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Mother Nature shapes her land, then gives back to her children. A successful woman shapes herself, then spreads her wings to protect, shape, and give back to all around her. Valerie Moran is the first and only black female to make the top 1,000 wealthiest people in the Sunday Times Rich List 2019 which lists the wealthiest people within the United Kingdom. Today, life has found a bridge to unite my pen, my paper, and you to this amazing woman I too admire.

She is a female who had chased her dreams and passion through hard work, effort, and faith instilled within her through her upbringing.

She succeeded in her journey and now walks for you on your journey. Valerie Moran believes in success which she has proven through her journey. As I say, we are not destined to our destiny, but can create one ourselves.

The journey of this amazing woman could be compared to the words of a wise man who had said,

“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”

-Tony Hsieh.

Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa, is known for its amazing safari tours, as seen by all across this globe as it has been the center to amazing movie sets. The Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River is also a portrait in so many houses around the globe. From Zimbabwe, we shall travel to Ireland through the footprints and successful path of Valerie Moran.

Today, I will introduce you to an amazing and successful entrepreneur born to a hard-working father and a beautician mother from Zimbabwe. Traveling around the world, this blessed soul Valerie Moran has found her place within history as she proved her journey from Zimbabwe to Ireland by becoming one of the topmost successful and influential entrepreneurs of the United Kingdom. Today, you the traveler wandering around within Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, or Antarctica, can too find your dream destination by following successful people like Valerie Moran.

Through her hard work, she learned to stand on her own feet as she made a path for herself first.

Now this empowering woman shall guide you through her journey as she blesses all women, men, and all who seek her guidance and blessings through her traveled path.

Today, Valerie and her husband Noel Moran, live in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, the second largest island of the British Isles in the North Atlantic, known to you and me as Ireland.

Valerie Moran and Noel Moran

This couple has one of the most successful financial technology companies in Europe, Prepaid Financial Services. I believe one should stand up for him or herself first, then unite all to stand up in a group. In union, we all succeed. Valerie Moran has stood by her then-boyfriend, now-husband Noel Moran as they had started the plans of their company from their kitchen table. She had complete faith on her husband and herself as they took the leap of faith and started one of the most successful companies in the United Kingdom. Their license allows them to transact within 34 European countries and is live within 24 at this time. The company is now trying to open their doors outside of Europe.

Valerie Moran is the head of client relations and operations at Prepaid Financial Services.

With her husband, they own 81% of the company. Valerie and Noel Moran are worth £122 million. Their company has won multiple awards. Noel Moran was named the 2019 European Entrepreneur of the year and showcased at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Prepaid Financial Services was also awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2017 by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and the British Government. In September 2019, they have also won the Business of the Year Award from the European Business Awards. These are just some of the company’s accolades and I am positive this couple will succeed in all their endeavors of life.

My sacred eyes had searched for humanitarians whom I could bring upon your doors. Valerie Moran had landed upon this door as she helped donate 200,000 school meals to children in Mali. Valerie and Noel Moran have taken part in various charitable efforts.

Life is a lesson learned from the people who have succeeded and became the lighthouse for all to be guided by. I realized as Valerie had made the Sunday Times Rich List, it is now that the door of hope has been opened for all of us. Today, as you the woman of color knock on this door for your chance, you shall see the glimmer of hope glow through the journey of a woman named Valerie Moran.

Valerie Moran had faith in her views and knew she could help make this a success

I want you all to look into how she became a success. Learn from her yourself. I had the blessings to have interviewed a powerful voice, a successful woman who did not let race, color, ethnicity, gender, or religion stop her.

Valerie Moran

Like the powerful waves of Mother Nature, she too became a powerful force as she built her own path. She stands tall as an inspiration for all to follow and learn from. Valerie Moran has united race, ethnicity, religion, and differences as she is the powerful voice of a human with humanity. Prepaid Financial Services promotes rich diversity in their workforce with over 50% of their employees being women, and over 40% being from minority groups.

I do not ask why it took so long, or why no other black woman has made this list, but emphasize that someone has.

Believe in the miracles of the beyond and know dawn does break through. This dawn had seen a traveler walking on her feet with complete faith and belief of the beyond. She knew she could make it with hard work and effort. The only black woman she is on that list. Yet, she talks about her story so she does not remain the only black woman. She opened the door for you to follow her.

Life is a journey, where we walk with courage, honor, and dignity, searching for the lighthouse which guides us to the door. Yet, we must knock upon all doors to find the end results we seek.

After I had gotten to know Valerie Moran, I knew she wanted to give something back to society. A lesson learned through her hard work was the only gift I knew we all would want from her. She now is like a teacher who walks to unite all the children who want to be in her classroom.

What would I say about this great person, or what lesson would she have for us?

Here I remembered a quote from the past,

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

-Noble Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

Let us walk through her life in her own words, and figure out how we can have more successful people from all different walks of life. Let us accept the wise words of a woman who is now passionately helping guide individual entrepreneurs through her own journey of life.

Throughout life, I have seen successful people forget all about the fellow travelers left behind. These left behind travelers, however, exist with hope in their hearts that maybe the successful entrepreneur shall remember them. This successful entrepreneur is a guide who can light up the path for us. This is a person who can become the safety patrol as we the seekers try to cross this path of life. I had thought how Valerie had said she would like to guide others to success. I knew another person who had said the same words,

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

-Mother Teresa

An entrepreneur is only successful if the fellow students accept him or her as a teacher. Remember they are the students today, but as they too become the teachers tomorrow, then the success of entrepreneurs like Valerie Moran would be complete.

My interview with Valerie Moran:
In your own words, please introduce yourself to us and describe your role in your company.

I am Valerie Moran and I am Head of Operations and Client Relations at PFS which is a leading FinTech.

We build our house upon a strong foundation, so it can withstand all the storms of life. As a humanitarian, I had written, “Work with each other, not against.” How did you and your husband use unity to build this successful company, as it stands tall like a lighthouse today?

We have always worked well together and we enjoy working with each other. I started off working at a kitchen table in Noel’s one-bedroom apartment in London. Today, we have four offices in three countries. Noel and I have always shared the same vision and goals for the business. This bond made the company stronger are we were aware of what we needed to do to grow the business and scale at speed.

Life is a lesson learned through the journey of a traveler. In your own words, tell us about your journey from Zimbabwe to Ireland and becoming the wealthiest black woman in the United Kingdom.

I was a qualified Systems Analyst in Zimbabwe, but there was no work for a Woman-In-Tech. I moved to London as a young woman and was Employee No.1 here at PFS.

Like a shining lighthouse, you stand upon the ocean trying to guide all differences into the house of hope. Now, you are the door of hope for all whom follow your path. Share with us how you became the only black female in the Sunday Times Rich List 2019, yet don’t want to be the last.

Until The Sunday Times was published in May of this year, I had no idea I was the only black female on the list. It is still a shock. I do want to see more women of color represented from now on.

Success within my eyes is when one succeeds and never forgets to send lifesavers to all whom need them. Succeeding unitedly is the power of our united society. Tell us in your own words, how could you send these lifesavers to all whom need your help?

I would say:

  • Respecting all communities and minorities
  • Management needs to invest into a change of mindset
  • Hire on merit – not skin color or nature of diversity
  • Value the differences amongst your employees
  • Diversity and inclusion are a huge differentiator
  • Shared ideas from valued individuals across diverse teams lead to greater innovation
In one of my books, I had written, “Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.” What was the biggest obstacle within your life and how did this obstacle help or guide you to where you are today?

It was difficult to get our first deal for 5,000 cards. We had to persevere and today we have issued over 6 million cards.

If a company is a school and you are the teacher, how do you teach your students? What have you learned from them or what have they learned from you to make this company a huge success?

Culture that embraces diversity, a sense of belonging, equal opportunities for all, and a fair environment where we recognize and appreciate our staff for their hard work and value our employees

An artist draws out her art on paper. You and your husband had drawn the conception of your company within your minds and it has displayed with success as your final artwork. Tell us how a person today can learn from your company to create a company and take it to success? What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice would be:

  • Change needs to be nurtured at the grass roots level
  • Where can we start? Educate!
  • Embed diversity and inclusion in companies as a key strategy of growth
  • Look to society and government to act on racial equality in the workplace
  • Ask why ethnic minorities may not be in high paying jobs
As a resident in the Seattle area, I am proud to have Bill and Melinda Gates as our guides. Today, I am proud to see a couple from a faraway land also guiding all of whom need help. Tell me in your own words, how has your company brought changes to the lives it has touched?

My mind goes back to this time last year when we were in the news.

I would like to learn how are you using your position to help and make a difference in this world not only as a businesswoman, but as a human with humanity?

Encouraging and supporting mentoring programs.

As the bestselling author of various genres myself, I must ask you what are your favorite subjects to read? Do you have a favorite book and recommendations?

I treasure the works of the iconic author, Agatha Christie.

I learned to escape from this world through meditation, and words of wisdom as I took pen to paper. As a busy entrepreneur, what do you do for rejuvenation?

I enjoy interior decorating.

What has been the most memorable moment of your journey thus far?

As an employer, achieving eleven consecutive years of profitability this year, something almost unheard of in our industry.

What message would you like to share with my readers today?

My mindset, vision, and passion for FinTech are personal strengths and I wish to see much more inclusion.

Blessings from Seattle, 

Ann Marie Ruby




Special thanks to Marie O’Riordan (Senior Public Relations & Communications Manager of Prepaid Financial Services Limited) for arranging this interview. 


    1. Thank you! Valerie Moran inspired me and as always, my articles are about the inspirational individual, herself, and her journey. I am glad you enjoyed it.

      Ann Marie Ruby

  1. I don’t usually take notice of these rich lists but I am aware that most are males. I found this inspiring and well written. Thanks for posting it.

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