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Searching For Twin Flames By Ann Marie Ruby

Are you always searching for your twin flame?

Has this journey taken a toll on your complete belief system? Are you like the torn pages of your love journal, flying all over the ocean trying to float to shore in hope of finding him today? Are you trying to find hope through the wrong doors of love?

Be the lighthouse for your true love and all of whom need guidance in this lonely ocean. Why would you let negativity enter your belief system? Be positive and have faith in your belief, not the person that broke your heart, or has taken you astray. Today, stand tall in the lost ocean of love and become the lighthouse for all on this path. I believe your true love shall see the glowing light of hope and float to you in his own time and space.

Love is the eternal truth of this universe that has united all humans throughout time.

Yet, it is love that also separates so many throughout time. Instead of being a lighthouse to guide all, some become the destructive storm that takes all that come upon its path. Why?

For a few days, I have again received a lot of emails from brokenhearted souls, who are confused. Like the broken CD player, they are singing the songs off beat and off track. They have lost hope in their twin flames.

Questions like:

“I believe so and so on Facebook is my twin flame but……”

“Why is it my twin flame does not acknowledge me but has acknowledged another….”

“We were really close and we both believed we were twin flames but there is another…”

A person I do not know sent me a very private email.

She said she had complete faith in this path, but now she has lost her faith in twin flames. She had written a very long email, in which she confessed her heartfelt sorrow.

My answer to this person is, it seems as if you never had faith in this blessed path in the first place. Were you trying to find your twin flame, or just love and to be accepted? Why lose faith in twin flames because the person you believed to be your twin flame is not your twin flame? For if you separate and or have betrayed one another, then this person was not your twin flame to begin with. Even if you two were just friends, then remember you two must clap at the same time to make any sound. If you can’t, then he is not even a friend, better yet can’t be your twin flame. You were misguided by your emotions and walked into a situation that never was the door to your twin flame.

My personal belief is twin flames not only unite, but also forgive one another, without being hurt. It is always easy to be honest and open up to each other as you are one another’s twin flame. This is accurate within true friendships. We forgive and forget the ones we truly love.

We the humans are very often misguided by our inner emotions and feelings.

These days, social media and all the pretense within social media has also placed a huge burden on singles, couples, and families. Life is now on a stage through pretense. All the soap operas that were made for television only, are turned on through the make believe pictures of reality, faked in society by people pretending to be happy or people showing others what they feel success and happiness are.

Why have people become so materialistic, and expect all to have everything that will not fit on our dinner plates? One must have a boyfriend or girlfriend to justify to society. One must have expensive clothes, houses, and travel pictures, but why?

I would want all of you to take a deep breath and go back to your inner moral values. Let your inner faith guide you to your twin flame. Don’t let a man or a woman you don’t know on social media make you fall for the wrong person. Take life back to where your grandparents had stood, waiting for one another through good and bad days, where a diamond ring did not come in the picture but just an oath was all that a soul needed.

My answer to all of you is, wait it out.

Have faith in the twin flames, not in the wrong person. Storms come and go. If you are meant for each other, then you will tie yourselves together and ride out the storms of life in union. If you separate or one person does not feel the same way, then this is just a friendship. At times, you could be soul family members mistaken for twin flames. Differences between soulmates, soul family members, and twin flames are also something that confuse our minds at times.

My answer to this particular person who had said she found her twin flame online without even meeting him, is really scary. How could you lose faith in twin flames over a person who does not believe he is your twin flame? So, are you saying you had more faith in one person’s betrayal than the universal truth of twin flames?

Also, please never fall for a person on social media without finding out about the person behind the screen.

Always share your story with family members or friends who can look out for you. The blessings of social media are always there, yet I always worry about the horror stories of social media love stories gone wrong. If he is your true twin flame, then he would come to you, be honest, and have the same feelings for you too.

If a person confessed his or her love for you on social media without even knowing you in person, then this could be a warning sign of the person’s intention. Please all of you reading this post, remember as an author and a blogger, I too get a lot of mail. Yet I don’t believe in this path of love, through social media. Public figures like myself get a lot of mail and this is a blessing, but it can be hard at times if you fall for it. Never fall for someone without finding out about the person. This world has many colorful characters walking around in human form who are actually worse than animals.

If a person confessed his or her love in public media, then I believe something is wrong with the person, and his or her moral values. At all times, one would want to protect the person you love, not dishonor your love by disgracing him or her publicly.

The person who had emailed me said her so called believed twin flame confessed that he does not believe in twin flames.

I believe everyone has his or her own right to believe or not to believe. If you do believe, but the betrayal has left you like a storm ravished person, then wake up and engage with your inner feelings. Love is a blessing and at all times where there is true love, there are no regrets, anger, or hatred for you shall love the person without any condition.

When and where there is a third person in the picture, I would ask the honorable person to walk away. Let it go and be the only true love of your only true love. Do not chase a storm which always runs away or ravished you while it was here.

My personal belief is true love is not easy, but I believe in the other half. I know I shall never fall for anyone and let the pain become a storm within my path. Also, I believe in peace and harmony, before anything. I shall be the wings of peace and give shelter to all of whom need the door of peace.

If you are a peaceful traveler, then our paths shall unite.

If you are the breaker of peace, then our paths shall divide as I will only walk within the path of peace, blessings, and hope.

I ask all of you searching for your twin flames, awaken to peace and hope first. Let the door open on its own as you accept and unite throughout time.

Do not be the danger of a society where you mistake infatuation for true love and become the destruction for yourself and all others on your path. You only hurt yourself at this point. Remember they are not the problem, for it is you who are on their path. If you believe the wrong is right, then you must awaken. Find out the truth and place yourself upon the right path.

To the questioner who had sent the email, I truly believe you are hurt and feel betrayed.

Yet, if he has found his twin flame then, you must walk in peace and wait for your twin flame to enter the picture. I absolutely believe you are being misguided by your feelings to make a person your twin flame when he might not be. How do you know if he is or not? Let time give you the answers. Again, I believe in complete honesty. When and where there is love, honor, truth and justice, there is peace.

Life is not fair at times and it seems hard. I had asked at different corners, “Why my Lord?”

Sometimes, I found a better path or a better solution and at times, I just accepted what life had blessed me with.

Is it hard? No, not at all, as I believe in the miracles of the beyond. I know life will come to an end, yet my belief in life and it’s complete gift will always be there.

I wish I could give you all a big hug and an answer that yes he is your true twin flame. Yet, I cannot as only time has the answers. At this point, all we have is our complete faith in love and the miracles of the beyond.

How do I wait for my twin flame and not give up?

With complete faith and belief in life and the journey of life. With complete faith in him and myself. Also, with complete faith, life is a complete miracle in which I have my complete miracle known to all as complete faith.

The mistakes I make within my life are mine. All the lessons learned from my travels through life are my blessings. The blessings I gather are gifts from the universe. This universe will write a love story for all of whom seek true love. I have faith in the miracles of life.

Don’t try to build a love story in the sand where the waves will wipe away your sandcastle.

Don’t look into the desert and believe in the mirage that never was. Believe in yourself and the truth that is and was always there within your blessed soul.

An answer for all of you whom seek this path?

Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in prayers? Also, do you believe in miracles?

If you have said yes to these questions, then you shall be guided by your true dreams, true prayers, and true miracles from the beyond. As always, when we seek the unknown only known to The Creator, it is then we are guided from the beyond. Have faith and know the truth is there for you to find her.

Within my book “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light,” I have talked about birth, death, reincarnation, true soulmates, dreams, miracles, and end of times. Maybe this book will give you some faith in the miracles of the Eternal Truth from the beyond.

As always, keep your faith strong.

Whatever your religion is, whoever you follow, or whatever you believe in, I am positive it is a blessing toward good only. Do not lose your faith because of one person, for then you are giving the person your complete faith, and have actually lost your own faith.

Keep love alive through love. Believe in the truth, the Eternal Truth.


Ann Marie Ruby


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