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Travelers have been upon the path of a journey throughout time.

The faces have changed as time passes by. Yet, the past, present, and future travelers are all connected throughout time. How does a traveler connect the world into one book, or a diary, or a page? Through words, the past, present, and future travelers all connect this one world into one home. I too have joined this group as I try connecting the world through words.

As a child, I had watched the stars upon the heavenly skies in hope of catching a shooting star.

With my hands in a prayer gesture, I would wait with so much hope. Still to this day, I wait for the shooting stars. I would dream of flying high up in the sky and catching a star all for myself.

This Christmas, I did fly through the skies to a faraway land to celebrate my first Christmas in the land of my dreams, the Netherlands. No, I did not catch a star or find a miracle waiting for me as I landed. Yet, I found the faraway land to be my very special Christmas gift.


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Pouring rain, high winds, and shivering cold had caught me off guard.

My small umbrella flew away from my hands as I broke down in laughter. Memories came flooding in as flying away umbrellas were my thing growing up as a child. Worried if my umbrella hurt anyone, I realized my friends were all laughing with me as they caught my umbrella for me. Blessed I was to have a group of friends traveling with me on this trip.

As I had entered a restaurant to have dinner after a very long trip, the waiter had asked my name and told me he had read my book, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.” I was shocked to realize this world had my book all over her as I know this book was an overnight bestseller, yet to meet someone who had read was amazing.

A traveler I had become through words of wisdom.

My words travel faster than any airplane flying through the skies. Even when my journey ends, my words still travel throughout time. Today as I spoke with total strangers, I realized the journey of a traveler ends, yet the journey of an author and her words become immortal.

I had found more fans as I saw more of my books had found their owners throughout this land. It felt amazing to know through words of wisdom I had connected this land with my land. From the Douglas fir log cabin within the foothills of Mount Rainier near Seattle, Washington, I had become an author. Now, my words have landed upon the the land of tulip fields known as the Netherlands.

The star I was searching for throughout time I had found as I was watching and praying over the North Sea.

A shooting star had appeared in front of my whole group as we watched the amazing skies over the North Sea on Christmas Eve. I had traveled to the North Sea after I had prayed at the New Church where the Founding Father of the Netherlands has been laid to rest. I wish I could have taken a picture of this event. Yet, I knew I had as it was engraved within my memory.

My PR group was at work all throughout the trip. My personal assistant told me she found the star I was searching for. I asked her why could I not see it then? She told me as one cannot see oneself without a mirror. She told the people in the restaurant I was her star. It felt amazing as I knew this group believed in my work. I will bless their belief through my words of wisdom.

Throughout the trip, I worked with my team on my upcoming twelfth and thirteenth books.

Words unite different lands as they create a bridge of union between culture and land. I have used these words to gift all of you my two new releases coming very soon. In one book, I shall again walk you through the land of my dreams, the Netherlands, in a different way. In another book, I shall bring to you two soulmates, twin flames who wait for each other throughout time. Here these two believe even time and tide can’t keep them apart.

For all of you who could not travel anywhere this Christmas, do pick up my book, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.” Travel through the pages of this book and know this is my gift for you.

The Netherlands, a small European country, has taken my heart away from me as she is and shall always be my heaven on Earth. This trip, I had stood in front of the North Sea and recited my poem, “The North Sea” written just for her. It felt amazing to have been able to write this poem and recite it. Throughout my next few blog posts, I shall write about my journey through the Netherlands.

Come travel with me as I connect different lands on one page through words of wisdom, as I create a bridge of union through words.


Ann Marie Ruby


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