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Sounds of pouring rain on top of my roof stimulated my sleepy form. The God-given musical concert was so beautiful as I watched nature perform tonight. Yet I could remember a younger self who was so frightened to face this musical concert, she would cry herself lonely to bed. Yes, I know the person better than anyone else in this world. How could I not know her, as the person I talk about is myself. On a stormy lonely night, I had to confront myself, for on that lonely night I trained myself on how to overcome fear.

That night, I had wanted someone strong to hold on to me and give some support to me, when I fall or when I just needed an extra support. I woke up and had stood in front of my mirror as I spilled all the tearworks out that were possible to store within my eyes. I watched myself in the mirror and saw a person I did not like. A person who was not what I had ever wanted to be was staring at me from the mirror. A frightened person I dreaded the most. All I heard was the bible quote, “Fear Not,” yet I only feared.

In self awakening, I immersed myself and devoted my life to awakening myself and all others around me.

My journey, I knew had begun through spiritual awakening.

I did not wipe off the tears, I let them flow and wash away my fears. I feared the storms so much that I sat on my front porch and watched the wild storms. The wild storms had evolved around the world I stood upon. I confronted them yet I could not erase the storms of Mother Nature. So, I wrote my poetry and my books, keeping the wild nature as my backdrop. I painted my world through words, and created my poetry, prayer songs, and my romance fiction books, as they became my support. They held on to me and as I almost tripped, they became my strength.

Fear is the single word that takes over our heartbeats, even though our heartbeats are faster and more powerful. A single word takes control over all of us the humans at some time or another.

Can you believe we have made it to the moon yet we are not able to erase our own inner fears? When I sat outside watching the wild storms of the night, I realized I had walked outside to face you my inner fear, yet you, fear, could only have the courage to scare me from outside. I must be stronger than you for I have faced you even when you were wild and furious. Until you were calm, I know I had to sit and wait to confront you, my own fears. I would have been a coward to have faced you while you were so furious. Yet you were not so powerful as I was able to be calm and get over my fears by myself.

You too can overcome all of your fears.

Remember, the power is within your own hands. You can be victorious as you take back control. Each individual must go and stand in front of her or his mirror of life. Look into the mirror and ask yourself what is it you fear. Then when it is safe and secure, you can confront yourself and become the warrior who fights for her or himself.

As a teenager, I had extreme pain in my abdomen. Not clear what it was, I had fought my own fear of the unknown and became a warrior. To find out what was wrong with myself, I fought. I was able to figure out through help from talented young doctors, I had gallbladder stones. I was told an underweight woman, so young can’t have them. Yet I did and I proved I was able to face all the fears and be victorious. The doctors had asked me why I was so happy even after facing death and a near-death experience. I replied I am so happy I know what the problem is as I can now fight for myself.

Today as decades have passed, I still know I am a fighter who can fight for herself. I am a lover of all humans who shall stand up and hold on to all of your hands if you are lonely tonight trying to fight for yourself. Whatever you fear, remember life is a journey where we must choose our path, friends, and work places. At all times, we must all try to help the helpless as we must spread words of encouragement around the globe.

Today as you walk back into your safe haven, your home, pick up courage as you say, “No” to your inner fears.

Today walk back through own experiences of life while you retell yourself about the obstacles you had crossed. As we the world citizens today face the same fearful path of death through COVID-19, we should be strong and brave. Watch how so many have beaten this enemy. We have the scientific scholars who have understood our fears and the real danger we face. They have gifted this world our lanterns of hope. The people who have bid their farewell too have faced their worst fears. Yet they have become our heroes, as their lives are not lost but like forget-me-nots, have become the reason the scientific scholars have found a way out for all of us.

Don’t fear death as the words in the Bible that was repeated so many times was, “Fear Not.”

There is no end but just beginning as all fears end when they are not feared anymore. Seek strength, positivity, harmony, and love. Don’t seek fear or be fearful of anything. Let it go. Separate your path from your fears and unite with love and joy.

Take a detour as you drive your earthly vehicle on this journey of life. Take the route that says, “Laughter lives here.” Be upon the path that says, “Positivity survives here.” Take the route where it says, “I the individual am alone the true energy and if I find hands that will support me, that is my treasure. Otherwise, I will journey on my own fearlessly, not looking for treasures but will become your treasure through my love for you.”

Today if you are going through a fearful day or night, remember to turn on the lights and say to yourself there is nothing on or above this world you should fear as the Lord even said to all of us, “Fear Not.”

So, I voice to all of you whom have asked me, how I fearlessly have awakened in my life. For example, today, I have fifteen books out. Within my books, I have covered spirituality, motivation, poetry, social welfare, romance fiction, and more. All were my own journey through a fearless yet compassionate and endless love for humanity. If I could not have tackled my inner fears, I would still be watching the empty page of my diaries in hope they would fill up magically. Yet they did not fill up on their own but I had to write all my stories with my pen on paper.

Today do awaken yourself and bid your farewell to your inner fears.

Don’t do it for me or because of my life stories, but what God had said in the Bible, “Fear Not.”

These blessed words are your hope and lantern that will guide you through the most fearful questions of life, HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR.


Ann Marie Ruby

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