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Twin flames, soulmates, or just love? The complete answer to all unanswered or unasked questions of the mind, body, and soul find their answers within my book “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Throughout time, romantic novels and movies have ruled our mind, body, and soul.

Watching the sun set over water within with the arms of a loved one is the perfect dream of a mind, body, and soul. Does it mean you can’t enjoy the sunsets alone?

Yes you can, as I had walked alone and enjoyed the sun setting upon the North Sea. It was an amazing sight which I will treasure within my inner soul. Yet I did miss him, as thoughts about him keep seeping within my inner soul.

Where is he?
What if he was here? 

I know these questions have no answer within this time period as only the future knows the answers. I must wait for the time wagon to travel and take me to that time of union.

Do I believe in love? Yes I do. Do I believe in twin flames? Again my answer is, yes I do.

I live in the present, yet I know the future is only known to the times of future.  I will keep hope and faith alive until time moves forward to find my answers in front of me. All around me, I know nature too is but proof of complete love and hope.

I had written my name upon the sand by the North Sea, and knew soon we shall write our names upon the sand. Until then, I love this Earth, the seas, and the skies as all of them are my witnesses and proof of love.

What are twin flames? Do we give up on our twin flames?

Don’t ever give up on your twin flame for know twin flames separate and become individuals. You can absolutely survive on your own. Yet as twin flames unite, you complete each other and become one. It is like two halves of the same button. You are separated to be an individual and find your own identity, yet in union you are complete.

Soul to soul, mind to mind, we call upon each other. Does it work? I had always wondered can we call upon each other? The strangest thing happened when a friend of mine had called and asked me if I was okay. For some weird reason, she thought I was calling her. She heard my voice.

I actually had suffered from a cold and was under the weather. As I had left the doctor’s office, I thought if someone could be here and make tea or something for me. My friend arrived and she took her time off work to be with me, and take care of me. As I laid on the sofa being pampered by her and her home cooked meals and hot teas, I wondered how did she know?

This is called an inner relationship with family and friends.

This happens when you are not well and your mother or a close family member or a soul family member somehow knows about this.

My question was, does he know? I knew the Lord was answering my questions and told me, yes he does know. Somehow, some way, he knows. I prayed for both of us to be well and all whom needed a prayer today, I prayed for you too.

Why do we wonder about our significant other?

Natural instincts make us wonder about our twin flames. Our inner feelings are what make us humans. We feel and that is completely normal. We feel lonely, happy, sad, or angry. At times, we wonder about our twin flames. I believe this wondering, this feeling, keeps us grounded. The mind, body, and soul wonder about our twin flames and that is what keeps us grounded.

Like a child avoids taking the wrong turn when he or she thinks , “Oh what would mother say about my action? It is wrong.”

Or a student knows his or her actions would go against the school policy so he or she avoids committing the actions.

Believing in your twin flame keeps you grounded from taking the wrong turn. Life is a blessing and at all crossroads, we bump into obstacles of life. We cross these obstacles and move forward. Believing my twin flame exists, I will never take a wrong turn. I know until I find him, I have a blessed life that I must walk through with grace and honor.

What is the difference between twin flames and soulmates?

I have given this answer before but here I will mention a little about this topic. Soulmates can be a family member or a friend with whom you have some kind of relationship. Sometimes, soulmate do marry and have a sacred life together. Yet twin flames are different and according to different sources, they are a complete whole. Separated, they become two halves and survive as an individual. Sometimes, it is said they separate to become an individual and find themselves. Yet in union, they are one and complete.

To understand the complete aspects of twin flames, one must walk through the miracles of dreams, reincarnation, birth, death and much more, which I do go through within my book. I have tried to walk through the scientific path, the religious path, and my personal research and wisdom incorporated within all. I call my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

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May all of your unanswered questions of life find some answers and peace as you pick up this book and find the peace within your inner soul as I have sought and found writing this book.

Happy reading, and as always, blessings from Seattle,


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