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A Christmas gift where you too can travel time, Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.

Today, one of my fans made me cry. These are happy tears. From a faraway land, this unknown messenger shared her inner appreciation about my book, Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. A reader today in a review wrote the book was a great read. She loved it so much she read it in one go. She loved the stories and enjoyed reading the stories through each province. Another reader wrote she enjoyed the book so much she thinks this book should be a part of the school reading curriculum.

Their heartfelt appreciation is what makes an author’s life a blessing. These comments are why I wrote the book. This was my personal feeling. I wanted to give a gift from my inner soul to the land of my dreams. All twelve provinces were within the everlasting memories of I the traveler. For this amazing country, I wanted to do something more that pulls me to her.

I had received a thank you note on behalf of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, Her Majesty Queen Máxima, and His Excellency Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

I have kept the letters in my personal appreciation diaries forever.

Why I wrote the book is simple. I framed my travel memories within the portraits of my life. It is then I knew I must also frame the memories of past travelers of this land. I traveled physically through the twelve provinces of the Netherlands and collected the everblooming tales of some past inhabitants of this land.

My love to keep these memories alive and to give them a new perspective through my eyes had taken a life and became everblooming. As a child, I had collected fallen leaves and tried to keep them alive within my pressed book. I knew the past inhabitants of the Netherlands within my eyes seemed like the dried tulip petals. I had to bring them back within our memories as even when a life ends, memories live on forever.

So within the pages of this book, I have framed forever some of the inhabitants of a country I call my dreamland. The birth story of this amazing book is tied with the birth of my love for this faraway land.

Travel time with me as you travel through the twelve provinces of the Netherlands.

As you enter a province, I will introduce you to this province through a poem, her geographical compass, sightseeing ideas, and blessed tales of her land. Each province is a book on her own. Yet when you travel through the heart touching tales of this land, you will want to read this over and over again and you will pass this on to your future generations as a keepsake throughout time.

Why I believe you should read the book is also simple. Learn from the amazing inhabitants of the past. Read about the witches, true twin flames, unrequited lovers, scientists, writers, poets, diarists, painters, war heroes, and much more. Their tales take us to another time where they still reside within the pages of this book.

Read about these characters. See through my eyes why I think each life was a message left for the future generation. All of the residents of this amazing book have their tales to share with you and through my eyes, they will guide you. They will give you a message you will pass on to your future generations.

The past inhabitants guide us the present through their lives lived. Past inhabitants guide even without their knowledge. For when their tales reach us, we the present travelers know what to expect and avoid as we are being guided by the past inhabitants.

This Christmas, you can bring home a book you will not be able to put down without finishing it.

You will pass this on to your family members, your neighbors, and friends.

My prayer is may this book be a gift for the world citizens all over. May through the pages of this book, a nation I love be a loved and blessed country all humans place in their memories forever. All the inhabitants of this book will find a place within the homes and hearts of all the global citizens. From the past, I know these citizens shall remind this one world that we are all trying to live for one another.

Once upon a time within a faraway land, lived humans with humanity who have now traveled time through my own pen and paper. Today, their memories have found a home within the pages of a keepsake book I call, Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.

This Christmas, you too can bring this book home and believe in the miracles of Christmas. A gift you can give yourself and all your loved ones. My tulip bulbs coming back to life in spring remind me of the magical tulips from a land I love. For this love, I have brought to you my blessings in the form of Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands.

This book is available to order worldwide from Amazon and most major book retailers.

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Happy reading!


Ann Marie Ruby


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