautiful when we are all united for one another.

Believe in yourself, believe in your Creator, and always know your love for your Lord and your Lord’s love for you is the complete love of this universe.

Love and blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby




*The cover photo is of me standing in front of Noordwijk Lighthouse in the Netherlands.

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