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August morning awakens this world to yet another divided world. The powerful strength of division twirls inside the humans and awakens the catastrophic storm of 2020. Here upon Earth, all colors are missing as I see the rainbow of humanity is missing.

All around the Earth, I see teardrops appear from the people who don’t have a voice. They see unjust and pain ripping through the one globe. This pain is more powerful than even a catastrophic storm ripping through this Earth. During storms, we get warnings and are able to hide in union with our human brothers and sisters within safe shelters.

Yet this invisible storm that hides within our human brothers and sisters, can’t be seen or heard.

Innocently without knowing, we cry upon the shoulders that bear the catastrophic hatred within their inner souls. Letting go of all our emotions, we seek peace and justice yet little do we know the shoulders that were wet from the teardrops of their neighbors are not bearing understanding but hatred engraved on top of them.

Tears do not have colors and can’t be felt as they are not your own. Yet do know they fall upon Mother Earth as she is the only silent witness through all of our committed injustice. She holds on to the teardrops. She is the silent observer who only wants to unite all her children throughout this Earth.

Mother Earth provides a beautiful rainbow above the Earth upon the skies, building a beautiful bridge through colors.

We can follow this bridge upon the skies to find our pot of gold. This pot of gold we seek is upon Earth for if we follow the rainbow from one end to the other, we find humans standing under the bridge of rainbow admiring the amazing show of colors.

The pot of gold then must be the colorful humans standing in union upon Earth. Holding hands in union are the amazing colorful humans with humanity. This human bridge is my rainbow upon Earth.

These are all the humans awakened with humanity, who stand for one another. Through the sunshines and thunderstorms of life, these humans are found as the skippers roaming around to be there for your needs. They don’t ask, seek, or knock for any acknowledgement but only acknowledge you who are the lost and stranded.

Don’t ever lose hope even if you are standing all alone in the dark thunderstorms of life, for with an umbrella will appear humans with humanity.

Teardrops are held gently within the palms of these humans. They let you pour out all your emotions upon their shoulders as they will help you walk over to safety.

How do you find them?

Within all catastrophes, we find ourselves, the victims, the preys, and the heroes, who appear from beneath the fog. Not in a dream or in a movie, but real life heroes appear within all catastrophes.

The pandemics of 2020 too will bring upon our destinies unknown brave heroes.

Through the catastrophic hate crimes, we will find ourselves within the embraces of humans standing for one another. We shall see people who never thought they too care standing with tears of understanding. We shall find humans speaking out for one another. The doors of those houses you feared are only for the rich and famous will open their gates to your emotions. People do care and this message is what will come out of this catastrophic storm.

The predators of the cold pandemic of the catastrophic hate crimes shall also be unmasked in front of all. As the moon shines upon the Earth, Mother Earth will show the reflections of the predators upon the reflecting teardrop rivers of this Earth.

The journey is a hard struggle and is filled with pain and unjust.

Faith however should never be lost as Mother Earth teaches us the sun does appear after a dark storm. Throughout the stormy nights, however, don’t worry about keeping your tears shut in your eyes. Let them go and let them flow from your eyes to the hands of a stranger, for within these strangers are hidden all the Angels in disguise.

Hope finds herself back within all homes as we allow her back within our hearts. It may sound like an unknown guest as everything seems lost and stranded at this time of 2020. Yet dawn shall break through. Do hold on to this fact of Mother Nature. Mother Nature herself gives us her proof positive of the future through her travel journey.

Today, we face two of the catastrophic storms of our lives in the same year, the health crisis (predicted in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby) and the Hate Crisis (predicted in The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic). I had predicted these crises as you all keep asking me for the next step in these pandemics.

The health crisis will end as we figure out the reason behind this and then walk toward the eradication process.

We all must join in this process and do as the scientific scholars ask of us for they are our saving grace in this journey. Do not break their guidance given as then you are the virus and not a part of the prevention team.

The hate crisis too shall end as you awaken and do your share. Do not become a predator and walk with them as then you too will become victim of your own game. Your huntings shall come over and knock upon your doors as you open your inner soul to your hunting knocks. Your worst enemy or your best friend known as teardrops will knock upon your eyes. Then and only then, open your inner self conscious and knock out your hate for one and all.

“Let us stand six feet apart, wearing a mask, in a line across this world for one another, not six feet below. For only then in union, shall we eradicate the world health crisis and hate crisis of 2020.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

As humanity awakens all humans, we shall all rise beyond all hate crimes.

For one another, we shall be the removers of all obstacles we have placed upon the path through inner hateful acts.

One by one, each community shall eradicate the health crisis and the hate crisis in union. Remember not to be the giver of grief but be the remover of grief.

As we awaken humanity throughout this world, do remember to appreciate and enjoy the blessed colorful rainbow upon the skies. Place your hands upon the hands of your neighbors and don’t let go. Then, across this one Earth, we shall have the most amazing colorful rainbow. The skies above us shall look down and recite the children upon Earth have created the most beautiful rainbow.

We the humans united for one another shall create the best bridge of rainbow upon Earth through humanity awakened, called the rainbow of humanity.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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