Spiritual Lighthouse by Ann Marie Ruby



My dream diaries are my personal travel journals throughout time. Diaries are written to store memories within paper. Bound together, these pages become a journal. My dreams are my very personal memories as they become a part of my travel journal. Today, I have collected all of these pages from my nightly journals and bound forty nights for you within this book I call, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

For thousands of nights, I have traveled through the parallel world where time stood still as I found answers to my unanswered questions.

The dark cold ocean water gripped my soul into frozen fears, as the glimmering hot sun gave me the comforts to keep moving forward. Throughout time, I always found hope within the dark cold ocean through the form of my dreams. I knew these dreams were, are, and shall always be my guiding light, my Spiritual Lighthouse.

Do you believe in dreams?

Most religions are based on prophetic dreams from various religious scholars. Scientists have not stayed behind as through different scientific studies, they too believe in dreams. Today, however, I won’t talk about the gifted scholars who have provided us with evidence that dreams are true, but only about my own experience walking through this sacred tunnel I call the door of dreams.

I believe in dreams as I am the firsthand witness to my own dreams.

Through this path, I have walked with the dead. I have seen the future. I avoided danger and guided myself and others. As I had mentioned within my book, I had seen dead people communicate with me when they still had their last wishes left untended for.

I had seen one such person had asked for my assistance as her last burial wishes were not kept. After my dreams, I had waited to figure out how to ask, as I was fearful of being ridiculed, but found out I was right. Her last wishes were not kept by her family members. I was too late. Her last wishes were only known to them, yet I found out through my dreams. Later on though, I was able to help someone else whose family members were able keep her last wishes.

Can I help all whom ask?

No, as I can only help those who believe. I have traveled through time and seen the past generations who had lived through war, natural and unnatural devastation, where I had tried to help and guide them for their future generations.

Can I predict the future?

Through my blessed dreams, I do travel time where I have walked with people who still wait to be born. I have foreseen the future of others and myself. At times, I have seen warnings and danger signs. Dreams guide me through obstacles and at times, I can avoid the dangers. Yet at times, I too face the dangers I was warned ahead about.

Did I predict COVID-19?

Yes, I had seen a deadly disease that had struck our world. I had seen this dream over and over again. Always, I had tried to compare this with the flu, Zika, or dengue fever. I knew this particular virus had come from an open market area. I knew we must stop this as humans would face a catastrophic storm. Yet, I could not do anything as neither am I a scientist nor a doctor. So, how do I warn people?

I had published my dream diaries hoping people would pay heed to the words of scientists, religious scholars, and a dream psychic. I knew this disease was airborne and somehow spread very fast, yet I was confused why I had seen an open market. Within my book, I wrote about this.

How can we prevent future catastrophic storms?

This world has divided itself through religion, race, and color. Maybe if we were all united for one another, we could foresee these catastrophic storms and prevent them. Believe in the words of a dream psychic, or don’t is your personal preference, but do not ignore them.

Today, I bring to you the blessed book trailer for my sacred book. Here I want all of you to walk with me through the door of dreams.

When my body falls asleep, my soul travels to the parallel world through the tunnel of dreams. Here, I found my spiritual soul had guided me through the Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.

Through different nights, I walked where I had seen the deadly viruses that began again.

I walked through the judgment days. I walked through messages from the dead. Within the House of the Archangels, I walked. I had witnessed birth and death. United soul to soul, I had seen twin flames. I walked through the voices of miracles and the unknown future where I was left with a knight’s promise. I walked from the past, through the future, to this present day.

Time is a patient traveler as she travels and has taught all to be patient like her. Like the patient traveler time, I too ask you the individual travelers to hold on to my hands and time travel with me through my Dream Diaries.

Today, for all of you I have bound my personal diaries into a book I call Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

Come and enjoy the trailer as you find this book as my gift to you.

Love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby


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