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Journey to the holy waters of Het Vrouweputje

Het Vrouweputje
This is an image of me with my PR team (except for my photographer)! I am walking at the front in the black jacket.

Tears are my best friend as previously mentioned to all of you. After the salty water pours out like a waterfall from my eyes, it heals my inner soul. So, therefore tears are my personal holy water that heals my inner soul.

Do you believe water heals?

Thirst believes water heals. Thirsty plants, lands, humans, and animals alike are all healed through water.

A yogini I had become through my spiritual dreams. Today, this world has given me the opportunity to travel to a medieval healing site in Zeeland, the Netherlands. My journey to this medieval historic site was also spiritual. Like a thirsty traveler, I knew I had to go and visit this amazing site, and quench my personal thirst.

Goes, the Netherlands
Wild bees sign at Het Vrouweputje.
A traveler, I became to inspire myself first and then let my inspiration awaken within you – a traveler.

From yesteryears, we have upon us, the gifts of the saints, the philosophers, and the seekers who had left their travel journals for us as guidelines. The religious scholars, the philosophical scholars, and the scientific scholars all have walked upon this path. Some believe in spirituality and the miracles of the beyond, yet some don’t. All of us have our own destination we pick and choose.

Het Vrouweputje
Source Of Unity sign at Het Vrouweputje.

Today, I too had followed my sacred dreams to a land I call, my dreamland. Within this land, I have found magical tulip fields, the singing windmills, and the healing powers of the North Sea.

This sea had called upon me through my dreams as my pen found words of admiration and for that I too became a poet and have written poems within my last book for her.

Like myself, the past travelers too had come upon the chest of this North Sea, as they too have heard about her healing powers. This sea too is a traveler like myself as she travels through Great Britain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. The amazing vast water unites different lands and cultures through her travels. Inspired by the miracle path of water and her journeys, I unite all lands, cultures, and races through my pen and paper.

I had asked myself, “What do we the travelers have in common with the ocean, the land, and all of the skies above?”

The answer was our journey throughout time. The answer came to me through my travel journeys. We all travel in search of peace and serenity. Peace may be found within the land, skies, or upon the banks of the North Sea.

Today, I would like to introduce you to an amazing place I had traveled upon as I traveled through the land of my dreams. This is an amazing well that has historical and mystical significance. This well was again brought to life by an amazing group of people who too believe in miracles and blessings.

Things to see in Zeeland, the Netherlands
Crataegus monogyna (common hawthorn) sign at Het Vrouweputje.
To you and me, this well is known as Het Vrouweputje in Zeeland.

To me, this is more significant as I was shown about this well within my dreams. A well in the land of orange had called upon me as I saw night after night dreams about a well. I knew I must visit the well. I knew my dreams had always hinted toward the Netherlands, yet I never had placed a well in this country.

During my travels, I heard of such a well in the Netherlands. However, again I did not link it to any particular places. This time, I asked my PR group to find out more information about the well and I had started my journey to this medieval healing site.

Visiting Zeeland, the Netherlands
A sign at Goes railway station in the heart of Zeeland, the Netherlands.
From The Hague, I had traveled to a faraway city called Goes in the province of Zeeland.

Here you will find this magical well called Het Vrouweputje also known in English as the women’s well.

The train ride was amazing as it gave me an opportunity to see the Dutch country site in comfort. The colorful windmills and farm animals gazing around the canals were picturesque images I will treasure forever. I felt home, yet I knew my travels would end soon as my vacation time comes to an end. I enjoyed every moment with the blessings of the Heavens above as the weather too was very nice.

From the train station, we had taken a cab to Het Vrouweputje. As we walked to the pond, the managers were waiting to greet our group with so much love and enthusiasm. I wish I could have left something for them as my gift and appreciation. So, I left with this group my inner blessings to be with them. May they have the financial and whatever sustenance they need to protect this blessed site. I also gifted them a copy of my book “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

Visiting Zeeland, the Netherlands
A picture of me standing in front of the bridge leading towards Het Vrouweputje.
Het Vrouweputje is a pond that was originally a healing site people had come to visit and get healed.

Humans and animals all had come to be healed from arthritis and other illnesses all humans and animals alike suffer from. This medieval site had been a tourist site for people from churches, schools, and spiritual seekers. The tales go back to medieval times. A woman named Greet, had seen the Virgin Mary, who had appeared to her and asked her to cure people using the pond water.

Women's Well
Het Vrouweputje

The legend also says in the 1940s, a woman had treated her arthritis leg using this pond water. Her son would get the water for her always, yet once he had not brought the pond water and she immediately knew it was not water from Het Vrouweputje. To this day, spiritual wisdom seekers travel to this place to find peace and serenity.

A few women had gotten together with the help of GroenLinks councillor Manda Heddema, who had brought together a board to save one of the last natural sites.

This natural site also has indigenous plants and is considered a natural preserve. Heddemas’ reason to save this site was more for environmental reasons. Yet, because some people have come together, we the humans have amongst us a site we can now visit.

Maybe you are spiritual and believe in the visits of the Virgin Mary as retold by some, or maybe you are an environmentalist who wants to save the planet.

Yet, our final goal is the same. Save the planet, save the humans, save the animals. Free all from physical and emotional pain. Let the believers believe and let their beliefs free them from all pain and sufferings.

Life is a miracle. Like the miracles of sunrise and sunsets, we find upon our journeys – these unknown doors of miracles. Within my journal of miracles, I found this amazing site which I too had received within my dreams. I don’t want to compare this pond with any other holy waters worshiped around this globe for the faith and the believer is united through their personal belief.

Het Vrouweputje in Goes, the Netherlands
A picture of me standing near Het Vrouweputje.

I believe water heals and for that reason I have written my poem about the North Sea. Yet, today I was shown another well of water which people believe also heals. I would like to say the healing part must be within your personal belief like a prayer too heals as the reciter believes and prays with complete faith.

I must say this site was an amazing destination, as my inner soul has found peace and serenity standing here.

Within my hands, I had my rosary as I had traveled to this site. I knew all race, color, and religion have their own prayer beads of faith within their lips. May your prayers be heard as you recite from your inner soul. Believe in your found path and please respect all others as they too find peace in their found path.

Today, if you are traveling here as an environmentalist or a soul seeking spirituality, remember we can all unite for one another.

Het Vrouweputje in Goes, the Netherlands
When I was walking from the bridge towards Het Vrouweputje.

I ask all the travelers who journey to the Netherlands to stand by the amazing North Sea, or walk around the historical buildings of The Hague, or travel on a Tuk Tuk in Amsterdam, or visit the famous tulip fields of Keukenhoff, also do try to come and visit this amazing site.

Ann Marie Ruby visiting Goes, the Netherlands
A picture of me standing in front of Het Vrouweputje.
My sacred soul found the well that had been unknown, yet shown to me within my dreams.

It was a magical day to be able to stand near the well and know humans with humanity had gone to work to save this medieval well. Here the environmentalists’ path had united with the spiritualists’ path and saved for all of us, Het Vrouweputje of Goes, Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

Het Vrouweputje
In this picture, you can see me (standing in the black jacket), and the managers of Het Vrouweputje including Nel Bouwhuis.

I would like to personally thank Nel Bouwhuis, for her hospitality. I cherish your friendship and know your personal efforts and all others whom are trying to protect this amazing site will be blessed.

Here is the link for all of my visitors whom would like to visit this site for yourself.

As always, blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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