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I hope this day greets all with harmony and blessings. Remember to open the door of blessings. As you bless all around you, like the wagon of karma, blessings shall also come knocking upon your door. Spread harmony and be harmonious, as you travel through life.

The main objective of attracting positivity and growing from it, is being positive first. Believe in the miracles of life and only then shall you awaken within the outcomes of miracles.

I became a believer first and then I became the traveler of life.

The road is there. I the traveler had to walk upon this unknown path of positivity to find its blessed rewards.

The journey is hard, as the path is covered in the unknown mist of life. Yet with a lantern of hope within my hands, I started to walk. To refill my lantern along this unknown path, all I needed as oil for my lantern were hope and belief.

People try to take me off my track with criticism and negativity, yet I know they are lost and stranded as they only want all to be lost and stranded with them too. I know it is I the individual who must awaken and stand up for myself. Alone to be on the right path is far better than being arrogant and on the wrong path.

I let go of arrogance, ignorance, anger, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. I throw all of these in the water of life as I have picked up blessings and love.

As I was awakening from within, I had a dream and started to meditate, and do yoga and reiki.

In my dream, I saw I was walking past a river where I knew there was light and my Lord had spoken to me. I had taken a bath in the warm water where I saw I was blessed by the hands of my Lord. I speak of only a part of the dream.

After I had awakened from this dream, I knew I must believe in myself. I must not fall astray by the pure pressure of life. I started believing in myself and started to walk on my own.

To let go of all earthly negativities of life, I meditate. I became a vegetarian to refill my energies and knew I could easily do reiki. I became a dream psychic as I was blessed with this gift.

Also, I enjoy life as I am positive and know whatever life gives, dawn breaks open as the day too must end. It is what we do in between the allocated time gifted to us by our Creator that counts.

My gifts to this world are my written books where the messages shall be eternal even when the time passes by all of us.

So for all of you, I have my various books. My prayer books, Spiritual Songs, are for all race, color, and religion, as these prayers I call songs are for all humans across the globe. For a daily dose of inspiration, I have my four quotation books which have also been compiled into one book, Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations, where you can take one quotation a day and be the inspiration for others.

My Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby is a guide into the world of dreams. This book is a guide for all humans to see firsthand my predictions of the future and a guide through science, religion, and philosophy. This book shows how to believe in dreams and the unknown gift that has guided all throughout time. Within this book, I talk about one of the catastrophic pandemics of 2020.

My book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light walks all through the few aspects of life we don’t want to walk upon or agree on as humans. Here, I take you on a journey trough the door of birth, death, reincarnation, dreams, twin flames, and much more.

I have not forgotten the hate crimes. As a dream psychic, I had predicted this and had warned all to do something together in union. I had written my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic for this reason to only guide and caution all. In this book, I had talked about another pandemic of 2020.

The author and her words are never restricted to only one book or one page. My words found their way to a country I love and believe to be my heaven on Earth.

For my love, I have woven for this country two books.

One book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, walks through her history, each province, ten original poems, and much more as I want all the tourists to visit this land through the pages of my book even if you can’t go in person.

My love and admiration had taken a permanent seat within my soul as I traveled through this amazing land. I knew I must do something for her to keep this land and her people forever bound in the memories of the pages of my book. So, I have now brought to you my latest and twelfth book, Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. Within the pages of this book, you will find short tales of the Dutch past inhabitants. You will come across some twin flames, scientists, painters, teachers, diarists, and horror stories of the past. These people are there to guide you through their lives lived and through my words of wisdom.

Today, I ask you the human to have a look at my books and get the faith and belief you need from them.

Be positive and learn to pray with my songs. Recite my poems and know how I a visitor can write patriotic poems for a foreign land. Never give up on yourself and your belief.

Just carry within the gift basket of life, positivity, hope, blessings, and a lot of love. Learn to smile and be happy, even during the darkest days of your life. Please remember I am a person who travels along the same path you are traveling upon. I have lit all the lanterns for you to be blessed by. Never are anyone of you alone as above us we have the bright stars, beyond we have the blessed Mother Earth, and on Earth we have one another. Forever, let us be positive for one another.

The birds and deer are having a feast on my apple tree, as they share the delicious fruit. I hear harmonious bird songs as I watch the picture perfect examples of harmony within my yard, through the amazing colorful birds and the deer. Be harmonious and learn from nature how you too can live with all in peace and spread harmony.

With blessings and love,

Ann Marie Ruby

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