Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.



Official book release of Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands!

Life is a journey through the memory lanes. Life begins and ends. Yet the memories left behind are kept alive through the acceptance of the present, past, and future generations. We must keep the lanterns of the past lit for the future generations.

AMR Everblooming

The messages are not always of positivity, or the right or wrong decisions they had taken. It is the taken paths of the past inhabitants we learn from.

Today, for my love of a country I am not born in or a citizen of, I have brought to all of you the tales of the past inhabitants.

As I traveled through this country by plane, by bus, by tram, by train, by canoe, or on foot, I realized this country has a rich history which not everyone around this Earth knows about. All the memories of these past inhabitants, I keep alive through binding the pages of memories within a book. I have seen so many tales from the past get lost in time if not bound within a book.

Some stories had come through the tour guide story tellers. Some stores came through visiting certain sites. Also, some stories came from the mouth of the blessed citizens, on the bus or tram or even in shopping centers.

For a country, I awakened to whom I am not related or tied to through anything but my selfless love.

I realized love is not a bond through any give or take but through the union of life. Love can neither be seen nor heard yet only felt through the individual. I realized I must do something for my own belief. I must bring in front of this world another side of a country I believe is Heaven on Earth.

As a dream psychic, I had found the Netherlands within my dreams. This faraway land had appeared and told me stories from her land that were completely unknown to me. Yet after I had awakened at dawn, I searched and found all the stories found within my dreams. The faces too had names and were real. The places, the events, and the people were either from the present days, or the past inhabitants of the Netherlands. So as you all had asked why the Netherlands, my answer is because the country appeared to me within my dreams. Your question was why am I a dream psychic, the answer is because I have seen events and people from the past, present, and future in my dreams. I have through the journey of my life found out my dreams have come true, within time.

For this same reason, I had given all of you my book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.

This was my first gift through my found love. You all have proved your love for me and responded with a blessed prayer as this book became a #1 international bestseller.

I knew I must do something more so my love is justified through my words. So today, I give you a gift through my pen and paper, my new book. In this book, I have again become a poet for you as I have included fourteen of my original poems.

Within this book, I have through memories brought back to life some of the past Dutch inhabitants.

Walking through the lives of historical figures, we can teach ourselves the way forward and the path to avoid if within life we are confronted.

We the present get to meet and greet some of the past inhabitants of the Netherlands. Here, the unrequited lovers, twin flames, historical figures, forefathers, famous painters, diarists, writers, scientists, inventors, poets, accused witches, war heroes, and humanitarians guide the future through their lives lived.

Within this book, I as a yogini, a spiritual guru, and a dream psychic, talk about only the positive sides of a person. Remember, you the individual can only move forward through being positive. I believe we the present should be guided by the past inhabitants. Always try to see where they have done the right thing or the wrong thing, but without judging them personally. Judge the outcome through their lives lived, and how you can guide the present and future generations through their lives lived. This way, no one is wrong but their taken actions and the reactions they caused was the final decision. Let their actions be judged by only the reactions of the events.

I am the guide as I walk you through their lives, not by judging but by guiding you to look at the outcomes.

Through these lessons, we the present will avoid walking on a railway track where there is no warning sign but only the lessons of the past.

History and historical figures can never be erased, for they were there. It matters not if we like them or not. Through lessons of the past lives, we learn. History teaches us from the past for history is the best teacher of life.

I believe life is a lesson learned from the past to live, be guided within the present, and to leave behind for the future generations.

I have brought some of the historical Dutch figures you might be familiar with and some you are not. These Dutch figures, I believe have a lesson to teach all the world citizens through their lives lived.

Amazing horror stories buried within the walls here come to life. Soul touching romantic couples teach you about true twin flames. Historical scientific figures guide you even to this day. Famous teachers from the past still teach as their teachings don’t stop even after their life ends. How can I forget the famous witch stories of the past? I have not as they too would like you to listen to their tales of the past. The World War II heroes and victims too have their stories to share. The face or person behind the famous painters also are brought back to life within these pages.

Come to the Netherlands and travel geographically through her twelve provinces as I guide you to discover her geographically. I have created maps for her individual provinces and a guide for their locations before I take you through the lives of her past inhabitants.

Each chapter is a book on its own through an individual province and tales from that particular province.

These tales will keep you awake and intrigued to finish the whole book. Yet you can close the book as you finish each chapter and know you will have another province and more tales from the past waiting for you for another bedtime tale. For you today this book will be yours yet tomorrow this book will be your future generation’s bedtime tale.

A reviewer I had sent the book to has said she was so intrigued by the book, she felt she will keep this book for her future generations as a keepsake book.

I want all of you to pick this book up. Travel through the country and her past inhabitants through this keepsake book. As you finish the book, you will want to read this over and over again. My reviewer had sent this book to her friends as she wanted to share her love for this book with them.

I want all of you to share the same feeling with me.

Let us all gather up in a group under the starlit skies for storytime of the past Dutch inhabitants.

Let us learn from them. Enjoy their memories as we keep their stories alive through this keepsake book throughout time.

My gift for a country I love now comes to life through the pages of my book, as I have framed their memories to be a keepsake throughout time. I believe even memories fade throughout time as we the present generation become the past. Yet a book remains present throughout time. This book will forever keep within her pages, the memories of the past alive.

I hope you have seen the book cover. The book cover was designed with special love for the book. In the book trailer, the book is talking about the stories of the past inhabitants. The book trailer has come to life from within the pages of the book as the inhabitants and their stories shall be forever present within the trailer too.

I hope you all enjoy this book as I have enjoyed writing this book and bringing back the memories from some of the past inhabitants of the Dutch framed within this book.

The name of this book is my gift for these past inhabitants as I believe from the past they will eternally be,

Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.


Ann Marie Ruby


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