Prayers Of Autumn


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Prayers of Autumn

Prayers of Autumn

Autumn comes with a concert as leaves dance in the wind and change their costumes. All the windows are opened to welcome the change of weather. I too welcome her with a prayer as I light my first candle of autumn.

This season reminds me to gear up for the cold nights ahead. This season also comforts me as I bid my farewell to the unwelcome discomforts of the summer heat.

Through the journey of life, we are faced with obstacles and blessings, yet we always know these dark nights will end as do the beautiful summer nights. What do I hold on to during the periods when I must cross the hurdles? Do I forget to appreciate the blessings when I cross over the obstacles?

I hold on to the blessed words of a prayer as I cross the obstacles.

Also, I keep these blessed words within my lips during the time I land upon safety. I compare myself to a boat sailing through the ocean of life. Always there are waves of obstacles and dark clouds warning of cyclones approaching ahead, yet at times, inland upon clear blue waters under the clear blue skies. Throughout the entire journey, however, I hold on to the blessings of prayers.

Prayers are divine gifts from the unknown. When words comfort the mind, body, and soul, they become a prayer, a poem, a song. I call a prayer, my Candles Of Hope.

Today, as you the traveler journey through life, don’t forget to say a prayer. If you are crossing the hurdles or enjoying profound green fields of life, do remember to say a prayer. For all whom want to say a prayer of hope uniting all humans with each other, not against, I have written my prayer books.

Today, as I hold on to my two prayer books, I want you all to find your comfort within these books too.

The nature in her true glory is my inspiration throughout the fearful nights when I am lonely. The roaring thunder, the sparkling bolts of lightning, and the pouring rain are my free concert through the frightening lonely night.

I have learned to take the obstacles of life as lessons through a storm. I have taken the lightning from the skies above as my Spiritual Lighthouse sending messages to have faith. The storm shall end, as the skies clear up soon. I keep the curtains open and absolutely love to watch nature as she teaches her lessons through a fearful night’s storm.

Throughout these times, I found my faith in words. As I found my faith, I found my hope. I realized I must find my comfort in my positive energy from the beyond. I found the spirits of meditation, yoga, and prayers.

Mother Earth is always there teaching us to have faith in oneself and the positive energies of the universe. The positive healing energies align the mind, body, and soul to positivity.

I knew I needed positive words of songs as my hope glowing like a candle in the dark guiding me to the door of hope.

Blessed I was as I was guided within my dreams and the positive words became songs. I started to write my prayer books which I call, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” and “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”

These two books had given my house, Candles of Hope, to even glow within the dark nights. I found my pen and paper had given me my hope. Even when, “there is no hope there is a way” through my blessed books.

I found homes for my prayer books within the houses of all race, color, and religion. These songs were accepted by all different race and religion, from India to the United Kingdom to the United States as songs of union.

These prayers became a home where all differences are united through our acceptance of these beautiful songs I call prayers. For all humans who are lost and stranded for hope and blessings, I have written these prayers.

This home glows even within the dark as you the beholder of the candles of hope, shall light your home and all others who need this light of hope.

The journey through life is filled with unknown obstacles the eyes cannot see until they appear in front of us. It matters not how safe of a driver you are. When it is dark and nothing can be seen, accidents take place. That’s when you the beholder of the candles of hope can help the lost and stranded.

This life is a journey and we are the travelers driving our vehicles to safety. We look for companions upon this path to belong in a group. We seek a home for ourselves and our companions as we are nesters always searching for a nest. Find your nest first. Then, help the lost birds build a nest for themselves as you glow your candles of hope for yourself and the others.

To belong to someone, to be heard by someone, is why we the humans create families, friends, and similar minded groups. Yet today, I want all humans to unite with one another, for one another. Do not divide by race, color, or religion, but unite for humanity. Hold on to my book of prayers I call songs for yourself and all whom need a prayer on this dark lonely night.

I have written these prayers I call songs. Some call them poems and some have called them Candles of Hope.

Remember prayers do not divide or choose a person by race, color, or ethnicity, but by our personal needs we find them as our hope.

Prayers do not knock on the door and ask about your religious preferences. Prayers only search for the doors of those lonely souls. As you accept them, they arrive with hope like the lost and stranded souls within the ocean seeking a lighthouse to be guided by through a dark stormy night. You the stranded and lonely shall find these prayers as your hope.

For all whom need a prayer tonight, I have written these songs I call prayers. My Spiritual Songs are here as they were created with my tears and love for the one Creator we all call by different names. To wipe out your tears on this lonely night, these prayers have been created. May they bring peace within your inner soul as you accept them within your home as my gift to you the lonely and stranded humans with humanity.

May you accept these books as your Candles of Hope. You too can sing these sweet songs as your candles of hope. Enjoy the change of season. Know Mother Nature guides us throughout our journey through life.

Happy autumn everyone.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

*The cover image is from my backyard in Greater Seattle, Washington!

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