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Wildfires are burning across a few states in the West Coast, taking down homes and livelihoods.

Strange these fires don’t need any help to spread yet there is only so much we can do to stop them from spreading. I hope all the firefighters battling these ravishing fires find strength from our combined prayers.

Today, we the residents of Washington State, Oregon, and California face another catastrophic storm. Some of it is weather related and some around my home are human created. Due to the wildfires in the West Coast, Seattle now has one of the worst air quality levels in the world. The Governor of Washington State has requested residents to stay off the roads this weekend if possible to give emergency crews a better chance to help all of us when needed.

To ignite a fire amongst nature or humans, you will find so many volunteers. Yet to extinguish the fires, there are only limited volunteers. Remember wildfires are like the wild angers of a human. They see nothing and hear nothing but their inner rage. The powerful hands of water and the understanding of a calm mind can resolve both fires.

My home in her twenty-acre estate with amazing mountain views and dreamlike ponds, is barely visible because of the smoke.

It looks like a beautiful fairy tale foggy atmosphere. Yet, one cannot go out without feeling the toxic air. It is really not safe to be out in the open air. Remember, not everything that looks like gold is gold. I moved here to be in a quiet serene place where it felt like heaven on Earth. Little did I know, loneliness is not always heaven on Earth.

Trying to be safe within this disaster which will evaporate in time, yet we must be ready if we have to evacuate.

Again, I had a strange dream where I saw fire all around. I was asking all of my friends to be careful. Then, as I awakened from my sleep, I sent a message to my friends asking them to remove all of their gasoline for lawn mowing to a safer place in case of a fire. Two days later, the dream became a reality.

Some of the members of my PR team had my emails asking them to be careful.

Dreams are just that, dreams, until they become reality.”

– Ann Marie Ruby

In Abrahamic religions, it says prophetic dreams can take up to 22 years to become a reality.

As a dream psychic, in 2017, I published my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby where I predicted the coronavirus outbreak as seen in my dreams.

Yet at times, dreams become a reality overnight.

I am blessed to have a roof over my head and I pray we all feel safe in our own homes where we have the right to feel safe. Yet I know recently I have felt otherwise in my own home. I will write about that another time. Today, I have some personal decisions I must make. I know I never talk about my personal life as we all have personal stories hidden within our chests.

I ask all of you to send in your prayers, so I make the right decision and not take the wrong turn within life. Always, I walk within the path of my Lord, with basic moral values.

Be safe wherever you are and I pray the catastrophes of 2020 be over. May all in California, Oregon, and my home state – Washington State be safe. May all citizens across this globe be safe from COVID-19. May all hate crimes end. I also pray may all your innocent prayers said purely without any selfish actions reach the door of The Omnipotent.

My prayers and blessings be with all of you,

Ann Marie Ruby

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